The Tsuchikage (地球の影, Earth Shadow) is the leader of Iwagakure and as such is the most powerful shinobi in the entire village. The process for which one is chosen to assume this title is unorthodox compared to the other Great Shinobi Villages.


First Tsuchikage

  • Age: ? (Deceased)
  • Rank: Tsuchikage

The First Tsuchikage (Shodai Tsuchikage/First Earth Shadow) was a member of the Kamizuru clan since Suzumebachi Kamizuru was searching for his forbidden scroll for bug-users and mentions him as her grandfather. He may possibly be one of the founders of Iwagakure. He was killed by Kurisu Henley, at the first Kage Summit.

Second Tsuchikage

  • Age: 40-50 (Deceased)
  • Rank: Tsuchikage.
  • Name: Muu.

he died while fighting second mizukage and killed each other. he is third tshucikage's master and also taught him take advantages of alliance nations for their own benefit he is crude ninja with no trust in other villages. fighting abilities: he is sensor type and his chakra is invisible so he cant be detected with his ability to transform invisible.he is also known as insvisible shinobi.

  • Appearance: he is cloth wrapped from head to toe (mummified)
  • Fighting Style:he is jinton user(dust element)(blood line limit expansion. enemy's numbers doesn't matter against him..

His techinque is cloning instead of shadow clones so no seals and instantaneous but his power is halved..when divided in clones he is unable to use jinton. during 4th ninja war only third tsuchikage was able to keep him on bay with 5th kazekage's(gaara)help and with naruto clone (kyubi-mode) they were able to seal his one half clone.. and his other half summoned madara uchiha as kabuto's trump card.

Third Tsuchikage

  • Age: ? (Deceased)
  • Rank: Tsuchikage

Nothing is currently known about this Tsuchikage.

Fourth Tsuchikage

  • Age: ?
  • Rank: Tsuchikage

The Fourth Tsuchikage (Yondaime Tsuchikage/Fourth Earth Shadow) is the fourth leader of Iwagakure. However, he was forcibly ousted from power and replaced by Shinobu Yosomono. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Mathias Nekura === Fifth Tsuchikage ===

  • Age: 20
  • Rank: Tsuchikage

The Fifth Tsuchikage (Godaime Tsuchikage) is also the leader of a terrorist organization called the Yosomono Clan.

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