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 Tsuchisu is one of the personal summons of the Seventh Raikage Kurisu Taizen.


Tsuchisu is basically the exact opposire to his master, Kurisu is most aspects. He is loud, arrogant, but loyal. He is a powerful fire style summons, as well possesing a fearsome height measning physical strength. He hates water though, which is normal . He is one of the five personal summons of Kurisu, each of who uses a differant element.


Tsuchisu is a powerful earth type summons, meaning he is a powerful ally to Kurisu. His justu consits mainly of close range fire attacks, which aids Kurisu in gaining distance from his opponent . His height of 100 meters allows his earth to spread further, meaning if the target gets confused about the distance and location. His power in earth style does not equal that of some jonin, but is sheer spread of earth is adaqute enough.

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