Basic Information

Age: 30

Blood Type: A

Gender: Male

Village of Origin: Unknown

Chakra Type: Earth

Rank: Unknown (possibly Jonin)


Tsuchiyu is one of the two ninja in the personal service of Ralga Shujuku. He is first seen when he casted a genjutsu on the Leaf ninja when they went looking for information in Tanzaku Town. He drew them far away from town deep into the forest and almost over a cliff, had Kakashi not dispelled the genjutsu. Tschiyu was about to use one of his secret ninjutsu on them, but Ralga stopped him, and instead used a genjutsu to force them to find his mansion. Tsuchiyu is then seen again when Raiyu uses his Instantaeneous Teleportation Technique to split up the Leaf ninja and send them to different parts of the mansion. Tsuchiyu is then in the room where Naruto was sent and begins his battle. Tsuchiyu uses his Secret Earth Jutsu: Calvary Statues while he hung back and watched. Naruto had a hard time fighting of the Calvary Statues and was almost about to be killed so he unleashed his kyubbi chakra which completely destroyed them all. Naruto then turned his sights on Tsuchiyu and threw a powerful punch towards Tsuchiyu's chest ,however it simply bounced off Tsuchiyu due to his Secret Earth Jutsu: Diamond Armour. Tsuchiyu taunted Naruto by saying he didn't know what he was, but he will never break Tsuchiyu's Diamond Armour. Despite this, Naruto kept attacking and pounding away at Tsuchiyu, but Tsuchiyu kept merely brushing off the blows. Tsuchiyu then decided he was bored and would end this. Tsuchiyu bombarded Naruto with multiple punches strengthened by his Diamond Armour, but Naruto wouldn't give up. Tsuchiyu found this annoying and proceeded to use his even more powerful Secret Earth Jutsu: Diamond Spear. Naruto proceeded to channel his kyubbi chakra into an immensely powerful Rasengan. The two techniques clashed and the sheer power of the techniques caused a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared Naruto was standing over the dead body of Tsuchiyu.

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