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Tsurugi Clan
Tsurugi Symbol
(ツルギバツゾク, Tsurugi Ichizoku)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Clan Data
Kekkei Genkai

The Tsurugi Clan (ツルギバツゾク, Tsurugi ichizoku) is a break off of the Yama Clan, and one of the five noble clans of Yamagakure.


Like the Yama Clan, it was a clan that originated in the Land of Mountains. They are very powerful Earth Release users, which in legend, have been known to be the ones who shaped the very mountains of the Land of Mountains, very long ago. They have a Clan Leader instead of a Clan Council.

Typical Tsurugi attire consists of a long, white, double-breasted trench coat that features shoulder straps and is tied using a black belt at its waist, which is adorned with a decorative buckle. This is worn over white trousers and trench boots. This is also the standard garb of the Yamagakure ANBU.


Members of the clan can control and distort the the ground into any shape or form through their Earth Control Technique. They can also form weapons from rocks. Genin level clan members can create simple things such as kunai and shuriken. Chunin level clan members can create small hills, spears, and even swords from rock. Jonin level clan members can create medium sized hills and pretty much any weapon.

Tsurugi clan members are also renowned for their abilities in archery. They can create bows and arrows made out of chakra.