TsuyaTsuya Yofun is the one of the three Sannin of Nozomigakure. His name means Bright Rage. He had a curse mark placed on his stomach that keeps him from using chakra so he can only use Taijutsu which is really rare. He has the ability of high speed and unlocking the eight inner gates. He can't even use his Nozomigan.

Personailty and Traits

TsuyaTsuya is one of the Three Sannin of Nozomigakure. When he was younger, a curse mark was placed on his stomach. The curse mark keeps him from using chakra so he can't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Touji has the biggest crush on him but he doesn't realize it. He has his eyes on someone he can never have; his teammate and best friend who happens to be another guy, Ureshii-Ko. This causes a love triangle between the Three Sannin.

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Birthday: June 2

Blood Type: A

Nozomigan Activation: Level 1 (Nozomigan)

Rank: Sannin/ Kage Level

Main Techniques and Jutsu

1. Control over the Eight Inner Gates

This technique allows TsuyaTsuya to open the inner gates. The mind limits the muscular usage the body can utilize, it is 20%. Opening the inner gates overrides the brain's set limit and uses 100% of the muscular usage. This causes extreme speed and strength but deteriorates the muscles.

2. Lotus Technique

The Lotus Technique is a technique used after the inner gates are released. It allows the user to attack his opponent by kicking them in the air and spinning them to the ground. This technique usually kills the user's enemies after one use.


Nozomigakure no Sato

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