This article, Twilight Release: Twilight Chidori, is property of Takeshi57.

Level: S-Rank

Element: Lightning and Twilight

User: Takeshi Tetsuo

This jutsu is another of Takehi's finishing moves, like the cryochidori. This move is deadly, but not just physically, but mentally. This move is a spirit weapon, meaning that upon impact, it also strikes at the the opponents soul. Takeshi can also just strike at the soul by touching his foe if he can't harm the enemy. Physically, it is just as devastating as the original Chidori. This move is mainly used to finish a fight if Takeshi needs the foe captured (he hates killing). However, this move has one main weaknesses, which is the fact that this move requires 5 seconds to charge up. It is also hard to charge it while in pain as it requires concentration to charge. Also, if you don't concentrate enough, the move might explode.

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