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A favorite of Kokukozus, his Twin-Headed Kunai is merely two kunai smelted together at the side-tips and wrapped together, in bandages, by their handles, both in opposite, diagonal directions; the heads facing away from each other. This is used very often by Kokukozu, and it seems they can come in three different forms.

Kunai Forms

  • Twin-Headed Kunai - Simply the unmodified version.
  • Chained Twin-Headed Kunai - This form of the kunai simply has a chain hanging from the holes at the bottom of them.
  • Seal-Branched Twin-Headed Kunai - This form of the kunai has one large seal with several branching seals among it.


  • In some places, this kunai has given Kokukozu the nickname "The Man With Two Heads".

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