• Name: Twin Sacred Return Shield (双天帰盾, Sōten Kisshun)
  • Type: Barrier Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Short Range, Kinjutsu
  • Users: Shikami Nara and Ryota Uchiha

Twin Sacred Return Shield is Shikami and Ryota's healing technique, though it goes well beyond simple healing. The technique summons the users chakra to form a half-oval barrier around whatever or whomever they wish. While active, the barrier repels all negative events inflicted upon anything within the barrier. No matter how extensive the damage may be (whether used on living beings or inanimate objects), the barrier can restore it to full working order, making it as if the object was never damaged in the first place. It can even resurrect the dead. The technique takes longer for more serious injuries, like losing a limb or an organ. Large amounts of foreign chakra also make healing more difficult, and with enough it may completely halt the process. In order to revive the dead a user must exchange his life for the dead person's life

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