Typhoon Release
Kanji 颱遁
Rōmaji Taiton
Literal English Typhoon Release
Viz manga Typhoon Style
Appears in Anime, Manga

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Typhoon Release (颱遁, Taiton ; Viz "Typhoon Style") jutsu are techniques that combine wind and yang-based chakra to create powerful wind currents that are capable of destroying almost anything in its path. The Typhoon Release is an advanced chakra nature which has its origins from the Wind Release. Typhoon release jutsu are mainly used for offensive type combat and like its original counterpart the wind release the user is able to manipulate wind to a much higher degree. Though unlike the wind chakra element the typhoon element isn’t as easy to manipulate and shape into a form as its counterpart is, meaning it requires greater concentration and chakra manipulation in order to shape typhoon elemental chakra. There are several ways of utilizing the typhoon release, the user can blow air from their mouth which is the most common method of using wind release jutsu, the same principles are applied to Typhoon, or the user can use objects to move or control air currents which is also an effective method. Typhoon Release techniques are best suited for mid-to-long-range combat, and combines brute force and control to deal great damage. Like how wind is naturally weak against fire, Typhoon is weak against its kekkei genkai counterpart Lava. This chakra nature is created by using the life and vitality/strength of Yang Release to increase the power of Wind Release, resulting in this Typhoon chakra nature. Lava Release is the kekkei genkai counterpart of the Typhoon Release. This is the Kekkei Genkai of Konohagakure's Sogetsu Clan and its current possessor being Aokiji Sogetsu.

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