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This article, Uindo Doushi, is property of Mr. Monk.

Rank:Kekkai Genkai


A somewhat dojutsu that takes the form of an expanded 'x' shaped pupil, with the rest of his eye being completely gold. This technique allows Monk to completely read wind movements, and recognize individual wind movements, great for combatting opponents with an unnatural speed, and tracking. Also when it gos into its sekint stage, these eyes enable him to greatly increase the power of his wind jutsu, almost munipulating the wind itself.its third stage aows him to drane the sronding crakrs that is put off buy all things.

Like the Byakugan, this technique is inherited at birth, the diference is this technique is extremely rare, so much that rain villagers of Monk's particular clan have a one in a thousand chance of obtaining this power.

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