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Unknown Name (A mass version of the Edo Tensei technique)

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Name: Unknown Name (A mass version of the Edo Tensei technique)

Rank: S

Users: Zukia Tojiro

Type: Kinjutsu

Element: None

Description: The user of this jutsu can bring forth and army of the dead. While similar to the Edo Tensei technique, apparently this jutsu does not require any sacrifices (or at least not for Zukia to perform the technique). Those who are reincarnated are bound to this earth for all eternity. Even if the soul is removed from the body the soul will still be anchored to this world and can just be transfered to another body. Though there seems to be no limit to the amount that can be summoned it's considered that it takes a considerable amount of chakra to raise as many as 10 bodies.

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