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Hi, name's Mewshuji, aka AnguirusFan aka Lapras-92 aka Davidskywalker. I'm a fan of Naruto... but that's obvious. I also like Bobobo, Tenchi Muyo, pre-Orange Islands Arc Pokemon, and BLEACH, anime-wise. Some manga I read are Naruto, Digimon Tamers (yes, there IS a manga), Pokemon Adventures, and Haruhi Suzimiya (did I spell that right? LOL). I also like playing video games, my favorites being Pokemon Diamond, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, FFTA, and SSBB. I am a major Disney and Nintendo fanboy as well.

I spend a lot of my time RPing. I primarily RP on the Naruto RP site known as "Naruto RP"... REAL creative name, I know... <_< But, that's what it is named...

My favorite characters in Naruto are Haku, Hanabi, Hinata, Temari, Tayuya, Iruka, and as if it weren't obvious by which page I'm working my hardest on now, my favorite of all is Anko.

Ankosprite - a sprite I made of Anko, based around a few Pokemon D/P sprites.

The coat, dango-dumpling stick, kunai, body and headband were made by me, and I believe that the head is a modified Fighter-girl, the lower body is from Dawn, and the collar of the jacket was made from the flak jacket of a Fisher.

Things I am currently working on here:

Contest Winning Articles:

TsuBiki My entry for the Tsunade art contest!

Always Remember... November 27, 2008: The day all of America got Rickrolled:

My bestie has arrived! User:by kenzo!

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