There's all this talk of change. I respect that. I want it to happen. I can try to make it happen. But it rarely does. The largest problem this site has is the number of users. there are rarely any new ones coming, and this is a major lack of support for the site. There are still new users coming in every now and then, but what does the administration do? Pretend they're not there and work on something on another wiki.

Now, You might call it a loss of faith. A loss of faith in the capabilities of the site, of the system, of the administration. We try to fix it, and when it doesn't happen, we leave it to die. Few admins actually regularly contribute to the site anymore. Some have stopped altogether. When one wonder why this happens, could it be because of this loss of faith? Could it possibly be because they're afraid to persevere?

As the founder of the site, and my fellow administrator Lavi has said, I have blame to take. I myself did not push enough for it, I could have created solutions where they were needed. I still help out new users, try to steer them in the new direction, at least get them to find that groove that we need the site to be in. If we can't band together to do that, then how will we grow in the right direction?

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