Just here to see if there would be interest in a reboot of my old Real Ninja's project. Which essentially is a mini-story of 3 fresh out of the academy Genin and a mid tier Jonin. I shall repost the intro for the old one for an example.

Old Real Ninja's Intro

Its working title will be known as Real Ninjas, because there will be no uchiha angst, no uzumaki i can take a hand through my heart and be just fine bullcrap, no jinchurikis, and no fate of the world in the balance. I will eventually think of a better name for it, but I am horrible at names.

This entire project will revolve around 1 four man team consisting of 3 fresh out of the academy genin, and a moderately skilled jonin. Think Hayate Gekko level jonin, not Kakashi or Might Guy level. Where they are good, but not world famous. They won't be saving the world or deciding the course of kirigakure, at least for the most part on the last one (*spoilers*), but simply will be trying to make their way through the world without getting killed. No outrageous abilities that can take out entire squads on their own, no sharingan, DEFINITELY NO SHARINGAN, no gods of shinobi. just good, old fashion, actual ninjas. The way Kishimoto SHOULD have kept the series.

Old Setting

The story takes place roughly 6 years before part 1 of the canon story, and will last until the very eve of the 4th shinobi world war. It is set in the village of Kirigakure, the Village Hidden in the Mist. It will take place initially through the waning years of Yagura's reign, before transitioning to mei's reign and the turmoil involved. any more is spoilers. so yes.

New info

Won't be just a rehash of the previous, but I just want to see if their is any interest in doing this. Ideally I would like all veteran users, but i'd be willing to allow one newbie in, good way to get into writing for the site.

Things being said though, if you would be interested, just comment below and say which village you'd like to be in. assuming their is interest I'll set it in whichever village gets the most votes.

Would be set on the same timeline as the last one. will be the main page for this project.

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