I am looking for oc naruto characters as you may know. I am kind of new at this so this character form may be a bit messy.

Please note: You have creative freedom on your character so get really creative!!!

Name(name of oc character) Village(please note:the stone village was destroyed by an unknown assailant) Gender: Age: Kekei genkai(please note: only Arutimas have desolation release if any of you would like to have it please send a request of why your character should obtain it) Kekei tōta(if your character has any) Nature release(even stronger versions of the originals are allowed such as for example, typhoon release) Personality Rivals(like the sasuke and naruto rivalry or even one sided rivalries not pointing any fingers but(points to bushy brow and bushier brow sensei) Origins Peoples attidute to your character(like sasuke might be annoyed by you oc while naruto might think he is 'cool'

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