Ok, so I had the idea of implementing exorcism into Naruto Fanon. All exorcisms will take place in Magano. Normal shinobi will not be able to enter Magano as they will probably die from the poisonous air. Only those who have eaten the starfruit will be able to enter Magano. I have created an elite group of exorcists known as the Twelve Guardians. I still have five spots open. I will explain what their abilities are.


He is the strongest of the Twelve Guardians and specializes in kenjutsu. There have been two previous holders of this title. Ryo Hyuga is the first holder. He passed the title to her daughter Nochi Hyuga, who was then killed in action. Nochi then bestowed the title to her fellow teammate, Aki Yamanaka.


She is the most beautiful of the Twelve Guardians. She specializes in seducing and deceiving. The current holder of this title is Fuyuki Haru.


Along with Seiryū and Genbu, Taijō will specialize in Water Release. No one has this title yet.


Raikou Waka is the current holder of the title of Tenkū. As he is Tenkū, Raikou is quite an adept user of the Creation of All Things Technique.


Seiryū is said to be the strongest among the Water Release users of the Twelve Guardians. Reiko has this title as she was among the first to have Star Chakra Mode. Her Water Release is quite strong. Her signature move is Water Release: Fanged Mist Technique.


Genbu will have the same strength as Taijō in the Water Release and also specializes in Ice Release. The current holder of this title is Haruka Haru.


Daion will specialize in Yang Release. No one has this title yet.


Kōchin will specialize in barrier ninjutsu. No one has this title yet.


Rikugō will specialize in close-range combat and Lightning Release. The current holder of this title is Phora Mahi.


Suzaku is said to be the second strongest behind Kijin. He specializes in kenjutsu and Fire Release. Currently, no one has this title yet.


Tōda is the wildest and most unpredictable of the Twelve Guardians. He specializes in all nature transformations. The current holder of this title is Teizen Uchiha.


Byakko specializes in close to mid-range combat and Wind Release. Currently, no one has this title yet.


If you want, you can implement an already made character into this list. However, he or she will need to have the ability to naturally generate star chakra by consumption of the starfruit. You can also create an entirely new character just for this group. While it is still pending, a role play will take place where all Twelve Guardians meet in Magano. Details coming soon!

Thank you and happy writing!



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