With the discussion of voting for a Featured Article, I've decided to "streamline" the entire process by creating a feature that will showcase random articles handpicked by the active community (I should have proposed the idea some years ago). I've designed this small template to create more consistency with the both the home and mobile page and to add a slightly more responsive interface for our visitors. Each article will receive identical weighted exposure and will change upon page refresh via percentage of determined exposure. I figured that it would be a delightful idea for those whom did not have the experience of having their articles featured.


(Community Compliance)

  • Articles must be written within the Manual of Style
  • No stub articles or those under construction.
  • Appearance, Personality and Background must have proper and a reasonable amount of content within them.
  • Pick 2-3 articles that you perceive to be the best of your work.


This is still obviously a new take on our old system and I would like to have some feedback from the community regarding the criteria of the featured articles. It will not be implemented until I have received around a dozen or so articles.

Thank you,
The World Teacher

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