Gonna cut the crap, refer to,_the_NF_Hall_of_Fame if you don't know what's going on.

So you get the drill and based on the information provided in the blog linked above, it's time for you to submit your nominations. You can nominate your own articles, or others works. Nominate characters, jutsu, places, KG, tools, roleplays and so on. If you feel an article fits the criteria and deserves to be recognised as a sterling article, go ahead and comment.

  • For now, each user can only nominate 2 articles max from a certain user; just for now. **However, you are free to nominate as many articles as you want for this period, as long as they fulfill the first point. Also the judges are:
  • Ash
  • Ben
  • Erin
  • Long

And should any of them be unfree, I will step in for them temporarily. Nominations close in 48 hours for our first batch, and then the judges will get to work in approving or rejecting the nominees.

Here we go!

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