This article, Vapor Release: Gas Dragon Jutsu, is property of Akira Tetsuji.

Name: Kitairyu no Jutsu (Gas Dragon Technique)

Rank: B

Users: Masato and Tatsuhiro Kiriho, Other Jouki-Nin

Type: Ninjutsu

Hand Seals: Dragon, Ram, Ox, Bird, Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Rat, Hare, Dragon

Description: This jutsu creates a giant powerful dragon made out of a steam like gas. This dragon can attack by breathing out super hot blasts of steam etc. In addition to this, the dragon can breathe out a range of noxious gasses. Usually to perform this jutsu the user would need to be near a fair ammount of water, but skilled shinobi like, Masato, can condense the water vapor that is in the air and create the dragon out of the condensed water vapor.

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