Vendetta is the team Sasko of the Hidden Sand established.


Sasko is a puppeteer from the Hidden Sand that believes she's stronger than she really is. Also having knowledge that Sannin became official, she wanted to state that she really was stronger than she knew she was.

After a long search, she finally found a team of three rogue thieves from the Akumu Clan. After some time combating with them, she found that the three of them were skilled and extraordinarily profound in the ninja talents, but each had an individual strength. Karuido Akumu, who called himself Karuido of the Hunters, excells in swordsmanship, and owns a sword he calls Animal Spirit. Joketsu Akumu, who calls herself The Heroine, is talented in three of the five elements, skilled in Earth, Lightning and Wind. Arashi, who calls himself, Arashi of the Storm, is talented in his speed, strength and taijutsu ability, mimicking that of Rock Lee, but 2x stronger than him. The four of them were gathered into the rank Sasko calls Elite Ninja, or Ninja Quads. She is calling her team Vendetta.


All of their names have something to do with what they call themselves:

  • Karuido means: Hunter
  • Joketsu means: Heroine
  • Arashi means: Storm

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