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In the previous installment, Shirokaze and Doriyaku have traveled to the far north after the threat of execution has caused them to flee from their homeland.  In the early morning they come across a village after they climb a large mountain and are considering their next move.

When in Kowasu...

"I can't believe we missed this..." Shiro remarks staring down at the village.  "I would rather avoid contact with others, but..."

"Well it is going to be hard since we need supplies." Doaku explains.

"You just woke up so you might as well head back and get ready..." says Shiro.  "I'll go scout the village while you pack, if you find that acceptable."

"Ya, see what you can find out and meet me back here in 30 mikes." Doaku explains then hops down to the icy room.

Shiro straps his sword onto his back and wraps his scarf a bit tighter around his neck before flickering away toward the village.  When Doaku arrives back at the room he sees that something left a large hole in the ice wall.  Upon further examination it would appear that the camp had been raided with many items destroyed and thrown about.

"Son of a b****" Doaku walks into the room, Looks around seeing that who or what did this has passed on. He begins looking through the thrown about stuff and locates his dagger. He begins the clean up to see what all is missing.

Back in the village Shiro is sneaking around the tops of the building surveying the village for potential hazards.  "Hmm...looks harmless, but where are all the people...perhaps it's too early." Shiro  thinks to himself when something catches his eye leading him to pull a kunai out of his jacket.  "Now what?"

Flipping back to the mountain side, Doaku finds that nothing is missing just thrown all over the place. He gets it all packed up and throws his pack on. Just then a rock about 5 feet around crashes through the top of the ice wall. Doaku flips side ways rolling on side to dodge the rock, drawing his dagger. "Whose there!?" Doriyaku yells as he hears multiple foot steps outside. He burst outside looking around frantically and sees nothing. slinging the bag on his back he takes off to the city. "I hope Shiro is having better luck then me."

Shiro walks down a shadowy alleyway following an odd sound around the edge of a building to discover it was just a broken sign swinging in the wind. "Just the wind...hmm...Kowasu...odd name for a town," Shiro ponders.  From there he decides to wander into what appears to be a storehouse.  Suddenly a shadow from the window adjacent to him bounds out towards him.  Startled by the movement in his peripheral vision Shiro steps back, tripping on a pipe slashing toward the shadow with a kunai.  After pulling himself back up he looks around and observes that nothing is around him.  "What was that...was it anything?"  A drip of something can be heard near Shiro's feet.

Doriyaku is racing across the roof tops, looking for Shiro. He feels something behind him. He rotates in mid step kick out ward at nothing. "What the hell, I know something was there...Where are all the people in this town" Doaku turns and takes off again, reaching the end of a line of building his jumps down to the street. He notices a large pool of blood in the street, near that a broken city sign. "This can't mean anything good, and who names a town Kowasu?" Doaku takes a closer look at the blood and sees something strange about it.

"What is this," Shiro wonders as he looks down at the ground and notices that blood is dripping from his kunai.  Suddenly Doaku hears the sound of combat inside the building next to him and looks through the window to see flashes of light that illuminate what appears to be Shiro and something else.  A window on the side of the building shatters as something jumps through it and climbs up a wall followed by several kunai charged with lightning, and one attached with a wire.  Shiro pulls himself from the building, through the window with the wire, only to discover that he lost whatever it was he was fighting.  "Did you get a good look at it?" Shiro asks turning toward Doaku.

"Ya..It was a shadow, a really fast shadow. I don't know who or what the hell they are, but they are gone by the time you know they are there." Doaku explains as he scans the area. "Its prolly not safe to stay in the open street."

"Probably the way there wasn't any supplies in that building, just some awkward looking blood...but I didn't get a chance to check it out," Shiro replies before wrapping up the wire and returning it to a pouch on his leg.

"Well I would like to get out of here fast as possible this town seems f***** up. Did you seen the name of this place? I mean what the heck?" Doaku walks towards another building checking windows has he gets closer.

"Indeed..." says Shiro as he stares at where the thing he fought fled before following behind Doaku.

"This appears to be a grocery shop, but this sign is so dusty is hard to read." Doaku says looking up at the sign. "Hey use some your wire and open this door. When you do I'll shuriken it."

"Damn, I just put the wire up," Shiro states reluctantly as he pulls a moderate length of wire out of the pouch on his leg and attaches it to the door handle before backing behind the edge of the building waiting to pull it open on Doaku's signal.

"Ok maybe this is too hostile? Ok on your go open and I'll throw a few flash tags, then we breach and clear." Doaku says as he moves to the opposite side of the door between the door and a window.

The door is yanked open and immediately Doaku throws four flash tag equipped kunai into the building before diving through a nearby window gaining access to the apparent grocery store and begins to look for targets.  Shiro takes this time to gain access to the roof and to jump down through a skylight on the opposite side of the building.  The two are separated by most of the store but can see each other down a lengthy aisle.  They are unable to identify any hostile targets upon entry.

Doaku begins walking down the end of the aisles, dragging his dagger across the metal shelves, whistling a demonic tone. "Come out, come out where ever you are." Doaku says in between whistles. "Shiro do you see anything?"

"No, but--" Shiro is cut off by the sound of the front door slamming that is accompanied by the light strangely dimming in the store.  He pulls his ninjato off his back and crouches down listening for anything out of the ordinary.

"Oh, I have a play toy now" Doaku says loudly as he drags his dagger around bottles of water and sodas, having them poor onto the ground. He begins to whistles again.

Shiro uses the distraction that Daoku provides as a chance to scope out the competition.  He carefully sneaks around the store until he spies a pair of feet moving in the direction of Doaku on the opposite side of the aisle.  From what he is able to see the feet are bare, grey, and have long blackened nails, but appear to be overall human.  The apparent person moves slowly and only seems to react when Doaku makes noise.

Doaku walks around the end of the aisle and starts up the next. "Come on you hard a** where you at." Doriyaku spins backward slamming the bottom of his foot into a shelf sending it toppling over. "Rabbit!" Doaku summons four rabbits the shoot down the aisle a short way and explode knocking down three more shelves. "That's better now you can see me!"

Doaku looks upon a what anyone would think to be a corpse with pale grey skin and long white hair covering its eyes, except it is was standing and breathing heavily.  "More zombies?" Shiro thinks to himself as the abomination rushes at Doaku only to be pulled by his foot upside down by one of Shiro's traps.  "Heh...well that always--" Shiro's thought is interrupted as the creature pulls itself up and cutting the wire with his jagged nails and flipping back around onto the ground.  The beast lets out a horrific cry as it dives at Doaku revealing broken and bloody mouth of teeth.

"Smarter than the last" Doaku thinks as he side steps dodging the zombie like monster, just as he is nearly cut on the face by the beast reaching his long black nails at him."This one may be a problem" Doaku says as he flips back  landing on top of one of the still standing shelves.

The creature jumps up on to the shelf and begins moving towards Doaku just as Shiro hears something moving behind him.  Up in the rafters of the building another zombie thing is moving around and jumps down at him.  Shiro leaps back to avoid the attack and lands back to back with Doaku.  "Well, this should be interesting," Shiro states with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

"That it shall" Doaku smirks "Monkey! Ox!" he summons his staff and a Terracotta warrior made of ice. "Lets kick some a**" The warrior lefts its spear and takes a fighting stance. releasing a battle cry.

"You're way to flashy for a shinobi," Shiro remarks as he tightens his grip on his sword after he wrapping some excess wire around the opposite hand.  He activates his doujutsu before saying, "Remember that they may be able to infect us."

The Terracotta shoots forward at the beast slamming the back end of the spear into sending it flipping over itself. the zombie recovers by flipping itself and grabbing a rafter spinning around and kicking the warrior shattering its head and sending it plummeting to the store floor. "Ok, maybe a little soon for that technique...any ideas Shiro?"

Doaku looks back only to see Shiro engaged in a fast paced fight with the zombie that was facing him.  Both of the combatants are flipping and twisting to avoid each others attacks.  Shiro performs a powerful downward swing at the beast only for it to be avoided as Shiro is stabbed in the stomach by the zombies claws.  For a second the zombie leans into toward Shiro attempting to bite him only to realize that what he had stabbed was a large bag of rice.  Without a moments notice Shiro jumps from the rafters at an angle behind the beast and cuts cleanly through the zombies back before landing on one of Doaku's downed shelves.

Shiro looks up at Doaku, just has his zombie takes another charge at Doaku. Doaku ducks as the zombie passes over head he drives his staff up with great force into the chest of the zombie. He notices that the zombie has grabbed onto the other end of the staff and that the charge from the staff is having little effect on the magnificent horror that is before him. "The power of this beast is so pure" He thinks to himself as he reverts the staff back into the dagger and shoves it into the beast neck. Doaku looks into the eyes of the fading away beast. The evil inside the monster seems to have a bind over the young Fuyutama. As the blood form its neck runs down the blade onto Doaku's hands. He rips the dagger out the side of the beast neck slams his foot into the zombie launching it across the store. He turns to Shiro "They are blind...You ask how? That I am not sure of, but I could see into its soul, Or what was left of it"

"I had a feeling they were after observing them for a while," states Shiro as he swings his ninjato to get the blood off before resheathing the blade on his back.  "The blood is all gelatin like...kinda of awkward," Shiro explains as a silver serpent partially slides out of the sleeve of his coat and looks down at the beast twitching after having its spinal cord severed by Shiro.  "She's telling me that these things are definitely if we needed to be told," Shiro says referring to his summon, "but luckily she can purify it."  The serpent breathes out the mystical flames of Reien on the corpse of the beast turning it to dust.  "That's interesting...I've never seen Reien destroy something's physical form as well...what are these things?"

"Who said they are physical, the things we have seen since we left it's not out of the park." Doaku state as he walks over to the other corpse. "Please lets not dust this one, deal?" He reaches into pocket on his ankle and pulls out three scrolls. After putting two back, opens one and lays it next the body. He grabs a non damaged rubbing alcohol bottle, pours it on his dagger and shakes it dry. Doriyaku cuts his finger on the blade and begins writing on the scroll laying on the ground.

"Well, from what I could examine it wasn't completely composed of chakra and other energies...just mostly," Shiro retorts, "Some of the energy didn't appear like anything I've ever seen before...and it was just clinging to the corpse.  It was incredibly odd.

Doriyaku seems to ignore all presents of Shirokaze, as he finishes the blood seal on the scroll. He raises his hand up and slams it on the scroll. A bright golden chakra forms between the scroll and Doaku hand. after a couple of seconds Shiro takes a few steps towards Doaku, Just as golden serpent chakra stream slithers from under Doaku's hand wrapping around the zombie body, once the chakra grabbed the arms, neck and legs of the body. They begin to pull the body into the scroll. "Sorry my friend, I wasn't ignoring you only focusing." Doaku states as he rolls scroll with the zombie body sealed inside it and returns it to the pocket in which it came.

"Drop that scroll!" Says an angry female voices as a curved blade appears from behind Doaku back and extends around his neck.  At the same time the room is filled with half a dozen shinobi in dark garb surrounding the two Fuyutama.  "Who are you two...and drop the scroll!" barks the chick behind Doaku, who appeared to be the leader of the group.

"Do you really think that information is something you need to know?" Says Shiro in a serious tone.

"Are you joking!? Do you know who we are?" the kunoichi replies angrily.

Shiro just stares at her for a bit before saying, "...Just too loud to be decent ninja."

"So Shiro I guess his is what passes as a shinobi outside our village, kinda funny you think?" Doaku says smirking "Let me get that scroll for you my ugly friend...If you just remove the blade so I can bend down please." The kunoichi slowly eases up on the blade as Doaku reaches into his pocket pulling out a scroll and hands the scroll off behind him.  "Good..." says the kunoichi, "Now kill them!"

"Well that just doesn't seem fair you hippo of a ninja" Doaku says has he throws his torso forward landing on his hands upcut kicking the kunoichi in the jaw causing her to fall on her back. As he continues his motion and lands on his feet next to Shiro facing behind him. "Hmm...It would seem that once again we find ourselves back to back, Alone, force to defend the family name that got you banished. Surrounded by enemies with weapons drawn....What do you say Shiro?' Doaku says in a deep narrator voices with a hint of sarcasm.

Shiro lets out half a grin when suddenly multiple skylights above the two groups of shatter as more of the zombie creatures from before fall from above, along with a very large beast around eight feet tall and unnaturally ripped.  "Ah s***, the Abandoned...and they have a Saiko, we have to get out of here!"

"Saiko...seriously?" Shiro remarks as the ninja that accompanied the kunoichi move from surrounding the Fuyutama to help up their leader. "It is pretty big though..." Shiro thinks as he observes the giant.  More of the smaller zombies, now seemingly called the Abandoned reveal themselves around the shinobi.

"We will protect you captain!" One of the fodder shinobi says referring to their leader.

"This S*** I swear just gets better as it goes...So if the Abandoned don't work for this pathetic group of kids."Doaku looks back at the group of shinobi who seem to be filled with fear.  "Then I guess we what we should ask is who do they work for?" He say as he slowly moves his head back to the creatures with fire in his eyes. "Shiro this is going to be one hell of a fight!" Doriyaku say with angry forming in his voice as he spins and flips his dagger around his hand taking a battle stance ready to fight.

"Indeed..." Shiro says. "But something seems off about this...if this 'Saiko' is so powerful, why it coming after such why are these things appearing more and more organized each time they come at us...unless!" Shiro thinks to himself before shouting, "Doaku...something is wrong with this situation, I think it would be bad if that captain it?"  Shiro once again draws the sword from his back and stares down the enemies that have oddly not attacked or advance any farther than the Saiko.

Doaku and Shiro stand in the ready to attack for a few minutes. "Why don't they make a move?" Doaku thinks to himself confused. "Hey Shiro, Do you think they are being controlled by someone or something?"

"They are controlled. By the darkest man the world has ever seen." The captain explains from behind her shinobi.

"Thats what I was gathering, So Shiro we need to locate the one who is controlling the beast." Doaku lowers his weapon looking at Shiro. "You stay here and fight but use them wimps as meat shields and don't get hit. I'll find this evil man.' Doaku reaches in his pocket and pulls out the one of the remaining scroll and shadow steps on top of the building beside the building with his comrade in it. Has he looks around he thinks, "Now he would have to have a good view of the zombies and the city" Just as he turns to his right he sees a large clock tower in the shadow the sunset. 

"You six!" Shiro shouts at the shinobi guards, "Follow my lead and you may not die." Shiro throws a kunai at the feet of one of the smaller zombies leading it to jump into the air where it snaps a wire that detonates an explosive destroying it.  "Anyone else...?"  The Saiko grunts and the smaller zombies charge from all directions toward the shinobi.  Shiro lowers his head and grins, "Without Doaku here...maybe I can cut loose."

Meanwhile back to Doaku who is racing across the roof tops towards the tower when a faint explosion can be heard from behind him. "Hahaha Shiro f***ing stuff up again. that..." He thought is cut off by a shadowing figure standing just a few roof tops away. All Doaku can make out is his eyes, the dark green and blueish glow of his eyes. "This must be the one controlling that creatures." He ducks down and moves closer to the figure. When another explosion goes off. Doaku is just a building away now, as a purely evil sounding voice booms through the clam night air. "No need to hide my son, I've seen you this whole time." Doaku draws his dagger and stands up and moves closer to the man. "I've seen the way you watch my undead. I kno..." The name is cut off. "Shut up! This is the part where I talk and you explain. Who are you first off, after then you can proceed to tell me what the things back there are. From there we will see how this goes." Doaku says with a strong serious voice.

Back in the grocery store the smaller beasts have been defeated and only the large Saiko remains.  "That thing hasn't moved an inch since it came in through the roof, even as I destroyed what appeared to be its subordinates," Shiro thinks as the Saiko's pitch black eyes open and stare down at the Fuyutama.  "This one can definitely see."  The Saiko suddenly charges the group as three of the shinobi guards attempt to intercept the beast only to be broken and smashed without mercy.  Shiro flickers behind the giant and attempts to cut it down only to see that his electrified sword didn't even leave a scratch on the beast. "Dammit he has a high concentration of chakra on the surface of his skin.  This level of attack wont work, maybe Reien will work." Shiro ducks under the back hand the beast attempts and tries to cast Reien from a summoned serpent on his wrist, but the beast flickers and appears behind him.  Shiro barely blocks the attack with his sword but is still thrown a good thirty feet landing near the three shinobi and their captain.

"Dude, are you okay?" asks one of the guards as Shiro pulls himself up.  "Long range attacks wont work and I can't damage him in close range combat...unless," Shiro thinks to himself as he raises his ninjato off the ground to his side.

"It is simple boy, you can call me the creator and those things are nothing more then long dead shinobi." The man explains. "So they are some zombies, How did you bring them to life, Let me guess your dojutsu?" Doaku says with anger in his voice. "Your a smart boy...." he is stopped once again. "That's enough it's time for you to died" Just as Doriyaku finishes, the man is gone and standing behind Doaku "There are some moments, that a shinobi never forgets..." A chilling shiver creeps down Doaku's spine "His first kiss, his first duel... But most of all first time he discovers he is about to die." Doaku nearly frozen with fear, from the speed and power of the man that stand behind him. The creator continues. "Tonight under this moon you shall find out what it feels like to almost die!" the man delivers a strong and well places knee into the backside of Doaku ribs. Doaku screams in pain from his broken ribs as he flies thirty or so feet through the air. The creator is now waiting in front of Doaku once again planting a processed placed kick in the same ribs causing Doaku to roll side over side. He looks up at the man towering over him. As Doaku tries to block the mans foot. slamming his foot onto the young Fuyutama's nearly shattered ribs as he yells out in horrifying screams of pain. The man lets of a sick and hellish laugh as he twists and grinds his foot into Doaku. Just then the shop where Shiro and the others are a large flash of blue light shoots into the night sky. "Well that's just too bad, My new friend, I guess its time for you to sleep. I wont kill you tonight." The creators hand turns a deep blood red as his chakra forms. Thrusting his hand down..All goes black....

In the store the Saiko turns to dust from the Reien slash Shiro performed with his sword.  As he turns back the sight of the four people he was protecting becomes inhibited by a cloud of blood red smoke revealing the same man that Doaku fought.  "Oh...Ousura, sorry Captain Ousura, it would seem that you defeated the will have to pay me for that," the man says as he kills all three of her guards and grabs her chin violently.  "Yo...!" Shiro shouts as he wraps a wire around the man's arm and pulls it off Ousura, "I was the one that killed your b!tch @ss beast."

"Is that so...I suppose your guards didn't have to die then Captain," The man says with a detestable humor.  " don't happen to know another young shinobi...bluish hair?"

"What did you do?" says Shiro as his eyes take on a peculiar shape.  "Nothing just taught him a lesson," the man known as the creator replies laughing.  Shiro charges the creator and emitting what appears to be a tainted black chakra.  "Ooo, what is with that boy," the creator thinks as he kicks Shiro's sword out of his hand before pushing a concentrated punch of what appears to be similar to chakra at Shiro.  Shiro ducks under the attack and attempts to punch the creator with an electrified wire covered hand, but the creator stops the attack by grabbing the Fuyutama's wrist, breaking it, and proceeding to tighten the wire to the point where Shiro's was pouring thick dark blood onto the floor.  Shiro strains to look up at the man with pure hate as the creator says, "Your friend is still alive and on the roof by the clocktower...hear that Ousura!"  He then kicks Shiro about twenty feet forward where he lands on a pile of debris that tears up the Fuyutama.  Shiro tries to force himself up but passes out due to blood loss.  The last thing he sees is the man who defeated him dematerializing.

The realization

What feels like less than a second to Shiro he is awakened by Ousura. Shiro looks at his hand and sees that it has been returned to normal. "Here take one of these and you'll be back up in no time." She hands Shirokaze a small blue pill that he takes. almost instantly he feels recharged and better then he has in days.

He pulls himself to his feet amazed at his recovery. "Which way to the clock tower?" inquires Shiro as he picks up his sword.  "Follow me" Ousura replies as the two of them rush from the building and run across the roofs toward the clock tower.  They quickly come across an unconscious Doaku.  "Fix Him!" Shiro yells raising his sword to Ousura.  She leans down and feels around his chest.  "I can't do anything here, his lungs may be punctured and he appears to have internal bleeding," She states with a solemn look are her face. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Shiro yells as a never before seen doujutsu inflicts an incredible amount of killing intent onto the young captain as he reaches into her pocket and pulls out the scroll that Doaku handed her earlier.  He unrolls it and yells "What are the coordinates of your base!?"

"I don't think I--" the captain is cut off as Shiro yells, "NOW!!"

She fearfully recites the coordinates as Shiro writes the information in blood onto the scroll before grabbing both Ousura and Doaku.  He slams his foot onto the scroll and the world around them is engulfed in shadows for a split second before they appear in the middle of a burnt out, but highly industrialized city.  Shiro orders the captain to lead him to the medical area as he carries Doaku.  Upon rushing to the hospital Shiro is asked to wait outside the operating room as Doaku is worked on.  The time seems to drag on forever as Shiro paces the floor.

A seemingly scared nurse walks into the waiting room. "Are you with the boy?" Shiro looks at her. "Right this way sir" she leads him down a hall into a small room, where Doaku is laying chest wrapped up. "Shiro I don't understand what happened back there fully..." Doaku takes a breath. "But that man put such fear into me I couldn't move. Although after that firsts hit, I could feel his chakra flowing into me mixing with mine." He stops and takes another breath. "I did fear it after that, I let him beat me down... When I awake in this place, and I can feel the life force of everyone in this building." He stops and appears to be thinking. "I thought the nurse was being funny talking about my eyes til.... I looked in the mirror." He turns and looks at Shiro. His eyes turned blueish green, with the most demonic design inside it. 

Shiro looks into Doriyaku's eyes seeing their odd design while showing his own unique eyes.  "So...your supposed to be okay right?  You need to suck less so you don't end up this way again," Shiro says trying to make the conversation less serious than he knows it is.  After a moment of silence he turns to the window and approaches it.  "...I know you're not buying this act so I'll just say that we aren't good enough.  We wouldn't be alive if that man had been in a different mood," murmurs Shiro looking at the fresh scars on his wrist.

"Well I must stay here for two more days" Doaku explains as he sits up. "We....We should have died back there...But we didn't and next time the fight will go down a different path." Doaku slams his fist on the bed and pauses for a second. "They both shall die by our hands... I'm not sure what went down in that inn, with the man with purple chakra. If you don't want to say then its not my place to push." Doaku places his hand on his kneel and flexes his back with anger. "BUT! No matter how you look at it, he is my enemy as well. As for this creator he thought he could break our souls, HOWEVER..." Striking the bed again. "He did not expect to face the Fuyutama. With his lack of knowledge he left me with the key to his demise!" Anger thick in his voice as he looks into the mirror with death in his eyes.

"I'm glad your not trying to skip out on a rematch...but we need training...hardcore training," Shiro explains while keeping his stare out the window.  "Don't fault me for getting a head start though...I'll see you when you get out," continues Shiro as he turns to toward the door and begins to walk out.  " do know I'm going to leave you behind even farther every moment you are taking this vacation," the Fuyutama jokes as he leaves the room.

"SHIRO!!!!" Doaku yells.

Shiro steps back into the room "What the hell you need? I could be training?"

"Takes this scroll and the scroll you have. Step to my house back home, taped to the bottom of the desk is my Zodiac scroll grab it then step back here." Doaku hands the scroll to Shiro.

Shiro opens one scroll and shadow steps out of the room, after about 10 minutes he reappears in the room. "Here's your scroll" handing it to Doaku. "Now leave me the hell alone." Says jokingly, "Just call me on the mirror and I'll tell you where I am." Shiro leaves the room once again.

Doaku sets up into a meditations style opening the abnormally long scroll and begins to read it.

Thus begins the training

Shiro makes his way to a secluded area of the village that he had quickly become acquainted, receiving angry stares as he did.  While the village was at an extreme altitude the heavy level of industry had increased the temperature and altered the oxygen levels from the high amount of foliage grown on the surface making it feel quite normal.  Unfortunately Shiro found the warm, easy to breath in climate too easy, so he traveled down under the the city where the temperature was incredibly hot and much less oxygenated.  "This will work," Shiro thinks as he takes his sword off and lays it up against a steaming pipe.  From there he summons five unique training dummies via scrolls positioned around him in a seemingly chosen shape.  He turns to what appears the be a solid wood training dummy covered in dull spikes and takes a taijutsu stance, "Here we go!"

Doaku slips into a deep meditation, He finds himself in a place he's visited many times before, The Zodiac Temple. A towering palace made of pure gold and rare gems. He walks up to a very well built man standing about eight and half feet tall. "Doriyaku, you have come back again. To see the elders I take it" The man says in a booming voice. "That I have" Doaku replicas. "Then you know the drill you must complete the three stages before reaching the Grand Hall..So off with you get moving." Doaku walks to the stairs behind the guard. He looks up, the stairs seem to have no end. "Here we go again" He thinks. Doaku starts walking up the stairs........ After what seems to be four or five hours not to sure for Doaku lost count. He reaches another platform. The man from before is standing there. "The fast time yet I do believe." The man say as Doaku walks past him. Opening the doors behind him to the seconded challenge. Doaku looks down at a set of stair that appear to have no bottom. "Why do I come to this place. Good thing I've picked up some tricks along the way." Doaku turns around and walks over to a table covered in delicious food. He picks up a large oblong platter, He flips it upside down dumping the food all over and walks back to the stair. Throwing the platter down and jumping on it, he begins down the stairs like on a snowboard. Just under two and half he reaches the bottom of the stair and the last platform. Once again the man is standing there. "The last challenge awaits you Doriyaku" he says with a booming voice. "Thank you" Doaku says nodding his head. Doaku opens a door and walks into a long hall with thouands of doors all long it. "So the right door changes ever time that the enter door is opened, So the easy way to do this....Wait lets try a new trick" Doaku closes his eyes and looks down, flinging his head up and eyes open. Using his Yomigan he looks for the chakra of the elders. Once the door was located he opens and closes the enter door til the Real door is just beside him. He opens and walks into the Grand Hall. Around him is a full circle is the Twelve Zodiac also called the Elders.

"One down," Shiro says looking at dismembered wooden training dummy that appeared more like sawdust than broken wood.  He wipes sweat off his brow and kneels down for a bit.  He stands back up after drinking some water and turns to a similar dummy, this one made of stone, exhales a bit and steps up to it.

The elders, the manifestion of the animals in human form. Almost in perfect sink the Elders say "Doriyaku you have returned once again." Knowing the elders don't like to waste time. "I have and I need to ask of you all to teach me the ways of the other zodiac I have not learned yet. Since my last visit I have learned of the great evils that I feel I need to deal with. With out the full power of the Zodiac I am but fly to them. So I ask that you all grant me the full power." Doaku drops to a knee and bows to the Zodiacs. They began the talks aloud among each other. "He is but a boy...He can not control all of us... This can not be allowed to happen..." They proceed to talk for sometime. Til the Zodiac of The Dragon silences them all "Doaku you wish to control all of us, but I am afraid you are much to weak." Doaku looks up with a tiny hint of anger "This is an outrage you would let this evil wonder the earth, when I along with the power can stop them. he explains. "Doaku we can give you just a few but you are to weak." The Zodiac of the Rabbit say. Doaku jumps up in a fury of rage, His eyes taking on the Yomigan " YOU SHALL GIVE ME THE POWER!" The Zodiac of Dog, Ram, and Tiger almost immediately " Yes, We will take our powers as you command it shall be done." The Dragon yells out "My brothers are weak!, but the other and I shall not be taken by the likes of the Yomigan, let alone such a weak on...NOW! be gone" Just then Doaku jerks awake, he is setting in the medic station in his room, Sweat dripping off his body. Has he looks down at the scroll he see Tora, Hitsuji, and Inu form in kanji on the scroll. "Well...three more I know...I wonder....Can this Yomigan of mine control beasts? That must be how the creator was controlling the Abandoned. I must find out more."  A nurse walks in "Time for your check up Mr. Doaku" she says. After preforming the check up she says "You seem to be perfect, there is nothing wrong with you."

"So I can leave" Doaku says excited "I don't thin--" She is cut off by Doaku.

"Good I'm off to train then" Doaku says grabbing is pants and shoes and rushing out of the place.

Back in the depths of the city Shiro stands above a now crushed stone dummy.  "That was tougher than I expected," Shiro thinks while feeling his bruised body.  "Now on to the third dummy," he thinks while looking on a metal dummy.  "If I remember correctly this one is a ninjutsu training dummy, with a focus on lightning release," Shiro states as he covers his hand in lightning chakra and slams it palm into the metal dummy.  The electricity rebounds off the dummy and throws him onto his back.  "Sh!t! I see how its going to be," Shiro thinks as he hops back up and charges his hand again and attacks the dummy again.

"Well its only been about 32 hours since Shiro left, I could call him, But lets see how far i can push my eyes"   Doaku actives his Yomigan and begins to look around for the young Shiro's chakra. After a few minutes he finds his Shiro deep under the city. "Their he is...How do I get down there?" He thinks for a moment.

"Doaku! hey is see your better" Ousura say walking over to him.

"Your that chick from that other village? What are you doing there?" Doaku says while thinking "Can I trust her? Shiro did say she helped save him."

"This is my village, I saw Shiro heading to the under-city. I can take you to him, But do you want to get some food you prolly weak from the medic food." She states

"That wouldn't be a bad idea. lets grab a bite" Doaku replies. The two of them talk as they walk to a corner shop where they proceed to have lunch.

"So who exactly are you two? Like where did you come from and why are you up here?" Ousura keeps the conversation going

"We are from the Fuyutama clan out of Kyoukokugakure. We decided to go out on a trip and we just ended up here." Doaku says in between bites

"I'm sorry I have heard of neither of those." they keep talking for another hour or so. Finishing there food up Doaku orders another two servings of ramen to take to Shiro. The young Fuyutama exits the shop along with his new found ally. After another hour or two of navigating the industrial city, they come to a large brick doorway with stairs leading down. "This is the way to Shiro" Ousura states as the two young shinobi began down the stairs towards Shiro.

Deep underground Shiro is still training with the metal dummy, but he is no longer being shocked by his own attack and seems to have done a small amount of damage to torso of the dummy.  "Alright, when I've scratched the surface with lightning it means my chakra has developed enough to create my own deadly lightning technique," Shiro thinks as he walks over to a small pile of scrolls by his sword and finds the one he was looking for.  He opens the scroll and begins to read the contents.  "Hmm...I have two ideas for techniques is a palm of lightning...and the other an experimental oscillating lightning channel...the direct lightning thing is overdone and it would leave me unguarded while I performed it on my I guess it will be the experimental one."  Shiro performs a few hand seals and holds his right arm out from the side of his body and black lightning begins to surge out in all directions from his hand striking nearby walls.  "Dammit, I have to focus it..." Shiro strains as he concentrates all of the surging bolts into a single direction as the attack begins to hum.  "Okay...we'll see how this works," Shiro whispers as he moves his hand fingers extended and palm flat in a slashing motion at the metal dummy leaving deep slash marks in it before jabbing his hand through the center of the dummy's torso.  His attack pierces the dummy melting a hole directly through its chest before he slowly pulls his hand out and deactivates the lightning.  " for the genjutsu trainer," Shiro thinks as he turns to a dummy made of pink crystal while he summons a spirit dragon that he sends into the mouth of the dummy causing its eyes to glow a bright blue.  The dummy begins to move and it draws a large crystal sword from its side.  "This will be interesting...try not to kill me," Shiro tells the dummy as it swing the sword down at him.

Elsewhere Doaku and Ousura can here a dull banging noise.

Doaku begins to speak "What the hell is that noise? Shiro must be training hard." The two of them walk into a large room. at first they see a few piles of ruble, then Shiro and what appears to be a pink crystal training dummy flipping, spin and dashing around each other. The sound and styles of this battle reminds Ousura of to hummingbirds dancing. "His movements are quick and solid." Ousure whispers to Doaku "What is that dummy?"

"That is the power of a young Fuyutama, as for the dummy it is a highly complex training system created by the two most powerful people in are village, Shiro's and Mine's  fathers" Doaku explains "It is a set of five dummies, the first one is made of wood, followed by one of stone, designed by my father Kami. The purpose of them are to train you in a heightened level of taijutsu. To over come the dummies you must train your mind and body to use more percentage of muscle ability, thus making you move faster and hit harder. The next dummy is made from metal, this dummy is to train your ninjutsu. Any ninjutsu that hits the dummy is then turned and reflected back at the user at 20 percent more powerful. To overcome this dummy you must train you body to resist the chakra the dummy throws back by chakra reinforcing your skin. Once mastering this you can be come escape sword cuts with minimum damage. The fourth dummy is a crystal genjutsu dummy. This one is the easier said then done dummy. Basically you have to force it into submission without physical contact. Out side of a highly powerful taijutsu or ninjutsu you wont be hurting it. They easiest way to overcome it is by using a genjutsu, However the crystal is designed to reflect genjutsu back at the user. Finely we come to the last dummy. This is the hardest and most diedly of the dummies, it doesn't stop till it is overcome. It was designed by Mine and Shiro's fathers along with my uncle. It is a shadow dummy that once you place your blood on it. Transform into you and you must use everything you learned from the other four dummies before it or you will die. The anyway to overcome it is to kill it. It is fifty percent fast, smarter and stronger then the user." Doaku explains while him and Ousura walk closer and take a set on a nearby rock to watch Shiro. Ousure is left speechless by this complex training system.

Shiro keeps avoiding the crystal dummy looking for an opening to use a genjutsu.  He ducks under the sword attack and uses a line of wire to pull himself quickly up and away from the dummy landing nearly fifteen feet away.  "Now's my only chance." Shiro thinks as he concentrates hard on the eyes of the dummy.  "Heavenly Illusion: Kneel in Fear!"  The dummy keeps on charging for a few seconds before it suddenly stops and falls to its knees straining to get up.  Shiro walks up to the dummy and stares deep into its eyes fueled with a great amount of killing intent, enough for his two watchers to feel indirectly.  The dummy collapses and a silver serpent slithers out of his mouth and around Shiro's arm.  The Fuyutama and his summon just stare at each other for a second before the small dragon disappears in a puff of smoke.  Shiro walks over to his scrolls and sword strapping the sword onto his back and summoning a small vial out of a scroll and walks over immaterial looking shadow dummy.  He pulls a plug out of vial and holds it up to the dummy as dark tendrils grab the vial and pull it into the dummy.  Immediately eyes similar to Shiro's open on the dummy and the shadows fade off revealing what appears a demented copy of the Fuyutama, sword and all.  It pulls the sword off its back and charges Shiro who draws his own sword to defend against the assault.

"Now watch my friend and see the power of my clansman." Doaku says

"Can he win?" Ousura ask with a worried look

"No question it is difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious." Doaku replies

Ousura looks at Doaku "Can you move like that too? Have you beaten that scroll?"

"Both Shiro and I have used the scroll once before but neither of us had beaten level one." Doaku smirks "But I feel he is about to... As for my abiliy, yes I can move like that. My taijutsu is more developed then Shiro. But he is still stronger then me for he is more advanced then me in ninjutsu."

The battle rages on as Shiro and his clone begin to use lightning releases on each other which lights up the dark cavern in which they duel, but the clone is gaining ground quickly against the young Fuyutama.  Falling for a combination distraction Shirokaze is knocked off a high ledge barely catching himself on a pipe hanging above an incredible darkness.  "Dammit! How can this be so hard?" Shiro thinks as he pulls himself up onto the pipe just in time to dodge a downward swing by the clone sending a column of steam into the air.  Shiro flips back landing on a vertical wall and throws several kunai at the clone, who just dodges them with ease before throwing a kunai attached with a exploding tag at Shiro.  Shiro attempts to run from the explosion, but the wall he is running on shakes and he loses his grip falling onto a cold and wet stone floor.  Semi conscious he remembers training he had with his father.

"Are you saying I should run from enemies that are better than me!?" A younger Shirokaze asks while what appears to be a fight between him and his father.

"Well, while it is sometimes necessary to perform a temporary retreat, running away is a foul way to put it," Kazeyo responds throwing a few punches toward Shiro who dodges them and returns with a spin kick that Kazeyo leans back to avoid.

"Then what do I do?" Shiro replies flipping over Kazeyo and attempting an attack from behind.  Kazeyo blocks the punch and flickers behind Shiro.

"There are multiple solutions to such a situation," Kazeyo says as he uses the force of Shiro's attack to send him flying foward.  Shiro flips over himself and throws a few shuriken at Kazeyo only to see that he is gone.  Shiro feels a hand on his shoulder so he grabs the arm and flings his father over him onto the ground only for it to be a clone.  The real Kazeyo attempts to drop kick Shiro who catches the leg and runs electricity into it only to destroy another clone.  Shiro anticipates an attack from behind only to not be fast enough to stop his father's jump kick to the chest.  Unfortunately for Kazeyo his son had created a clone as well that dispersed into electricity as Shiro launched another attack through the dispersing clone at his father.  Kazeyo though catches the punch with his palm and twist his son arm revealing that he is fighting yet another clone.  "Hmm...pretty good," Kazeyo thinks to himself.

Kazeyo jumps above a drop off onto a rickety bridge as Shiro approaches him once again.  They show off some taijutsu for a while as Kazeyo destroys some of the planks of the bridge and carefully backs Shiro up to them, causing him to trip almost plummeting into a canyon before the young Fuyutama is caught by his father.  "Most have to have your own fighting style that is constantly evolving, not just a copy of your opponent, otherwise you will lose."

Shiro's eye snap open as the clone is making its way down to its enemy.  Shiro immediately uses lightning charged razor wire to damage a section of piping near him as well as lay a trap.  As the clone darts toward him he is caught by the wire only to free himself quickly before being hit by a section of shattered pipe knocking him back.  Shiro charges the clone delivering a combination sword technique that is sadly blocked and results in the Fuyutama getting stabbed in the chest.  Luckily it is a spark clone that shocks the imitation Shirokaze slightly before he is kicked in the back of the head by the Shiro.  The imitation quickly rebounds and delivers a jump kick combo to Shiro who replaces himself with an explosive that sends the imitation flying back into a wall.  As Shiro charges his invented enemy the clone throws an incredible mass of shuriken at Shiro, which are deflected when Shiro electromagnetically charges the metal he is standing on.  Shiro continues toward the clone with a Youshun covered sword that the imitation imitates.  Shiro smirks as a flash of black lightning later Shirokaze is standing behind the training dummy that is evaporating with a sword covered in black lightning.

"You have to have your own fighting style...otherwise you'll lose," Shiro remembers before falling to his knees smiling before falling asleep completely exhausted.

"Well I guess he wanted to sleep" Doaku laughs "Is there a place we can stay around here?" He says looking at Ousura

"You...You could stay at my house, I have some extra rooms?" Ousura say blushing a bit.

"Then lets head there shall we" Doaku picks Shiro up and lays him over his shoulder at they walk back up the stairs leading them here. After a short walk they arrive outside. Darkness has just set on the village, as Doaku followed Ousura to her house.

"This is it, its not that great" Ousura mutters. They walk into the house. "There are two rooms up the stairs on the right." Doaku walks up the stairs and drops Shiro on one of the bed. "Doaku shuts the door and turns around as Ousura walks up the stairs. "I'm of to bed Doaku"

"Very well, sweet dreams" Doaku says as Ousura pulls off her shirt with her back to Doaku as his shuts the door. Doaku looks over his shoulder as he begins to shut his door but hesitates.

The next morning Shiro's eyes open as he smells bacon. Meanwhile downstairs Ousura is making a large breakfast and Doaku is no where to be seen.

Shirokaze not knowing exactly where he is reaches for around the dark room feeling for his sword which he doesn't find, "Dammit, where am I...and where are my weapons?" He stands up, noticing the hoodie he was wearing is gone as well leaving him only in a fishnet shirt and the pants he was wearing before.  He cautiously moves over to the door with his back to it and slides it open a crack.  All he sees is a boring hall lit by sunlight, but across the way he spies a kunai laying on a table.  Seeing the cost is clear and that no traps are lying in wait for him he stunt action rolls into the room and grabs the kunai before walking over to the second floor window.  He hears someone approaching the room so he jumps out the window clinging to the outside wall via chakra.  The door of the room he was in slides shut and he hears someone moving around.  He decides to identify the person inside only to see Ousura changing, once again.  This distraction makes him lose concentration with his chakra cling on the wall.  He successfully lands the fall but is clearly flustered from his observation and bumps into some wind chimes.  Ousura moves over to the window now dressed and looks down at the Fuyutama shinobi with an odd look.

"When did you go outside?" Ousura asks.

"Uh...earlier," Shiro replies still red in the face.

"Are you okay, you look kind of flush?" asks the kunoichi.

"Fine," Shiro says quickly, "I was just umm...jogging."

"Well, you shouldn't over exert yourself so soon...head on inside.  I'll be down in a minute to serve breakfast.

"Fine..." Shiro states while composing himself as he enters through opening into the dining area.

Ousura fixes Shiro a plate and hands it to him as he sets down. Doaku walks into the house "Shiro your up, good deal"

"Hey ba...Doaku breakfast is ready" Ousura says

"I'll be right there" He says walking up that stairs. "By the way Shiro I got your weapons here." After a few moments Ousura hops up and heads up stairs.

"Last night was fun" Ousura says opening the thought the door where Doaku is showering. "But I think Shiro was watching me change earlier. I don't know thought he was just outside." she says cracking the door slightly

"He was prolly sneaking around the house and jumped out the window when he heard you coming. I wouldn't worry about it." Doaku states from the shower "I'll be down in a few minutes." Ousura heads back down stairs where Shiro is washing off his plate. "So Shiro what you going to do today?"

"Well, I was wondering if your village had any missions I could do for some cash while were here," Shiro explains setting his plate near some others before walking to the front door with his gear.  Shiro grins a bit with his back to the kunoichi, "Ousura, tell Doaku to have fun."

Shiro walks a bit down the street, but stops when he realizes that he never got his hoodie back, ", I can't believe I forgot that." Shiro shrugs before thinking, "F*ck a hoodie I'll just rock these tattoos."  Shiro continues down the road toward the drawing the eyes of a few people on his way to the mission outpost.

Doaku walks down the stairs rocking some new gear. "Where did Shiro run off to?"

"He is out looking for some mission to make some cash I guess" Ousura replies, as she walks over to Doaku

"Hmm...He took off with out me" "Thats prolly a good idea, I must catch up to him...Can you wait here dear?" Doaku says grabbing his dagger

"Do you have to take off so fast.. Well I guess I'll make some lunch in case you guys make it back here for some" Ousura states.

Doaku walks out the door turns his Yomigan on a spots Shiro just down the street. He takes of at a small jog and meets up with Shiro. "So brother lets get some cash."

"Indeed, I thought you might stay behind and entertain our host...*cough* again.  But anyway, did you happen to find my hoodie...somebody took it," Shiro says comically as they approaching a multistory building that probably once looked decent, but alas the year were hard on its walls.

"Really? Hmm... I've not seen your hoodie but I found you some new gear back out the house. We can get it on our way back through." Doaku say pointing behind him "I guess this is the place? Looks F***ed up."

Shiro glances at Doaku briefly before walking into the building, that was worse off on the inside than the out.  The entire inside looked as if it had been set ablaze years back with blackened wooden walls and soot all over the place.  In the middle of the destroyed, yet large, room sat three people behind a desk with a small line of shinobi in similar outfits as the ones they had met in the warehouse getting assigned missions.  "Wonder how long this will take?" Shiro thinks to himself while yawning a bit.

"Shiro would think with all the missions they do they would fix this place." Doaku whispers as they begin to walk up the lady on the left behind the counter.

"Good morning, I take it your not from this village?" The lady says

"Indeed we are not, But we was hopping to get a mission or two to get some cash. Could you help us?" Doaku says leaning against the counter

"Let me see what I got her for you" the lady looks down flipping thought a large amount of papers of a few moments. "What is your skill level?" She ask the two young Fuyutama.

"We're chu--" "Jonin, we are both jonin from our home village," Shiro cuts in on Doaku.

"You two are Jonin...?" the lady behind the desk asks, " look a little young."

"Not if you completed the academy at age 7...and made us chunin later that year," Shiro replies now getting the attention of those is the room.  " there a problem?"

"There is no problem, Here you can handle this mission I hope." The lady hands Shiro a paper. Then the two boys turn and begin out the door

"Well whats the mission?" Doriyaku ask as Shiro reads the paper.

"Just what I hoped it would be...we need to grab the coats first though," Kazeyo remarks folding the paper and putting into his pocket.

"Well s*** lets not tell Doaku!" Doaku says smirking as the near the house. The two Fuyutama enter their newly found home. Ousura is setting in a chair reading a book "Shiro you gear is up stairs in you room. But you want to grab a bit first?" Doaku says as he grab some stuff for a sandwich.

Shiro shakes his head no "Im going to take a shower then lets move out"

"Alright bro" Doaku replise

"So what is the mission you guys got" Ousura ask closing her book

"I really have no idea, Shiro hasn't said. He just told me its what he wanted to get" He explains in between bites "We well have to wait for him to get out" About that time there is a knock on the door.

"Oh good, its my friend Keitii. I was in hoping her and Shiro may hit it off" Ousura opens the door and girls the girl on the other side a huge. They both walk back over to where Doaku is setting. "Doaku this is Keitii"

Doaku stands you and gently shakes the girls hand "Pleased to meet you" The three for them set down and talk for a while. The foot steps can be heard as Shiro heads down the stairs. Keitii looks over her shoulders at the young Fuyutama, wearing just his black pants as flips his head from side to side knocking off loose water, then runs a towel through it.

"Yo, bro where did you put the new gear." he says as he notices an elegant young lady looking at him. Shiro finds the girl to be moderately attractive and is annoyed that no one warned him there was company.  "Thanks guys...really classy of you to let me walk out like this in front of," Shiro barks while looking back at Keitii, "Whoever this is."  Shiro tries to cover up as Doaku grabs his arm "I'll show you were they are follow me" The two Fuyutama head back up the stairs and from the first floor Shiro hears "I'm Keitii!"

Shiro and Doaku walk up the stairs and diverge into a side room filled with equipment including some new clothes.  As Shiro starts grabbing a few things he notices that Doaku and Ousura have been acting strange.  "Hey!, why haven't you and Ousura been avoiding looking at me all day?  Is it my because of my doujutsu...its not even activated," Shiro asks, "Or are you trying way to hard to cover something else?"

"Well my dear cousin... We are in a new town that we know nothing about. So I got in close with Ousura so that I can learn everything about this town in hopes that in a short while we will run this town . I didn't think that another person would be brought into the picture..." Doaku explains as he looks at a table covered in weapons.

"Alright, but don't get us kicked out of this town too quickly..." Shiro responds before picking up a weapon pouch and picking through it.

"Don't worry I wont. You just have to fish Keitii along... Who know it could turn out fun." Doaku chuckles "can u throw me a pouch?"

Shiro tosses a pouch in Doaku's direction and pulls the mission sheet out. "Before I tell you the mission, I need to know if you planned on bringing those girls along," Shiro says with a stern face.

"Had no plan to, unless you believe they can help us in some way?" Doaku says opening a box next to all the weapons. "Well look at this..."

"What is it?" Shiro answers with little enthusiasm in his voice.

"I thought we would need Ousura for medic but this chest seems to be filled with medical supplies...So whats the mission good sir?" Doaku returns with his answer.

"Okay, since nobody else is should know that the village may be trying to off us.  They don't even use the same ranking system as the ones we are used to, and people I talked to while you were in the hospital didn't know what a genin, chunin, and jonin are.  But the lady at the desk, not even knowing what a jonin is handed the equivalent of S-Rank mission to two stranger foreigners without verifying our ability first.  Something is a bit off about the whole situation and if I hadn't expected it we may be in even more danger," Shiro explains before taking a breath.  "But in essence the mission is to hunt down and kill that Creator dude.  So just be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior of anyone around here.  One more thing, what did you find out about that Keitii chick that conveniently showed up right after we got assigned this mission?"

"Not a whole hell of a lot the two of them just talked in circle, basiclly she was born here and works with the mission office....... Oh damn!" Doaku explains as he puts the stories together.

"Hmm...that may explain a few things but we should get going...I don't want to practice my techniques around them," Shiro tells Doaku while standing up and ready to go.


Evade from Kowasu

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