Highest Rank Missing-nin
Age 21
Height 6'2
Weight 170 lbs.
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Village of Origin Unknown
Nature Manipulation Types Viral Manipulation
Kekkai Genkai Unnamed Immunity
Affilitations Team Viro
Family None
Titles Death Breath
Teachers Unknown

Viro is a mysterious ninja that Echo faced in the final round of the Venom tournament.

He has a unique kekkai genkai that allows him to be immune to natural death, such as disease or aging. This is more of a curse than a blessing, because he is in an eternal sickness.


Viro constantly wears a gas mask to purify his air to prevent from spreading his illness in the atmosphere, instantly contaminating anyone who breathes. His sickness has the ability to shut down each of his enemy's organs, in order from least to most vital. After contaminating Kikal, Echo vowed to kill him. So, Echo took a blood sample from Kikal and gave himself the sickness. He stayed in a room for lockdown for three days with a medical ninja constantly healing him, to help him survive the sickness.

After the trial, Echo was immune to the disease and easily combatted Viro, brutally murdering him in the finals.

PS: Could someone please give him an info bar?

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