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"Don't worry, I'll find us a new home. "
— Happy Wani :D

Wanizame Kuririn is a fan-made character of the Naruto universe, who appears in my fan-fic, Boutou Rising! and was created by me, grey†fish.


Prologue – Firefly Burns

Sixty years ago, Kuririn Wanizame-kun was just a Chuunin in the small village of Kagerou no Sato. He graduated at the minimum age of eight, and was well versed specially in Genjutsu. He was sent in a mission with another Genin team during the war between the Heat Devil and the Leaf, and when they came back, instead of Kagerou no Sato, they found the recently pillaged leftovers of what at some point was their home. He was the only Chuunin of the six.

- - - - - Present Status – Unknown


When he was younger, Wani could always be seen sporting his teal sweatshirt with the hoodie on, under a white vest and a dark gray cloak that concealed the rest of his attire. His hair was ebony-colored, long and curly and he almost always had goggles tied to the top of his head, which he used to go diving in the pond. His eyes were dark brown and full of fire and life, and his body was strong despite his young age in order to fulfill the functions of a shinobi.


Wani, as his brother called him during their childhood, was a very happy child, known for being a renowned prankster at times. However, when him, his brother, and their respective teams were looking at their destroyed village during what they now know as the Night of Red Fireflies, he shed the luxuries of living in a nice society, and emerged as the new captain of their teams. He also appeared to be smart and cautious when he stopped his brother from attacking Konoha, and said: "Kuroika. I’ve lost as much as you have… neither you nor me have the strength to face off against an entire village let alone one that destroyed our own. Please do not make me lose you too.”


  • Wanizame's favorite food is takoyaki
  • Wanizame's favorite drink is iced lemon tea
  • Wanizame's favorite color is teal
  • Wanizame admires Hanzo the Salamander
  • Wanizame wants to fight the Third Hokage - Hiruzen Sarutobi

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