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This article, Water Release, contains content taken directly from our mother site. All credit of such content is reserved the original authors over at Narutopedia, the original article can be read here: "Water Release" .

The Water Release (水遁, Suiton; English TV "Water Style") area of elemental Nature Transformation are techniques that allow the user not only to manipulate but (in the case of a master) generate water as well. Possibly the most versatile of the five basic chakra natures, Water Release techniques can not only change shape but form as well. The affinity for Water Release is common to shinobi of Kirigakure, Takigakure, and Amegakure.

Water Release will naturally extinguish fire (though a sufficiently powerful technique can cause evaporation) but will naturally be overcome by earth. When Water Release techniques are combined with Wind Release techniques, the concussive and overall destructive power is vastly increased. Water-natured chakra is also a component of four different kekkei genkai namely Boil Release, Ice Release, Wood Release, and Storm Release.

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