• Name: Water Release: Crystal Sphere
  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
  • User: Tora Uchiha

An original jutsu by Tora Uchiha, expanding on the original concept for the Crystal Sphere by the his cousin Ryun's ideals: mixing ones chakra element with the Crystal Sphere. He started developing this jutsu around the same time Ryun developed his Wind Release: Crystal Sphere. While wandering around he caught sight of his cousin's training so he listened in, and was able to copy that training style to master his own version of the Crystal Sphere by using the special training process. When the technique is used on an opponent it slightly drills the opponent then wraps the said opponent in swirling water. If used from the top of an opponent it creates a waterfall like effect so instead of drowning the opponent it crushes them under pressure.

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