This article, Water Release: Poison Mist, is property of Achrones150.

  • Name: Water Release: Poison Mist (Suiton: Doku Kasumi)
  • Rank: D
  • User(s): Shunsatsu, Aiko Midorikawa
  • Element: Water
  • Hand Seals: Dog, Hare, Boar, Horse, Serpant

Similar to Zabuza Momochi's Hidden Mist Technique, this jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist. However, the vapor itself acts as a toxin to the target's eyes, blinding them. It can also constantly burn the target's throat, disabling their ability to speak as well. This technique is mostly useful for seperating teams of shinobi, effectively cutting off communication between them. The effects last as long as the mist is in place.

Aiko's version of this technique is more lethal, the vapor acting as a nerve poison. When breathed in, the target will experience severe pain in the nerves, unable to control its body.

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