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Age 19 (Deceased)
Height 5' 10"
Weight 150lbs
Race Human
Gender Male
Chakra Type(s)


Village Konohagakure

Watosuke is an ANBU from Konoha that serves under Warmarshal Ganza in the Fuyutama Chronicles.


Watosuke is a well built young man of normal height who oddly has darker skin than his hair. Even though he is in ANBU he is commonly seen wearing a white flak jacket over bandages that cover his arms. Like most anbu he caries a ninjato on his back.


Watosuke first appears in the Fuyutama Chronicles as one of the Konoha shinobi that capture Kazeyo and interrogate him. He seems quick to violence as he hit Kazeyo multiple times without much reason. He also offered to execute Kazeyo as soon as the the interrogation was over. Though displays what would seem to be a lack of intelligence the Warmashal of Konoha grants him the responsibility of guarding a high level facility. He has a great deal of loyalty for the Warmarshal which would eventually lead to his demise against Kazeyo.


  • Fire Release: Watosuke is shown using multiple techniques in every fight he has been shown in. He even uses a fire release for defensive purposes.
  • Sword Combat: He seems to be skilled with a sword, just not to the extant that Kazeyo is.
Watosuke Stats

Watosuke's Stats

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