"Those who ignore the power of nature will feel its wrath the most."
Akira Shokatsu

Weather Release (天気遁; Tenkiton), more accurately known as Nature Release (自然遁; Shizenton), is the kekkei genkai of the Shokatsu clan. Though it does not involve combining two of the primary chakra elements, the weather release can utilize virtually any affinity.

Training and preparation

Unlike many other kekkei genkai, weather release does not naturally awaken in individuals: it often required some prior training for use. The training to use the weather release has been likened by sages to training for senjutsu. Weather release users are required to be able to recognize and manipulate chakra found in nature.

Their ability to utilize natural chakra makes them just as dangerous as sages, since they often do not have to remain perfectly still to draw on and store natural chakra for later use. Shokatsu clansmen who mastered the form could tap into natural chakra by concentrating while moving slowly enough to not overly disrupt the flow of natural chakra.


Weather release is a misnomer; it was named as such due to the great skill in that the first person who used the kekkei genkai to manipulate the weather. In actuality, it can also manipulate nature, though it should not be confused with wood release, which combines earth and water to create jutsu.

The kekkei genkai could be used offensively, defensively, and to supplement other jutsu in multiple ways, making it one of the most versatile kekkei genkai known. The weather release's greatest drawback is the amount of time required to prepare certain techniques associated with the kekkei genkai could make it difficult to adjust to changing situations.

Outside the manipulation of nature, Takahiro Shokatsu showed other applications of the technique as well, using the natural chakra to negate the activation of techniques that his opponent planned on using. The power of this negation was what allowed the Shokatsu to become a prestigious clan in Soragakure.

The release can also be used as a sensory technique, allowing its wielders to detect others through changes in the flow of natural chakra.

Known users

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