• Name- White Secret Technique: Performance of the Fire Cloud (Shiro Higi: Jikkou no Haikuro)
  • Type- Ninjutsu; Puppetry
  • Hand Seals- Tiger
  • Users- Ishoku Shininmaru

A puppet technique created by Ishoku that involves both his puppets Sashiki and Kiremaru. First Kiremaru will constrict his target with his metallic chain. From behind, Sashiki will open his mouth releasing a thick poisonous vapor. As the cloud of poison moves towards the target, Kiremaru will released a torrent of fire from his flamerthrower that will mix with the cloud and start spiralling it around the user. This will create a large thick cloud of poison and fire that will devestate the target internally and externally. This technique is forbbiden and is used, it only works on one target at a time.

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