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Wholesome Lightning Demon Spirit of the Sacred Realm

Wholesome Lightning Demon Spirit of the Sacred Realm is a jutsu that summons a long and forgotten spirit, whose outline is made of lightning, used for suffocating victims. The spirit first lifts the victim by the neck and allows the lightning that makes it up to enter the victims body and shut down their nervous system, making them totally numb. It then, somehow, makes them slip into a coma, making it easy to rid of the victim. Finally, the spirit rids of the victim by suffocating it. This is used by Rokubi, on Naruto, but was initially stopped by Chinhonō's Susano'o.

Derived Jutsu


  • It is said that this spirit was once a powerful ninja that was banished to the Sacred Realm after trying to smite the Sage of Six Paths with his incredible Lightning Release ninjutsu.
  • It seems that the only thing that can stop such a jutsu is something else of spiritual properties, like a Susano'o's sword.

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