This article, Wind Release: Flaming Tornado, is property of Teru Kagami.

Basic Info

Rank: S-Rank

Element: Fire/Wind

Users: Yukiko Kiyomi

This is one of Yukiko's perfected jutsu. It is similar to Teru Kagami's techniques Fire Release:Mizuhi Swords and Kajikage Aura except the second element is wind. First she performs the hand signs boar,tiger.rat,dragon,and dog and that summons a giant tornado but the move isn't over yet she then performs a Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu and the tornado is transformed into a flaming tornado it it can only be put out with Water Release: Erupting Geyser and Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave.

Note:The jutsu will eventually stop within 20 minutes or so.

Pic of Yukiko using it.

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