Wind Release: Rasentoku
Kanji 風遁 ・螺旋匿
Rōmaji Fūton: Rasentoku
Literal English Wind Release: Spiraling Shield
Viz manga Wind Style: Rasengan Shield
English TV Wind Release: Rasentoku
Appears in Game
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Defensive
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

The Wind Release: Rasentoku was created by Naruto Uzumaki after he had mastered the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. Just like with the Rasenshuriken, Naruto manipulates the chakra of the Wind Release: Rasengan, but now into an oval form, with the Rasengan in the center remaining a perfect sphere. This shield is highly capable of stopping attacks, and can even withstand the most powerful Fire Release attacks, even though wind is generally weak against fire. Naruto can extend this shield to protect more people then just himself, at the cost of more chakra.

This technique doesn't fatigue him as much as the rasenshuriken does, but does take more chakra then a normal rasengan.