This article, Wind Release: Vacuum Air Current, is property of Ten Tailed Fox.

Wind Release: Vacuum Air Current
Kanji 風遁・真空気流
Rōmaji Fūton: Shinkū Kiryū
Literal English Wind Release: Vacuum Air Current
Viz manga Wind Style: Tornadic Current
English TV Wind Release: Air Current Suction
Classification Ninjutsu, Wind Release
Rank B-rank
Class Defensive
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Related jutsu
Wind Release: Vacuum Spear

Without a single hand seal, Riyan can generate slicing winds around his body, grievously injuring anyone nearby, slicing physical attacks that come too close, and blowing most long range weapons and jutsu away from his body. He can also use this technique to increase the cutting potential of any weapon that he is holding.

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