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Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Vacuum Sphere Anime





Fūton: Shinkūgyoku

Literal English

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

English TV

Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets


Appears in

Anime and Manga








Short to Mid range

Hand seals

Rat → Rabbit → Dog

Derived jutsu


The user takes a deep breath and then exhales several small blasts of wind chakra in such a manner that they are dispersed over an expansive range, enough to make it difficult to avoid them entirely without taking any damage. Due to the properties of this technique, the expelled blasts are capable of piercing into and potentially through an opponent's flesh when they collide, in a similar manner to how bullets function.

Facts about Wind Release: Vacuum SphereRDF feed
Appears inAnime + and Manga +
Chakra NatureWind Release +
Jutsu class typeOffensive +
Jutsu classificationNinjutsu +
Jutsu rangeShort + and Mid +
PictureVacuum Sphere Anime +
User techKoshaji (null) +, Sayuri Senju (null) +, Kazuma Senju (null) +, Yu Uchiha (null) +, Kulfi Purasuchikku (null) +, Saki Hanabira (null) +, Tsubaki Hanabira (null) +, Fuurin (null) +, Yosuke (null) +, Inazuma Denkou (null) +, Kawakami Uzumaki (null) +, Akemi Hyuga/Adulthood (null) +, Narissa Uchiha (null) +, Sōka Taifū (null) +, Heisuke (null) +, Kokuō Uchiha (null) +, Tabaki (null) +, Kamikaze Kamikure (null) +, Shio (null) +, Ryo Senju (null) +, Sageru Uzumaki (null) +, Engetsu Uchiha (null) +, Hanryu Raion (null) +, Fumiko Akimichi (null) +, Preta (null) +, Gray Kazuki (null) +, Nagato Mangetsu (null) +, Rogen Toriyama (null) +, Imae Miyagi (null) +, Zephyr Niigata (null) +, Genju Sarutobi (null) +, Gōka Hōzuki (null) +, Daichi Hashimoto (null) +, Velaryon Brynden (null) +, Tsunome (null) +, Iwaburo (null) +, Jay Zadanka (null) +, Katsumi Kaoru (null) +, Kirāwani (null) +, Kinguraion (null) +, Arufa Inuzuka (null) +, Sendo Zetsumei (null) +, Takashi Yoshimaru (null) +, Leon Sanyu (null) +, R (null) +, Umako Soga (null) +, Takahiro Sakurai (null) +, Raiga (null) +, Raikū Murciélago (null) +, Ryu Kamina (null) +, Redaichi (null) +, Kaname Soga (null) +, Zeno Yamanaka (null) +, Gin (null) +, Sakin (null) +, Akihiko Yuki (null) +, Kazesō (null) +, Nichihi (null) +, Susanoo Mikoto (null) +, Dezku Narimita (null) +, Tsubasa Yuki (null) +, Yamaguchi (null) +, Hyōshūmaru (null) +, Gekido Ozunu (null) +, Kuhaku Mugen (null) +, Suō Uchiha (null) +, Riku (null) +, Nanami (null) +, Mugetsu Yoroi (null) +, Kohana Uzumaki (null) +, Mai (null) +, (null) +, Ōwashi (null) +, Takao Fujitate (null) +, Etsuya Tanabe (null) +, Yaichi (null) +, Mizuho Rekai (null) +, Konami Rekai (null) +, Inari Okami (null) +, Gen Uchiha (null) +, Siegfried (null) +, Kurasa (null) +, Shiro Sentako (null) +, Kiiroi Hyūga (null) +, Shanyuan Guō (null) +, Kota Inazuma (null) +, Kurai Kachuu (null) +, Nonbiri (null) +, Hakaze Uchiha (null) +, Enkyo (null) +, Hyō Washi (null) +, Shinzui (null) +, Genzo Takema (null) +, Gozu Kazaragi (null) +, Jin Soga (null) +, Kemuri Sukiru (null) +, Itomaru Senju (null) +, Katashi Akiyama (null) +, Taijinn (null) +, Doujinn (null) + and Tsuki Rinku (null) +

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