• Name: Wind Release: Wind Blade
  • Element: Wind
  • Type: C-rank,Offensive, Long range (5-75m)
  • Users: Choni Rellim,Yakamura Hoshida, many wind chakra users

During this jutsu, the user inhales, imbuing chakra in the oxygen, and then blasts the chakra imbued air at the opponent. The chakra sharpens the air, making it cut right through anything in its way. Though simmilar to Great Fireball Jutsu, this has one large drawback that it does not. The wind is sharpend as it flows up the throat, so if someone was fast enough to block the mouth of the user with something, the wind would cut its way out. On the other hand, its much faster to use than Great Fireball Jutsu, so that problem is rare.

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