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NOTE: People who are reading may be thinking, "Eh? Isn't this like Sonic and the Black Knight?". Of course it is...but, I've altered the story line much differently, made it more epic, and more longer. Read it as it goes. This will be updated probably weekly for each portion or two portion. Have fun reading! --Rasengan888

NOTE #2: This may be a like release weekly like Weekly Shonen Jump. Just to tell you that.

Introduction: Arriving Home

At the front gate of Konoha, A flash of white comes out of nowhere in the front gate and with a BOOM! Otonami comes out in Star Maneuver. Sigh, I spent too much time in the future. Otonami thought. I need a vacation at home, in fact, I think that my new history book came in! Otonami thought. He then rushes to his home, and through the front gate.

Otonami then stops at the counter, greeting Kotetsu and Izumo. Then walks all the way to his home. He said hi to other people and finally met his house. Sure enough, th book was there, wrapped in a box from a courier ninja. Well, time to read! Otonami thought. He got in his house, with the book, and went upstairs. He closes his door, and locks it. He then goes to his bed and opens the package.

"AAAH!" Otonami shouts as he looks at the cool and shiny book! "Cool!" The title of the book he saw was the The Medieval King, and the Knight of the Ninja Rounds. "I have to start reading it!" Otonami then starts to read the book as he goes to his bed and lies down.

Different Realm

There was a dirt road. And two dark creatures were chasing a young boy who was holding a letter. He was whimpering really heavily as he tries to run away for his life from two beasts that were holding armor and swords. "HELP!" The boy shouted as the creatures caught up to him.

A man came out of nowhere and immediately destroyed the two dark creatures with his sword. "GO! Deliver that message! It's OUR ONLY HOPE!" The man shouted and he looked beyond and sees 10 more creatures. "I'll delay them! JUST GO!" The boy nods and runs as fast as he could.

The man fights with his sword and destroys the two dark creatures. Then, there was one creature who sneaked out and chased the boy.

That man... The boy thought. But, he continued to run in emergency. I think that I'll make it! The boy thought. Suddenly, the creature jumped really high and landed right in front of him. NO! The boy thought. The creature looks at him ghastly, with his purple skin, light purple armor, and with a huge axe. The boy whimpers, and goes to the sideways and tries to go around the creature.

The creature immediately catches the boy with his huge arms and holds him up. "No, PLEASE, SPARE ME!" The creature tightens its grip, as it was going to smash the boy. No...

A laser immediately comes out of nowhere and it hits the creature at the back. The creature then groans, loosens its grip to make the kid fall, and falls right in front of the kid. It immediately then disappears in a puff purple and black smoke. A girl was there, holding a big staff that had crystals in it, pointing at where used to be the creature. She was standing at a ruined place on the stairs. She was wearing red robes of a wizard and had long brown hair. "Are you okay?" She asks.

"Yes." The boy mutters quietly, still shock of the scene. The girl then helps the boy up with her other hand. "The letter...a message?" She asks. "Yes, it's really urgent!" The boys shouts out and gives the paper to her. The girl quickly takes it and reads it. She then immediately puts it down, "Hurry, we must leave." She says. She takes the boy and follows down the path, and past the ruins.

The Summon

The man was breathing heavily, he couldn't count of how many he had destroyed. But, he knew that he had to run. As 50 more minions arrived, he sheathed his sword, and started to run in ninja speed. Our king is corrupted, he has endangered this land! Help us, Merlina! The man thought.

Yes! I know, I read the letter from the Village Council! She said, the girl Merlina, who was running with her long robes with the boy to a village.

Guh, I'm running away from these minions when I've already killed like 25 of them! The warrior thought. Wait...they all disappeared...Merlina, watch out! They're coming after you! The man thought as he looked back to see no one.

I know! Merlina thought. She suddenly saw the minions come out of nowhere out of a black wisp. "GO! RUN!" Merlina shouts and she pushes the boy at front of the minions. Merlina then says an unknown incantation. The top of her staff was glowing blue and she shoots at the minions. It obliterates the minions and let's the boy pass through. 5 more dark creatures come out of nowhere and pursues the boy. "NO!" She couldn't save him as more minions start to run at her. I must escape! I hope that boy made it.

"AAAAAHHHH! HELP ME!" The boy shouts out frantically as the dark creatures chases them and starts to gain up. Out of nowhere, a slash was cut between the 5 creatures and they suddenly disappear in agony. "GO! THERE'S MORE!" The man shouts at the boy who was suddenly in front of him and grabs his shirt and they run.

Good, he saved him. Now, I have to worry about myself. Merlina thought as she runs away. Suddenly she saw a dark knight that was running up with a black horse. Oh no... The knight had dark-gold plated armor, had three spikes up his helm, had a big hilt for his sword, and had yellow eyes. Dark energy swirls around him in invisibility. I have to get away. Merlina thought. No, I have to do it now... Merlina runs to the side. "Asfaras Mera Zheria, Asfaras Tiru Wiro..." Merlina mutters and the dark creatures and the knight pursues her.

The knight suddenly was flying in the air with his horse. He takes out his sword from the hilt slowly and takes a big slash at the air. Just when he takes a slash, dark wisps of smoke comes out and 100 dark creatures come out of nowhere in front of Merlina to stop her. "Asfaras Yut Loner. Ah!" Merlina immediately stops as the dark creatures approach her. Merlina goes to run backwards, but the knight was right behind her. The dark creatures create a circle so that she was completely surrounded. "HA!" Merlina shouts as she points her staff at the knight and blue energy comes out and tries to strike the knight. The knight parries it with a grunt from his sword. The dark creatures circled in and started moving toward her. "Guh...Asfaras Veru Yaras." Merlina's staff lights crazily and blinding light blue energy comes from below the staff. She strikes it at the ground and five light blue circles come out of nowhere, in front of her.


Otonami was fascinated by the book as he turns each page in excitement. While reading, he was eating pizzas. One pizza at his hand and the other at a plate. "Interesting...Interesting..." Otonami mutters as he reads about the history. Unknowingly, the spine of the book was glowing light blue.

The Summon (Cont.)

Merlina then says more incantations and then finally as the dark creatures advance. "Oh brave knight, swift as the sound. Heed my call." The blue light energy suddenly bursts into the sky and through the horde of dark coulds and half of the creatures were blown away while the dark knight backs out a bit.

About 25 miles away at Camelot Castle, the warrior, the boy, and other people in cloaks were in the top of the castle. "Leader..." The warrior says. "The summon has begun."

Merlina then shouts. "Summoning Spell: World Ravage!" The blue energy immediately disappears and from the sky through an unknown portal, Otonami falls through. "AAAAAHHHH!" As Otonami falls and hits hard at the ground. "Ooooowww..." Otonami said. Oh no! He immediately jumped up and caught the falling pizza before they hit the ground. "Gotcha!" Otonami then sees the other one falling and it was about to hit the floor. Otonami slides to the floor and then grunts as he nearly catches the pizza. Sighing in relief, he gets up to wonder where he is.

"Where am I?" Otonami looks around his surroundings. "My book was shining light blue all of a sudden and then I fall in here! What just happened?"

Merlina immediately comes up behind Otonami. "Please...forgive my summon." Otonami looks behind him and sees her. Then, he sees the enemies, the dark creatures and the black knight. Otonami then smirks and eats a whole pizza in one bite. "Oh...I get it! Don't worry, this will be easy." Otonami says jokefully. At the same time, he throws up his pizza really high, pulls out his Sonic Blade, and behind Merlina, there was a glint of blue light between the enemies. Suddenly, they all disappear after the speed of the wind. Merlina looks back, surprised that Otonami killed them all. Suddenly, Otonami was right in front of her and catches the pizza that he sent up in the air. "Sonic Blade: Incredible Cut." Otonami says and then faces the black knight, playing around with his pizza.

The black knight, who didn't react, readies his own sword and Otonami readies his own Sonic Blade and charges at him. For some reason, he couldn't run. "Don't!!!" Merlina immediately grabs Otonami and grips her back. Otonami lies at the ground in confusion while Merlina, mustering up all her strength, uses her staff. It glows light blue and they both disappeared. "NO! MY PIZZA!" Otonami shouts before they teleported as he accidentally loses his grip on his pizza.

The black knight, unsurprised, goes up to the air with his horse. He then goes to a top of a hill where 5 people were standing in king's armor. The five knights immediately bows down as the knight approaches. "I shall give chase. Spread out, you five. Slay that speedy pest and the royal witch." The knight said in a menacing tone. The five nods and the knight then rides off. The five then stands and then talks.

"Let's go. We must not waste time." A knight speaks in a female tone.

"Should we? I mean...she is the royal one after all." The knight responds and another nods in uncertainty.

"The King's orders were strict." Another knight says in a low tone.

"Without order, we are nothing to him." Says another knight.

"Come on, let's at least follow the king's orders." The one who nods said in another female tone. 3 knights then nods to each other and they both start to leave.

"Still...this kingdom has changed...and the king..." The lady knight spoke. The other two knights then leave.

Explanation to the World

Misty Lake, a place in which it was a place where people has enjoyed to play around in the ruins and in the lakes. After King Arthur’s rule, the whole place is now abandoned as it has now murky lakes, really old ruins, and boring sights. This is also home to the dragon of Misty Lake, in which it has gone into chaos after the reign.

At the deserted, dirt road, a blue light suddenly appears in a wavering silent touch. Suddenly, it starts to grow lighter and starts to hum. Then, a blast came out of the blue light and the whole area was covered in white light. It immediately disappears and Otonami and Merlina come out. Merlina immediately kneels just as she was teleported out.

“Are you okay?” Otonami asks just as he sees her kneel and sees her exhausted.

“I’m fine…I used too much magic.” She replies and gets up by her own and the two walk.

Otonami was still mad of what Merlina did, “I could’ve killed him…was there any reason to stop me?” Otonami asks her and glares.

Merlina, ignoring Otonami’s glare, then replies, “You couldn’t defeat him…” Merlina mutters.

Otonami then stops and puts his arm to stop him. “Are you serious? I bet I versed worse people than him!” Otonami shouts. “Look, I have these Sonic Blades.” Otonami then digs into his pockets and tries to get out his Sonic Blades but realizes they weren’t there. “Hey…where are they?” Otonami wonders.

“Oh…you mean these?” Merlina asks as she digs into her pockets and pulls out two sharp weapons.

“Hey! That’s mine, give them back!” Otonami shouts as he uses his speed to try to get it.

With fast reflexes, Merlina hits him with her staff and knocks out Otonami then and points her staff at him which was glowing shimmering blue. “Don’t make me cast a spell on you. Now, listen to me of why you can’t beat him. Even with these foolish weapons…” Merlina says and she suddenly makes it disappears.

“What’d you do to it?” Otonami asks as he suddenly sees his own two weapons disappear in blue light.

“I’ve teleported them to your world.” Merlina says.

Otonami, enraged, rushes at her again, but Merlina hits him with a spell. Otonami is knocked back and hits a tree and slumps. Suddenly, he couldn’t move anymore I’ve been paralyzed.... “Now, you will listen to me…” Merlina quietly says as she sits on the shore of a lake.

“That enemy wields Excalibur…” Merlina says as she looks out the view of Misty Lake. “I suppose you don’t know that…since you’re from another world.” Merlina says.

“Excalibur…” Otonami mutters who still couldn’t move. “What…you mean that sword held by the Medieval King!” Otonami shouts. “Why the hell is he even holding it!?”

“Because…that’s the Medieval King…” She says. “You’re in the Medieval landscape.” She turns to Otonami. “I’ve summoned you so that you could save our world and that I could rely on you.” She says and with a swift of her finger, she de-paralyzes him.

When Otonami felt he could move, he sits next to Merlina. “So…with him holding Excalibur…my Sonic Blades really are useless…” Otonami says. “Star Burst might not work…” Otonami mutters as he only holds one star crystal and it was the wind. “Hang on…” Otonami says to Merlina.

Otonami goes out to a clear field and forms the Dragon Seal. “HA!” Otonami shouts.


Merlina had an anime sweat brow. “Was something going to happen?” She asked.

Otonami looked at her in disbelief. “Nothing happened…5 star crystals were supposed to come out.” Otonami then sighs and drops to the floor, sitting. “Great…I can’t use Star Burst now…” Otonami mutters.

Merlina looked at her hopeless. “I’m sorry, I can get that star crystals of yours…but, it takes a day for me to recharge on summoning from another world.”

“Well…it’s okay…as long as you can get it back. 4 days time then…” Otonami then sits next to her again. “So…you summoned me. What happened to the king?” Otonami asks.

“The sword Excalibur, given to him by The Lady of the Lake, had a dark energy inside it, and it possessed our king.” She quietly says. “And now, he’s a tyrant black knight.” She mutters, still looking out.

“So, you want me to stop this tyrant and restore this king?” Otonami asks.

Merlina nods. “Easy! I’ll do it!” Otonami exclaims as he stands up.

“Don’t underestimate him…he’s not a knight to be reckoned with.” Merlina quietly says. “So what!? I will kick his ass no matter what! I’ll restore the king…well, exactly how I do it?” Otonami asks.

“I don’t know yet…” Merlina says. “We must go to the Lady of the Lake.”

“Alright, let’s go now!” Otonami says. Then, he puts out his hand. "My name is Otonami Sokudo!" Otonami exclaims. Merlina closes her eyes and makes a noise from her mouth. "My name is Merlina." She replies and they both shake hands. Suddenly, there were was a dark energy buzz. Someone’s here! Before Otonami could react, Merlina instantly grabs him and they hide.

“What are you doing!? Let me get him!” Otonami whispers as he tries to get out. “NO! This guy is a scout, if you kill him, the king would know we’re here!” Merlina whispers. Otonami stops what he’s doing and continues to hide.

Few dark creatures came out into the road as they walk past the road. “We’ll have to stay in hiding until they’re gone…” Merlina whispers. Then, she mutters incantations and they both turn invisible. “Stay close to me, or the invisibility won’t work on you.” She quietly says and they get out.

Merlina then sees a ruin that was really big for a house. “We’ll go in here…” Merlina quietly says as she enters into the door. Otonami quietly follows, as they see no scouts out. “Okay…open the door, and close it real quick.” Otonami says.

Merlina immediately does it and the door was quietly shut immediately when she opened. “That was fast…” Otonami says as he gets out from the invisibility. “Boy, you sure are talented.” Otonami says as he looks at her.

“Okay…what can we do here?” Otonami asks. Merlina then replies. “I’m going to teach you how to use a sword.”

Otonami stands, a little stricken. “A s-s-sword?” Otonami asked in disbelief.


Otonami’s Swordplay

“Yes, a sword.” Merlina quietly says as she mutters an incantation and a sword suddenly comes out from her hand. “This is a practice sword; your real sword will come later.” She quietly says.

“…maybe using my Sonic Blades was better…” Otonami mutters as he grabs the sword. “All right, it’s pretty much like using my Sonic Blades, right?” Otonami asks.

“Depends…let me see of how you use it then.” Merlina does another motion from her fingers and a steel dummy comes out. “See if you can destroy that…”

Otonami looks at the steel and smirks. “Of course I can do it!” Otonami shouts. He charges at the dummy but suddenly falls at the weight of the sword. “Ow…” Otonami feels his head.

“I was surprised to see that your Sonic Blades were very light…” Merlina exclaims. “Let me guess, you have some kind of material that made it light. Well, get use to it.” She then turns away to sit down, looking back at Otonami.

“Grr…” Otonami mutters. Then, he picks up the sword, “I can easily carry this sword!” Otonami shouts and then picks it up with ease and goes past the steel dummy. To Otonami’s surprise, his sword couldn’t cut through it. In fact, the moment he came in contact with the steel, he was immediately stopped by the steel. He then groans from the pain on his arm, as he drops the sword and it clatters.

“Maybe steel wasn’t the right fixation…” Merlina mutters. She then does another swap of her fingers. “Since you already know most of your swordplay from those blades, then, you’ll have to cut those things in pieces with that practice sword.” She said as 5 new dummies came.

One was made out of straw, one out of wood, one out of rocks, metal, and minerals. The straw should be easy…Otonami thought. But what about the others?

Immediately, Otonami picks up the sword, ignoring the pain, and runs through the straw. Just when he slashed through it, the straw dummy was immediately scattered into the floor. “That was easy…now, for the wood.” Otonami mutters.

Merlina was unsurprised, knowing that anyone could do that. She then sees that Otonami cuts through the wood, but had trouble as the wood splintered onto the ground. “Ow…” Otonami mutters from the pain on his wrists.

“You’ll have to do better than that…although, I should suggest you to make some moves out of your sword.” Merlina mutters.

“Some moves…attacks…” Otonami said quietly to himself. Then, he immediately thought of one. Otonami immediately goes for the wood again, as he sees another one come up from Merlina. “Try that again, without grunting in pain.” She says and watches.

This is what I do with my Sonic Blades…this should work. Otonami thought. He then starts to spin his sword and then rushes while it keeps on rotating. “HYAAAAA!” Otonami shouts as he cuts through the wood.

The wood was immediately blasted away, as more tiny fragments of splinters were falling to the ground. “Impressive, I see that rotating your blade would cut through the wood easily by grinding it up and then you do the slash in the end to finish the move. And no pain, excellent.” Merlina said as she clapped her hands. “You might need that move against weaklings, as it uses less energy but don’t use it against big people as it might not do anything.”

“Got it!” Otonami exclaims. He then looks at the rock. “Let’s try that move again, Sword Style: Rotating Blade!” Otonami shouts. He successfully cuts through the rock, but Otonami feels that pain again as the dummy crumbled into pieces. “Sounds like you need another new move.” Merlina announced as she summons another dummy.

“Let me try this then…” Otonami mutters. Immediately, he electrocutes his own sword with chakra, but, the moment he did it, the sword immediately crumbled. “What?” Otonami wondered. “Oh wait…that’s a practice sword…I bet it won’t even have the slightest chakra…”

“Whatever this chakra is, I think it’s similar to magic. So, I’ll summon up another practice sword that is able to withstand your chakra.” Merlina says, and with a swift of her finger, another sword comes out. This time, the blade itself was much shinier.

“All right!” Otonami exclaims as he electrocutes it, but, it crumbles again. Otonami gapes at the rusted blade. “What the hell!?” Otonami shouts. “You said it’s able to withstand chakra!”

“I don’t think lightning would do.” Merlina says as she summons up another sword as the same as last time. “I’m running out of energy, I need rest.” Merlina mutters as she starts to lie down at another area. “If your sword crumbles again, wait ‘til the next day.” Merlina says before she rests.

“Crap…lightning is my main source!” Otonami mutters. Otonami then thinks up another idea. “That’s it!” Otonami said. Closing his eyes, green chakra started to come out of the blade and it didn’t crumble or break. “There…that’s better.”

Otonami then glares at the dummy that was standing before him. “Sword Style: Wind Blade!” Otonami shouts and he immediately cuts through the rock without any pain. “Yes!” Otonami says to himself.

“Now…for the metal…” Otonami says. “All right…maybe I should just make other moves…” Otonami mutters. Otonami then goes to a clear field inside the ruins to avoid the dummies. “Ok…” Otonami closes his eyes and meditates.

There’s got to be a move that could at least do increasingly damage…Okay, I’ve watched Ryuka, Kyashi, and this person I’ve read from comics. “Nah…I don’t think I’ve seen Ryuka and Kyashi that much. How about that person I’ve read from those books?” Otonami mutters to himself.

Of course, those moves are actually can be used in real life…I think I can base them off from animals. Otonami then thinks and thought up of one move. “All right…”

Otonami then does a stance. He holds his sword up over his head and closes his eyes. With enough force…I can make a slash that’s powerful… Otonami looks at the rock dummy and decides to use the move at it.

“All right, I’ll name this move after a phoenix.” Otonami then closes his eyes. And immediately opens them, “100 Spaces: Phoenix Slash!” Otonami shouts and with a slash that had so much force, and fast movement, a slash that was strong enough to make the air cut through it and went to face the rock dummy.

It was a success; the rock immediately crumbles once in contact from the air slash. Otonami immediately smirks of what he just did, but, suddenly, he falls into the ground, kneeling. What the hell…I immediately lost energy after that move. Does this move, sucks up my energy to make the air slash? Otonami immediately stands up.

Whatever this move is…I think it’s able to cut up the mineral dummy too… Otonami immediately falls after getting up. I must sleep… Otonami immediately falls asleep just when he thought of it.

The Next Morning

Otonami opens his eyes to see yellow sunlight and a purple cloak enshrouding it. “Good morning, you had quite the sleep.” Merlina says as she put food in front of Otonami.

“What food is this?” Otonami asks as he looks at the plate in front of him. “Apples, chestnuts, and rabbits.” Merlina replies. “If you don’t find it pleasant, then just give it to me.”

“Nah…I’ll eat it.” Otonami says as he starts to eat of what was here. “You’re in the Medieval Ages, you can’t have your own food at your time.” She says. “Now, I think you made some pretty good progress as I see that you easily cut up the rock dummy.” Merlina says as she stands up and drops a mineral down on the floor, next to Otonami.

“Hey…that’s the-“ Otonami says. “Your so-called “star crystals?” Yes, I just summoned it today as I regained new energy; the color of it is yellow.” She says. “What do the colors represent?”

“The colors represent the elements.” Otonami answers. “The one you summoned was yellow, and it stands for lightning.” Otonami says as he pockets it inside his tools. “I really need that crystal, and I’m going to use it soon!”

“It’s not a good idea to use it on your sword. The moment I touched your crystal, I felt lots of condensed, packed energy inside there. Using that energy could rust your sword again as it may not be able to control it.” Merlina says as she turns to the rock dummy to examine.

Incredible, this cut has to be powerful…it may be able to cut up the steel! Merlina thought as she sees coarse marks from the cut. “What kind of move did you use?” Merlina asked.

“A special type of swordplay that uses my energy to make an air slash, but, it takes a lot of energy though. So, I’m going to replace that with chakra!” Otonami exclaims. “I call it, 100 Spaces: Phoenix Slash!” Otonami exclaims. “And…I had another one in my head.” Otonami says. “Can you bring up another rock dummy and one more sword?” Otonami asks.

Merlina nods, and with a swift of her finger, another rock dummy comes up with a sword. “Thanks, I think using two swords would be helpful now.” Otonami mutters and suddenly, he makes a stance into an in which his swords are shaped as an X.

Two Sword Style: Wolf’s Fangs!” Otonami shouts as he charges at the rock, ignoring the weight that he’s forced to carry, and he immediately cuts through the rock. It immediately breaks without notice; Otonami then looks at the crumbled dummy with no signs of pain. “Ha! If I keep this up, I should be able to beat those creeps no w.” Otonami says.

Merlina was in shock to see of how quick Otonami was able to learn new moves so quickly. Maybe I was right, this man is a true knight…well, a knave for now…Merlina chuckles at the thought. “Otonami, I think you’re ready to be a true swordsman, so, there is a legendary sword hidden around in Misty Lake, I think there’s two around here in fact.” Merlina says.

“And, it would perfectly fit you into two sword style moves. What are you going to call yourself of that?” Merlina asks. “Heh! Two Sword Sonic!” Otonami replies back, making a stance with his swords.

“I guess I can agree with that, especially since your fast. All right, expect some dark creatures when we get out.” Merlina says as she opens the door. “I will be able to help you on health, damage, and on your own abilities, I can easily fly besides you with my ability.”

Just when she opened the door, 3 dark creatures were already there, 20 meters away from them. Merlina was shocked to see them, as she didn’t expect them to be here soon. The three immediately rushed at them, as they drew out their weapons.

Two Sword Style: Rotating Blades!” A voice suddenly shouts as blue light suddenly rushes out from Merlina and Otonami immediately slashed through the monsters that were chasing. The three were immediately in a posture that they were going to fall, suddenly, they disappear in purple smoke.

Merlina looks at Otonami as she sees him spinning his swords in parallel movement. Maybe this won’t go so bad… Merlina thought. “You learn pretty quickly, and, it’s good to have you on our side.” Merlina says as she went up to Otonami. “But, since you killed those dark creatures, I’m pretty sure it has alerted the king of your presence.”

“Seriously? Well, let’s see if I’m worth the trouble for him!” Otonami exclaims. “Alright, let’s find those two legendary swords!” Otonami then runs toward the paths. Merlina immediately follows after Otonami, using her magic; she catches up with the same speed with Otonami.

At Avalon Palace

“I see…he’s at Misty Lake…” A voice says in a dark room. “Let’s see if he’s really worth my time...” Suddenly, a sword was sheathed as it came from the noise and footsteps were heard. The door was opened, and it shows the dark knight, going outside. Suddenly, the horse came in a dark wisp of smoke and the king rides on it. “Hya!” Pulling the reins and the horse speeds off.

Black Knight vs. Otonami: The Search For Two Legendary Swords

Dragon of Misty Lake

More dark creatures were more interfered through Otonami, “Get out of my way!” Otonami shouts as he immediately cuts them through. Suddenly, more dark creatures came out. “Well, at least we made more synchronization moves with each other.” Otonami said to Merlina.

Merlina nods, then, she mutters an incantation. “attonitus” Merlina’s top part of the staff then shines and it immediately stuns all the dark creatures. “All right!” Otonami immediately slashes through them all, and they simply disappear in a wisp of smoke.

Otonami then goes through the ruins and stairs, jumping through paths and rivers, cutting through the dark creatures without hassle. Otonami then goes through a bridge and sees many oxen running. Otonami then crosses both of his swords and with enough force, the oxen was knocked back.

When Otonami couldn’t hold out on the last row of oxens, he jumps, and avoids being hit. Then, he continues on, going through woods and he sees a cave. “Merlina, is that the way?” Otonami asks .

Merlina nods and Otonami goes towards the caves and was on the edge of a cliff, in which deep water was in. Otonami looks behind him, and sees many dark creatures. “Can’t fight that many…also, I have to hurry.” Otonami mutters. He looks ahead and sees a rail.

“What?” Otonami gasps. “I can’t balance on that…” Otonami mutters. Overhearing, he hears Merlina muttering some incantations and Otonami’s feet were glowing light blue. “Go to the ramps, now!” Merlina shouts as her staff glows light blue and shoots down some dark creatures. “GO!” Merlina shouts.

Otonami hesitates, but, he suddenly jumps, and gets on the rails. “What?” And he was suddenly, on the rails, very easily balanced, to be surprised that he was grinding through the cave on the rails. Otonami looks behind him and sees Merlina flying with him.

At the end of the cave, Otonami jumps off again and goes to a couple of stairs through the ruins. Once Otonami was up the stairs, a dragon was suddenly there. “What the hell!?” Otonami immediately stops upon seeing it.

“That’s the Dragon of Misty Lake, and look on what’s on top of it!” Merlina shouts as she wagers her finger and points to a dark creature in which it was on top of the dragon. “Is that thing…controlling it?” Otonami asks looking at Merlina.

“Look out!” Merlina shouts as she runs and dives. Otonami looks at the dragon as it used its head to hit Otonami. “Holy–“ Before finishing the sentence, Otonami dives as well just in time to avoid the impact from the feisty dragon.

The dragon then glares at him and opens its mouth. Oh shi– Otonami thought as he dives again to avoid fire as it was immediately breathed out of the mouth. “Grr...” Otonami grinds his teeth. “Why can’t I just kill that damn creature…“

Otonami immediately notices something, as he avoids another attack from the dragon and hides. “That dark crystal stuck in his head, I got to destroy that…I bet that’s what’s putting him in chaos…” Otonami mutters.

The dragon then diverts its attention and turns around to Merlina. “Crap!” Otonami shouts and emerges from his hiding place and gets out.

“Oh no…” Merlina mutters. “Get the hell out of there!” Otonami shouts as he jumps on the dragon’s back and behind the dark creature. It immediately turns around with a short purple cloak, yellow eyes, and a hidden face from a hood. “Hello…now, get the crap off!” Otonami shouts as he uses his sword to slice up the unknown creature and kicks it out as it was dissolving into dark smoke.

Just as the dark creature was gone, the dragon suddenly then went into utter chaos as Merlina makes her escape. “Run! Merlina! Hide!” Otonami shouts as he grabs on to a scale. “I got to destroy that purple one…” Otonami mutters. But, suddenly, the dragon flew off the ground

The dragon seemed to make the job impossible, as it was on the head. He could fall off easily, as it was flying. “What the hell!? Stop trying to make everything impractical!” Otonami shouts as he starts to balance on his neck.

He knew that he was at least 20ft off the ground, circling around the ruins. “Ok…I can do this…” Otonami mutters, but, suddenly, he loses his balance and falls. Merlina, who was watching, gasps as he falls.

“Phew…that was close…” Otonami mutters as one of his swords was stabbed onto the dragon’s neck and he held onto the sword. The dragon moans as it turns its head and then opens its mouth. Otonami knew what was coming next, as he feels the warm breath from the dragon.

Just when the dragon breathed out fire, Otonami immediately jumped from the sword’s handle and jumps from his arm, going back to balance on dragon’s neck. Part of Otonami’s jacket was on fire, and without delay he takes it off and drops it on the ground.

Merlina sees the clothes dropped into the ground and she mutters some incantation. “unda” Merlina mutters, and water comes out of her staff. It goes to the jackets, and the fire was immediately doused. She looks up and was shocked to see what was happening.

The dragon was shaking in every direction, as it was trying to get Otonami off. “You may try to get me off, well too bad!” Otonami shouts, as the dragon shaking gave Otonami a jump to the top of its head. “NOW, BE RELEASED!” Otonami shouts as he uses his two swords in parallel movement. “Two Sword Style: Dragon’s Parallelism!” Otonami shouts as he cuts the purple crystal in ease.

Immediately when it was cut off, the dragon started to flail and Otonami was shaken off. Otonami shouts as he falls, then, he sees a ruin that was in the distance. Using one of his swords, he inserts wind chakra and stabs it into the ruins and hangs on to it, preventing himself from falling to death.

Otonami looks down, knowing that he was at a safe distance; he gets the sword out and jumps off. He looks behind him and sees the dragon immediately drops down to the ground. Once it dropped to the ground, the floor on the ruins were immediately smashed and smoke was emitted out.

As the smoke cleared, Otonami walks toward where the dragon is and looks at its face. “Merlina, where are you?” Otonami asks as he looks around.

“I’m right behind you…” Merlina mutters as she was holding Otonami’s partly burnt flak jacket. “That was the dragon of Misty Lake, it must’ve went into chaos when our corrupted king is ruling this place. And that dark scale…” Merlina points at the scale that was at the top of the dragon’s head. “This was so that the dark creature could control it, in which you destroyed.”

“So…this king…is making everything worse…” Otonami mutters. “Well, for a rookie, I’m pretty good!” Otonami exclaims. Then, he looks at the dragon’s face again, as he sees closed eyes. “It’s still alive? Right?” Otonami asks Merlina.

“Of course it is, it’s just unconsciousness.” Merlina simply said. Merlina then sees bitterness in Otonami. “Something wrong?” She asks.

“I’m going to kill that possessed thing…” Otonami mutters. “Will everyone be like this?” Otonami asks Merlina as he faces her, continuing to walk on their original path.

“Probably not…” Merlina says. “That dragon must’ve gone berserk when the king was possessed, or that this place is just no fun.” Continuing to follow Otonami. “Let’s go, we have no time to lose…”

“Right…” Otonami mutters and he speeds off through the open field, with Merlina following.

Black Knight vs. Otonami

“We’re almost there.” Merlina said as they turn on a corner. Merlina suddenly felt a reaction, looking up, she feels a presence. Someone’s here… She thought as she saw that nobody was there of whoever she felt.

They went through a huge tree that its roots were as big as an original human. “STOP!” Merlina shouts as they just pass the tree. “One of the swords…it’s inside this tree…” Merlina mutters.

“So…how do we get through it?” Otonami asks. Merlina then motions him to follow him. Nodding, he follows Merlina down through the hills and into the roots in which it was lying out. Otonami was confused of where to go. “I can simply cut–“

“No!” Merlina sternly glares at Otonami. “Don’t…” Merlina mutters and she turns around and starts going throughout the roots. “This tree is a connector. Cutting it means you’re pretty much cutting all the trees in this area.” Merlina says as she motions toward the roots.

“Put your hand in there.” Merlina points at a random point at a root. “Um…why?” Otonami asks as he goes to Merlina. “You see that?” Merlina asks as she motions toward the roots and Otonami looks closer and sees a mark of a hand on it. “Touch it with the palm of your hands.”

Otonami puts out his hand and touches the roots and it fits perfectly. Otonami then looks at Merlina, who was suddenly muttering incantations. “Um…” Merlina immediately interrupts. “This tree accepts a true warrior in which it could defeat an evil king that was corrupted. So…it shall be you, as it was 500 years ago. Although, I’m not surprised as you should have the same hand as the person 500 years ago.” Merlina mutters. “Patefacio ianua thy nemus. proeliator est hic sedo per atrum rex rgis quod ut restituo pacis.”

“500 years ago…who was that person?” Otonami asks. “I don’t get of how he would get the same kind of hand as I do.” Merlina opens her eyes. “I forgot…we’ll check the books later on that.” Her staff suddenly glows, and the roots grew blue as well. “Whoa…” Otonami mutters. The roots suddenly split apart and it made a cave to go through inside the tree. The blue light then suddenly fades, as so did the color on the staff.

“Well…I guess we go in?” Otonami asks. “Yes, we do.” Merlina says as she goes in first through the trees. Otonami then follows. “Whoa…” The sight was fabulous.

Inside the tree, it shows blue crystals all around the insides of the tree, in part of the roots as well. The ground was simple grass and roots. When Otonami looked up, he sees a huge blue crystal shining down on middle in which a sword was placed on a stump of another tree. Beside it, was a chest.

“So…that’s the sword?” Otonami asks Merlina. She nods. Otonami then notices the chest, “Hey, what’s that chest?” Otonami asks, pointing at it. “It’s some kind of glove…I think it’s to make your reflexes faster, your swordplay is faster, and I think it makes the sword less heavier.” Merlina says. “It’s very useful, especially to a beginner like you.”

Otonami rolls his eyes as he walks towards the sword. “Wow…” Otonami mutters as he looks at the gleaming sword. The sword had a yellow hilt with sharp sides that looks like lightning bolts on the edges. The handle of the hilt was gleaming yellow, and had a lightning crest on it. The sword itself was silver and had another lightning crest, but more detailed than the one on the hilt. Otonami then notices something; he sees a star carved into the center of the hilt.

“You’re wondering of the star?” Merlina asks. “I have no idea…” She mutters. Otonami curiously looks at her, and then, remembered of his star crystals. I won’t tell her yet, but, later… Otonami thought. As he takes the scabbard (which was yellow and had rippled lightning patterns) and the sword, Otonami asks Merlina of the name. “It’s Raigia, for lightning.” Merlina replies as she walks outside. “Don’t forget those gloves.” She reminded.

Otonami looks at the gloves helplessly, and takes it. He then follows Merlina outside, and they run to the next destination.

15 Minutes Later

“Well…that’s one good looking sword…” Otonami mutters as he sees the silver sword that was stuck onto the tree stump. “I pull it out, I guess?” Otonami asks as he walks towards it. “Yes…if you’re the one that can kill our possessed king.” Merlina says.

Otonami walks towards the sword, and using his two hands, he grabs the hilt and pulls it easily. “I wonder why nobody took this…” Otonami mutters as he waves around the glittering sword. The hilt had a glittering metal, and five carved stars on the top of the hilt. This time though, it had the crests of all five elements below the carved stars. I see, it’s used for the five Star Crystals…I wonder how though… Otonami wonders. The blade was blue and glittering itself.

“This sword…what is this?” Otonami asks as he still examines it.

“That’s the Kyuusoku sword. To answer your first question, nobody could pull that out. Of course, I think you were able to pull it out because nobody can match your fanatic speed. Second, the person who came to our world was a warrior and could make swords. He defeated our tyrannical king last time as he made these two swords. Since then, he’s put them away, but, I wonder how he’s related to you.” She says quietly.

“Well, it’s one cool sword that looks really helpful.” Otonami looks at the stump again, and the scabbard was there. “Whoa…how did that appear?” Otonami asks. It was sapphire blue, and the carnage had a diamond pattern. Unsurprised, Merlina answers, “Well, the creator for that sword devised a spell for that to happen.”

Otonami, still surprised, takes the scabbard and puts both of them into his belt, with the swords sheathed inside. “All right, what’s our next destination?” Otonami asks as they walk out of the forest.

“We go to Ferasive Castle, as the council there needs your help.” Merlina says quietly. “And by the looks of it, I think you need to go a blacksmith there as well.” Merlina examines the swords. “They look pretty dull.”

“Well, can’t fight with a dull sword. Let’s go to Ferasive then.” Otonami says and then he runs towards the path. “Stupid dark creatures…” Otonami mutters as he sees one beyond him. They’re supposed to come in a group…why only one? Otonami then puts his hand on his sword, “Well, it’s going to be good practice for me!” Otonami shouts.

“Otonami, stop!” Merlina shouts behind her. Otonami doesn’t hear at all, too jumpy for his new swords. The “dark creature” isn’t really one, but, was the black knight himself, and Otonami didn’t even notice. He started to laugh evilly. Come…come… The dark king puts his hand on his huge sword.

“Two Sword Style: Sonic Sl-“ Otonami was immediately interrupted as something pulls him back. Merlina muttered a spell as a long blue rope was attached to Otonami’s back and she pulls him back. “You damn idiot! That’s the king!” She shouts as Otonami lands on the ground next to her. He followed us and saw Otonami take the swords? I guess he was the one who I thought was on that tree…

“Oh, really?” Otonami says as he sees him interrupt them on the path. “Well, we have to advance if we want to defeat him, right?” Otonami asks as he gets up and this time, engages the enemy. “Well, king, seems like you’re here again.” Otonami mutters.

“Heh, it seems like you’re a really careless person.” The king says as his hand was still placed onto his sword. Using his other hand, he snaps his finger, and a dark horse suddenly comes behind him. “I shall see your skill…COME!” The king shouts, as he gets on the horse and starts to run out and then he stops. Then, he suddenly charges at him.

“Look out!” Merlina shouts as she dives for it already. Without realization, Otonami dodges it at the last second. “Jeez, don’t be so jumpy!” Otonami shouts as he pursues the king. Otonami then uses his speed and jumps on the horse.

“Right where I want you…” The king mutters, and with fast motion, he pulls out his huge sword and takes a swipe. Otonami immediately blocks it, but a second swipe comes out of nowhere. What? How did he do that? Otonami thought. At the last second, Otonami blocks it. A third swipe comes up unexpectedly and Otonami blocks it, but when he blocked it, the swords were really close and it hits his face, and is knocked off the horse.

The horse then charges again, but, the king takes two swipes from his swords, and 5 red, dark balls comes out from the sword. “This time…let’s see if you can block this!” The king shouts as he points his sword at Otonami, and the five balls starts to advance towards Otonami and he rushes just as they advance. “Oh crap…” Otonami then does a stance.

“200 Pounds…” Otonami mutters as his blades turn into chakra and the red balls come really close. “…Phoenix Slash!” Otonami shouts as he swings his two swords for two air projectiles and easily cuts through the red balls and goes towards the king. Without hesitation, the king uses his sword and immediately blocks the two air projectiles as if they were nothing.

“What!?” Otonami says, but, the horse was charging towards him, without time to think, Otonami gets hit. Crap…I’ve underestimated him… Otonami thought as he’s flown into the air. Then, the king suddenly goes on top of Otonami points his sword up. Then, the tip of the sword was shining and a purple lightning comes out from it and hits Otonami.

“Gah!” Otonami shouts, as his mouth was bleeding and suddenly couldn’t move. The king then moves out of the way, and Otonami falls into the ground painfully. “What a fool…not even worth slaying…” He says. “You’re a pathetic excuse for a knight.” He says, and with that, he disappears.

Merlina, who was watching, gasps as she runs toward Otonami. “Are you okay!?” She shouts as she sees Otonami. “Ow…” was all he could say. “I can’t move…he says that I’m not worth it? I’ll show him…and I don’t want to be a knight, I just want to be a swordsman.” Otonami mutters as Merlina mutters a spell, and blue light comes out from her staff and Otonami was unparalyzed.

Otonami, wiping the blood from his mouth, sheathes his two swords. “Grr…I’ll show him…I will beat him…” Otonami mutters. Merlina, watching silently, then touches Otonami’s shoulders. “See? You were too weak for him…” Merlina mutters. Then, they walk towards down the path.


“Feh, that boy carries the Raigia and the Kyuusoku sword. He carries the sword that killed my father…well, I possess this strong man now, and I will kill him and break those two swords, in avenge for my father.” The king mutters as his horse gallops towards Avalon Palace. He then evilly laughs as he goes in.

Ferasive Village

“You dumbass…how could you fight him with such poor skills?” Merlina asks. “Shut up…” Otonami mutters as he lies down on a tree. They have been walking for two days, Otonami could simply run, but, from the paralysis from the king, he couldn’t use his speed effectively. “Look…” Otonami mutters and he points his sword up as a dark creature jumps at him from a cliff and he falls right through the sword. “If I have enough training and see this council…” Otonami then takes a swipe with his sword at the dark creatures to his left, and the dead dark creature on his sword was immediately removed from the sword and thrown at the group. “Then I’ll eventually get better.” Otonami mutters as he sees the dark creatures disappear.

Otonami thought he heard Merlina say “Knave”, and abruptly gets up. “I’m not going to be a knight for the last time! I Just want to be a swordsman! A SWORDSMAN! Do you get it!? I’m voluntarily to destroy your dark king and I can easily drop out from that job? Well!?” Otonami shouts as he thrusts Raigia back of him and the dark creature runs right through it and disappears. Otonami then turns around and sees 3 dark creatures holding a club. “Two Sword Style: Sonic Slash.” Otonami mutters.

In blue light, Otonami was right in front of the first dark creature, and takes a huge slash without warning. And then, another blue flash in front of the second dark creature and was sliced without hesitation. The third dark creature had the same result. All three were taken aback, and then, they suddenly disappear. Otonami then walks back to Merlina, “Ow…shouldn’t have used that move…” Otonami mutters as he feels a reaction of pain.

“I’m sorry…” Merlina mutters. Otonami walks through her, and touches her shoulder. “Its fine, many people misunderstand me.” Otonami mutters. “Well, until this paralysis effect wears off, we’re still going to have to walk. And kill dark creatures…” Otonami stabs his sword to the ground and the dark creature that just came out from dark smoke, disappeared again. “…While we’re at it.” Otonami finishes, and walks past Merlina and into the paths.


“The Council of Order is set.” The head says. “We just have to wait for Merlina, she just relayed information that she should be here in the next 4 hours or so.” He says towards the table in which 10 others sat. “While then, we must devise a plan.” All 10 agree and the talking started.

4 Hours Later

Two Sword Style: Dragon Twister!” Otonami shouts as he suddenly twists around and the dark creatures surrounding him were flown into the air and immediately disappears. “Well, is that it?” Otonami asks as he sheathes both of his swords and looks toward the horizon. “Yep…Ferasive Castle.” Merlina mutters.

Merlina turns toward Otonami. “This place is heavily guarded by the king’s men, but, actually, they work for us in secrecy from the king because he’s obviously possessed. So, we’ll pass this place like it was nothing. Other places…just don’t think that they’ll be easy as this.” She says and they walk down the path.

At the front gate, the guards there immediately saw the two. “That’s…” One of them said. “Relay message to the head, we found them.” The other guard said. “Yes sir…” And the guard went out to the front.

As the two approaches, the only guard halted them before they could get to the drawbridge. “Halt! You must reveal identification.” Otonami sternly looks at Merlina and puts his hand on his sword. Merlina then puts out her hand and stops him. “Wait!” She quietly says as the guard was ready to get his spear. “Hey, Alfred, it’s good to see that your safe, you protected the boy, right?” She says and puts down her hood.

“Oh, Merlina. Your safe…and I thought you were dead as you were pursued by the king. Yes, the boy is safe. We have managed to get the letter to you.” He says as they shook hands. “The Council, have they started?” She asked.

“Ah, yes, the Council. They started a long time ago, and they’re planning right now, due to the message from the other rebel town and from you. I think it’s done, with the king stationed so many men here, we can rebel easily with a few knights with us. And…” He was stopped abruptly as he looks at Otonami. “Is…he…the man that will kill the dark spirit?” He asks Merlina.

“Yeah…don’t embarrass him.” Merlina mutters as Otonami started to look away abashed. “Let’s go inside, I think the Council has waited us long enough.” She says as she started to walk through the drawbridge.

“Indeed…” Alfred says and they both walk together, chatting while they go inside. Otonami was left out of the conversation, as he didn’t want to fuss with the two lovebirds. Council, huh…what would they want me to do? Otonami thought as he looks out the sea.

“Well, this is one huge place…” Otonami mutters as he looks around. And I can do training here easily. What a good advantage for those walls and everything else here.Otonami thought as he looks everywhere in the castle.

“Well…here we are!” Alfred points to the main part of the castle. “Go underground, and you can find it on the sixth door to the right. We have a lot of doors, just to confuse the enemy. Anyways, I can’t tag along, so, good luck to you two.” He says, and he motions toward the bottom of the stairs. “The door for the underground is over there, take care.” And with that, he leaves.

Otonami and Merlina waves back and they go down to the castle grounds and into the door. “Well, creepy room with creepy stairs.” Otonami mutters as he looks down. “Oh please…” Merlina mutters and she goes down first, with Otonami following.

What seems like 2 minutes to Otonami, they reach the floor, with lit torches on the wall. “Sixth door on the right, ah…there it is.” Merlina mutters and she enters into the door and the council was in there, with a huge paper on the table. “Ah, you just came in time; we’re done with our plan.” The man in the back says.

“Thank you, head council.” Merlina says, and she and Otonami went to sit on two empty chairs on the table. “Now then, I suppose this is the person that you summoned?” He asks as he looks at Otonami warily. “Yes, he is. He’s quite a good person, just needs more training.” Merlina says. “But, let’s get on with the plan.” The head council nods, and they immediately get to work.

15 Minutes Later

“So…5 knights of the round table are after us?” Otonami asks. “Yes…and for our plan to succeed, you must defeat them.” The head council said. “First, meet the Swordsmith; she has ideas of how to relinquish that dark spirit.” He continued. “After that, use that piece of advice to advance in on the king. Then, we attack. There’s more to the plan, but, that’s your objective of what I say.” The head said.

“All right, so, we’ll meet at the palace that’s so close here?” Otonami asks as he gets up. “Yes…good luck then.” The head says, and they were both excused. Just as they were out of the room and into the dark, damp hall, Otonami forgot one thing. “If you’re wondering of where the Swordsmith is, I know where she is. I’ll accompany you as usual.” She says and they both go up through the dark stairs.

Just as they reach the door, Otonami feels a little excited, until he suddenly sees dark creatures at the streets. “Holy…quick, Merlina, hide!” Otonami mutters as she drags her into a bush and hides there. The dark creatures were looking around and such, wandering around the streets in the castlehold.

“Seems like they’re here for a scouting mission, we must not be seen. And, for the fate of the people here, we might as well put ourselves mysterious with clothes.” Merlina mutters. “Ok…” When the group of dark creatures was gone out of sight, Otonami and Merlina immediately gets out of the bush, and into another building. They waited there until no dark creatures were in sight.

Otonami and Merlina repeated this process until they found a store for clothing. Quickly buying cloaks of different color, Otonami and Merlina went out to the streets with hoods over their heads. Two dark creatures were right in front of them and, past them without hesitation. “Ok…I think this works.” Otonami mutters.

Just as they go towards the entrance, a group of dark creatures stop them, motioning that no one can go out. “Great, they can’t even speak, what do we do?” Otonami asks, as he sees the dark creatures with spears and swords. “Just go through…” Merlina mutters. “These kind of creatures don’t relay a signal, well, hopefully, by the looks of it.”

“Great…” Otonami says, and with that, he takes out both of his swords from his sheathe and starts the killing process. Just as the last of the dark creatures were killed, Otonami sheathes his sword, and they both go out of the castle.

Watching from above on the castle walls was a man in armor who carried a sword that a jagged side, but sharp. “Watch those two…I’m going to get them.” She motioned towards the dark creatures behind her. The knight sighed, as she hated to have dark people under her minions, but, had no choice, as she was supposed to follow the king’s orders. “I, Marissa, lady of the knight table, shall defeat him.” She says, and she disappears.

30 Minutes Later

“Argh, that paralysis is still affecting me…I can’t run well.” Otonami mutters as he tries to use his Kekkei Genkai, but immediately trips from the pain on his spine. “It should wear off by tomorrow.” Merlina says, in a worried voice. “Right now, you can’t battle.” She says, and just as she says it, at least 50 dark creatures appear out of nowhere. “You spoke a little soon…” Otonami mutters and gets his swords out as he starts slicing through the dark creatures.

Merlina, then, starts to aid Otonami, and with her staff, it glows blue and it starts to kill the dark creatures one by one as she started to use spells. While then, Otonami was a killing machine as he slices them one by one. Then, the last 10 were at a line. Otonami smirks, and puts both of his swords behind his right arm. “Two Sword Style: Tiger Trap!” Without warning, a slash was immediately heard, as Otonami was behind the line. Suddenly, all 10 were separated into 3 parts and immediately disappear.

Otonami then starts to breathe rapidly and falls on his knees. “Can’t overexert myself…” Otonami says as he drops the swords. “You must rest!” Merlina shouts. But, suddenly, through the trees, a girl in fiery orange armor comes out and unsheathes her sword and points it sharply at Otonami. “I, Marissa, loyal to King John, have come to challenge you.”

Agh, crap, one of the five knights already… Otonami mutters. “King John, huh…” Otonami then gets up. “Well, you’re one with a big mouth, I’ve got no time with you...” Otonami says and gets up, getting both of his swords. “But…I might as well have a simple warm-up with you.” And he points his blue sword at her. “I’ll accept your challenge, Marissa. As a swordsman courtesy.” Otonami declares.

“No! You must rest! We have to run!” Merlina was immediately interrupted by Marissa. “How dare you insult our king and me…knave. Brace yourself, disgrace of a knight.” She says and she puts herself in a stance. “I’ll insult him as much as I want.” Otonami says and grabs his other sword out.

Marissa vs. Otonami

Marissa first charges as she starts to stab at Otonami. He immediately dodges at it and starts thrusting both of his swords at her. She blocks it, and the two warriors start clashing with each other. She’s pulling the edge a bit…for a girl, she’s pretty good. Otonami then blocks one of her blow, and Otonami uses his other sword to attack, but, Marissa parrying it immediately the one sword that Otonami swipes, and knocks out the sword for an opening to him.

Otonami, immediately using his Kekkei Genkai, goes right behind her in a flash. “I see…you’re not just an ordinary person…” Marissa says as she turns around. “But, with such sloppy swordwork.” She says, pointing at Otonami.

Otonami was breathing heavily, seeing that when he used his speed, he suddenly felt pain. I can’t let this paralysis get me…But, I can’t lose to her. Otonami then puts one sword down, and brings one sword up and starts kneeling a little. Chakra was suddenly flowing out of him. “Otonami! NO! Don’t use much of your swiftness!” Merlina shouts, who was watching at the distance.

“Just shut up!” Otonami shouts. “In order to beat her, I have to use it.” Marissa then throws her sword at the direction in which Merlina shouted. Just as she threw her sword, it turned to fire, and as it cuts through many of the trees, they all burned into the floor. Merlina, who saw the attack coming, immediately ducks as the sword avoids her.

The sword suddenly then comes back like a boomerang, and into Marrisa’s hand. “I’ll kill you later once I’m finished with him.” She says as she points at Otonami.

I see…she has fire powers…“Heh, we’ll just see about that!” Otonami shouts, his sword glows, and then, he suddenly disappears in blue light, and appears right in front of Marissa.

Too fast! Marissa thought as she tries to block it, but, a slash was already made as Otonami takes a slash that was really powerful and blows her back into a tree stump. “Two Sword Style: Sonic Slash.” Otonami mutters. But, suddenly, he was groaning in pain and starts to faint, as his body was swaying around. Blood was coming out from his mouth.

He then suddenly kneels and drops his Raigia. This paralysis, it’s going to kill me… Otonami thought as he stumbles. He then looks up and sees that Marissa wasn’t there anymore on the tree stump. “Where’d she go?” Otonami then started to look around.

“I’m right above you!” She shouts above. Otonami then looks up and sees what was going to happen. Her sword was in flames as she jumps and tries to stab Otonami. Immediately, Otonami dodges, but, as the sword hits the ground, it makes a huge explosion and Otonami was blasted away into a tree. “Otonami!” Merlina shouts from another hiding place.

“Crap, one sword…” Otonami mutters as he holds up his Kyuusoku sword. “I can’t defeat her with just one sword…” He mutters, and now reacted to the pain again from the paralysis and the explosion. More blood started to come out of his mouth. Otonami was on the ground, sprawled hopelessly. Otonami looks at his sword as he holds it up and immediately sees the carved star.

Otonami immediately widened his eyes. That’s it! Otonami then had a flashback.

While walking at Ferasive Castle, Otonami and Merlina were talking. “Another one, huh…” Otonami says as she looks at her when Merlina held out a red star crystal. “Cool, it’s the fire one.” He says as he pockets it in. Merlina then asks, “Why are these stars so important to you?” She asks.

“Oh, these stars?” Otonami asks. “They really help me a lot, as you can see; they have a lot of energy. You see? Each element that I use for these star crystals is what I get. Then, I can use awesome jutsus with these. But, it’d be a waste to just use them right now and show it to you, these crystals can run out of energy pretty fast.” Otonami says.

“So, you use it at emergencies?” Merlina asks. “Pretty much…but, I think I’m going to use at a swor-type battle. Heh, just watch me when I use it!” Otonami smiles and puts a thumbs-up.

Returning to the battlefield, Otonami immediately sees Marissa walking through the flames of the explosion. “I guess now’s the time…Gah!” Otonami excruciates in pain again, and pulls out the red star crystal, and performs five hand seals. It suddenly disappears and Otonami is covered in orangish-red fiery chakra.

“That’s not supposed to scare me.” Marissa exclaims as she brings up her fire sword and brings it down to Otonami and another explosion occurs to where he was. “NO!” Merlina shouts, but immediately stops and watches with surprise. “What? Was that the power he’s using?” Merlina says to herself.

Marissa was standing at the middle of the explosion on where the smoke occurred. “I see…that’s some power you got.” She says. Otonami was standing on a tree that was right behind Marissa, breathing wildly.

This power, is too much, I’m too exhausted to use it… Otonami thought, suddenly, he falls off the tree branch, with the fire star crystal dropping with him too. Marissa was laughing, “How can you fight with such an exhaustion mangled idiot like you? I’m going to finish you!” Marissa rushes towards Otonami with her fire sword again.

Otonami was struggling to try to get up, he holds out his hand to get the fire star crystal. Wincing in pain from the burning effect, he puts into one of the carved stars that originated with fire, and does five hand seals. Marissa immediately holds up her sword, and the fire in her sword was even more concentrated than before. “Otonami! WATCH OUT!” Merlina shouts, but, it was too late, as a bigger explosion succumbed her words to where Otonami was.

Our faith…has died? Merlina was lost as she kneels down into the loss, staring blankly at the smoke from the explosion. But, in the distance, she hears some sword deadlock.

“What the!?” Marissa suddenly says as her sword was stuck and she couldn’t let go. The smoke was clearing, and in the distance, Merlina gasped as she saw of what was happening. Otonami’s sword turned fiery red also, but had a lighter shade to it. The red star crystal was shining and the fire crest upon it was glowing.

“Now…you see that I’m not a weak fool!” Otonami shouts as he blasts her off with the fire sword, and without warning, Otonami comes up right in front of her and kicks her. Marissa was immediately blown away. Marissa, landing on the branch of the tree, now surprised. I’ve underestimated him, I’m going to use my strongest move now. Marissa thought. She then started to stand up, but, she looks up to see Otonami standing at a tree branch. Otonami, putting his sword up and between his face, “Single Sword Style…”

This is much easier to use…but… Otonami started to sway again in pain. I still can’t face this pain… Otonami’s red sword started to shine even more. He then jumps up and charges toward Marissa. “Dragon Blaze!” Otonami shouts, he jumps, and takes a quick and strong swipe.

Marissa immediately gets her sword and takes a swipe as well. “Fire Dwindle!” She shouts. To her surprise, the sword went right through her sword and cuts slash her armor and herself. Otonami lands into a field with tall grasses. Marissa immediately coughs out blood as she got hit, “He slipped through my sword!” She muttered. Then, she had even worse matters to handle, her wound suddenly ignited itself and she was burning from where the flame was.

Oh no! She thought as she saw the blue flame. Using her sword, the flames were suddenly carried and into her sword. “Agh, how dare you…even though I’ve absorbed some power, you still left quite some damage to me.” Marissa said as Otonami swayed again. “But, under that bad condition. I can still use my own signature move against you.” She says, and with that, she stands up and she starts to spin her own sword. “Fire Sword…”

This paralysis…I’m going over the limit…but, if I ever want to help this village, and become a great swordsman. Otonami thought as he was just about to hit the floor, he balances himself. Marissa’s spinning sword suddenly started to erupt into a volcano. “Volcano Burst!” Marissa finishes. Oh no, this heated battle is getting out of control, I have to get out! Merlina thought and she started to run to a safe place. If I ever want to beat Ryuka in swordplay, or to be better than others. Otonami immediately brings his sword up. The volcano then started to erupt more than before.

I must…be…ASTOUNDING! Otonami thought, and with that, ignoring all pain possible as volcanic rocks started to split out. His Kyuusoku sword’s firing blaze was more enflamed and more peculiar. “Single Sword…” Otonami said as the magma started to come out from her blade. “NOW, prepare to DIE!” Marissa shouts.

Otonami suddenly jumps and stays in the air. “Style…” And he brings up his sword. “It’s no use! No one has live to tell the horror of this signature move!” Marissa shouts as more molten rock of great magnitude starts to shoot at Otonami at the air.

Otonami then suddenly do five swipes in the air and five blazing, air compressed projectiles suddenly shoot out of Otonami’s blade. They suddenly turn into meteors and they explode with the molten rock. After the explosion with the molten rocks, 2 of the air compressed projectiles that turn into small-sized meteors hits Marissa and her Fire Sword: Volcano Burst.

Marissa gets hit immediately as the magma that was on the ground suddenly disappears, with the ground left into ashen soil. Damn it! He actually went through my move! She thought. She held on to her spinning blade. She looks up and sees Otonami dropping with his sword held up.

“I’m not going to be defeated by the likes of you!” She shouts and she shoots her last molten rock at Otonami and it straightly hits him with a huge explosion. Marissa, believing he was finished, ended her move, and puts her sword down. Merlina gasps, as she saw that Otonami was blasted from the molten rock. “Heh…it’s finished.” Marissa says, she gets her sword and gets up. “Now, about time to kill that girl.” Marissa looks up, and to her surprise, Otonami went through the explosion, alive.

“WHAT!? NO!” Marissa shouts as she saw Otonami burned, black smoke coming out from his clothes, bleeding from his stomach, and some blood from his head. “Heh, you should never count me out.” Otonami says. And with his blazing sword, he immediately brings it down to where Marissa was. “METEOR SHOWER!” Otonami immediately shouts.

Everything was silent at first, until, a huge 1km diameter explosion occurs and everything within it was diminished. Merlina, who saw it, was dumbfounded. “He…actually defeated one of the knights…” Merlina whispered quietly. From 10km away, at Ferasive Castle, the head council, who was at top of the castle sees the explosion. “My goodness…what was that?” Astounded, he calls up some of his men to investigate the scene.

After 3 minutes, the smoke clears, and it shows a half-alive Otonami still standing and burnt on a huge crater. Beside him, was a clearly smoked, burnt Marissa, who was motionless and on the ground. “Now…you saw my power…I can live to see of what your power was like…I have defeated you…never, call people weak again…” Otonami mutters.

Marissa, who heard, tries to put her head up. “You…you’re not a full knight, you just won by luck…you’ll never be able to defeat our king, he has much better power than this.” She says, trying to say the words.

“I know that…but, who cares…I don’t want to be a stupid knight. Even though, everyone’s calling me that. I just...” Otonami then tries his best to walk out of the crater. “Want to be a GREAT SWORDSMAN!” He says, and with that, Marissa lies down, as she couldn’t move “Damn you…I’ll admit your strong...but you had better die on the other knights.” Otonami – ignoring her – tries to get out of the crater, struggles with his sword, but he falls back into the crater.

Merlina, who was running towards the crater, sees Otonami on the ground. The fire star crystal was still attached to the sword, but, it was completely dark, no light, as it had no energy. Panicking, she immediately picks up Otonami and runs off at the plains and into another forest that’s at the South.

Sometime later, the men that the head council ordered, arrived at the scene in which where the crater. But, to their surprise, nobody was there, not even Marissa. “Tell the head, that we found no one here.” Alfred says. “Also, tell him that a great battle was here also.” He says. With that, half of the group left back to Ferasive Castle. What power…and such strength…We’re going to ask about this later.

Some feet away, Marisa was walking, using her sword like a cane. “Guh…I’ve lost to him…to a person like him…but, he’s such a strong guy. I…should kill myself because I’m not worthy anymore.” She mutters. She then takes her sword, puts it on her neck, and prays before she starts to slit herself. Just as she was going to move her sword, someone immediately stopped her sword to move. She looks up and sees another knight whose red armored hand was on her sword. “Lance…what are you doing here?” She asked. Lance didn’t say anything. “Can’t you see that I’ve been dishonored!?” She shouts at Lance.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him myself. You tried your best anyways, now, just rest…I’ll deal with him soon.” He said. And with that, he starts walking away. “Um…I think he went that way…” Marissa said, pointing to where Merlina ran off. “I know…I’m going to where they’re going and I’m going to wait there.” With that, he leaves.

Deep Woods

“You have got to be kidding me…you almost killed yourself.” Merlina mutters as they were at a small town, inside a house in the Deep Woods. Otonami was still unconsciousness, as a warm cloth was over his head. He was still burned, and bandaged at his chest, in which the molten rock hit him.

After 2 hours, when Merlina was outside the village, just staring out the woods. She decides to go back, to be surprised that Otonami was at the door. “Um, thanks for the food. We’ll be leaving now.” Otonami mutters as he faces the townspeople and closes the door. He turns around, and immediately sees Merlina. “Ok…how long have I been asleep?” Otonami asks. He was already dressed up, with two scabbards on his belt.

“Two days…do you feel any pain now?” Merlina asks. “Actually, no, I think that effect from that paralysis is gone. Well, hopefully. And, I think this wound here on my chest will heal soon.” Otonami says. “Well, since I don’t feel much pain anymore, I guess we can go.” Otonami says, as he goes into the deep forest.

Merlina just stares at him, then, she follows him. “That star…is it still with you?” Merlina asks. “Oh, that?” Otonami asks. He digs into his pocket and pulls out the red star. “You mean this? Yeah, I defeated her with this; it really does have an explosive amount of energy. I can’t believe that I can attach it to this sword.” Otonami mutters.

“So…are you going to use this every time?” Merlina asks. Otonami stops and pauses. A word then comes out from Otonami. “Probably…” Otonami mutters. He then turns around to face Merlina. “By the way, you said we were going to check on some books, right?” Otonami asks. “I just wonder of who made these swords.” Otonami says. “Also, did you have time to give back any star crystals?” Otonami asks.

“What? Oh! I forgot…how about tomorrow? I spent all my time trying to heal you.” Merlina says. I have to get these quickly, so that he can easily win battles… Merlina thought as he walks with Otonami.

While Otonami and Merlina were walking, they confronted none of the dark creatures. “I wonder why nobody is here…” Otonami says as he looks around. “Yes…I wonder…” Merlina mutters as she looks around too. “Feh, I wonder why…” Otonami immediately pulls out his sword, while Merlina takes out her staff. Otonami thrusts his sword at the rocks on his right, while Merlina casts a spell at the ground. From where Otonami thrusted his sword and where Merlina casted her spell, there was a dark wisp immediately as it was just going to go off the wall.

“I think these are guys are just getting horrible by the second.” Otonami mutters as he sheathes his sword. “I agree…well, don’t look yet, there’s more.” Merlina mutters as her staff started to glow light blue. “You’re right, I’ll just use this sword then.” Otonami says, and pulls out his Raigia. He immediately adds electric chakra to this, then, it suddenly glows. “Sonic…” Otonami mutters.

The dark creatures were huge in number, about 70. “Slash!” Otonami shouts. Suddenly, he was gone in a blue flash. Hearing a slash, Otonami kills 3 right dead center of the group. “Come on…” Otonami mutters. Without knowing, the dark creatures suddenly go for Otonami. Merlina uses more of her spells, and hands come out to either trip, smack, or choke the dark creatures.

The dark creatures draw out their sword towards Otonami. Using both of his swords, Otonami dodges them all. “Two Sword Style…” Otonami’s swords were covered in green chakra, and the dark creatures felt like they were going to get blown away. Otonami suddenly turns around once, and with great brutal strength, he blows and knocks out half of the dark creatures. “Hawk Wave!” Otonami shouts as they all disappear in black smoke.

Merlina, sitting quietly, watches as the other half of the dark creatures were being destroyed by Merlina’s spells. Such as, lasers, hands, objects, or electricity. As the last were destroyed, there was one more, who was running away. Without warning, Otonami pursues it, and with no mercy, slits his head. Before the head and body could fall, it immediately disappears in black smoke.

“Well…let’s continue…” Otonami mutters as he walks back to where Merlina was sitting quietly. “Nice battle…70 vs. 2, not a great way to fight.” Merlina mutters. “But then again, we count as 50.” She says.

“Yeah…” Otonami says. The two then walks, until they get to some leaves that started to turn into multiple colors. “Cool colors…” Otonami says as he looks around. “Oh? What’s this?” The trail that he’s currently walking on suddenly splits into two. “Well, there’s a sign there…” Otonami says as he walks up to it. “It says that right goes to the Cauldron, and the left seems to go to Titanic Plains.” Otonami says.

He then turns to Merlina. “Well…which way?” Otonami asks. “The Swordsmith is at the area in which the Cauldron is. Well, close to it, at a lake.” Merlina says. “He knows the weakness of every sword, including yours.” She says quietly. Merlina then goes ahead and turns right, while Otonami blankly looks at her.

“This guy must be pretty good, I guess.” Otonami says as they walk. “Well, of course he is. He’s a master at swordplay.” Merlina says. “Everyone gets the account of information from him of their enemy’s sword, but he’s one mysterious person though.”

“Well…let’s get to him, I hope we’re close by now.” Otonami says. “We are…now duck, Otonami.” Merlina says calmly. Without warning, Otonami immediately ducks as a sword was immediately thrown to him, aiming for his head. It misses, but, the sword comes back in the same direction where it came from. Otonami unsheathes his sword, and immediately stops it with a slash.

To his surprise, the sword didn’t fall, and he was in a deadlock by a throw. No way…how did he do that? Otonami wondered. The sword suddenly slips through him, and makes a cut on his arm. “Gah!” Otonami falls and touches his left arm. That wasn’t an ordinary cut…this guy, he has weapons out of tough steel! He thought. He gets up, immediately ignoring the pain on his left arm to turn around and see his opponent.

The man had black hair and held a thin sword. Otonami looks at him warily, he had a steel armor, a helmet that covered his face, and a scabbard that was huge on his belt with a sword sheathed inside. Wait a minute…another sword? Could he be using two swords like me? Otonami thought as he looks at him. Or is it…that I’m not worthy for him?

“Well…you seem to react fast…” The person said in a menacing voice. “Of course, you couldn’t even cut up my sword. Let alone, you won’t be able to cut me.” He says. He then points his thin sword at Otonami. “This should be easy…you’ll be like an insect to me, knave.” He says. “I, Lance, knights of the table, have challenged you.”

Otonami had an anime sweat brow. “Knave…I just wish everyone would stop calling me that, knights are just too realistic. Swordsman is just a better name.” Otonami says to himself and deeply sighs. “Well…if that’s how it’s going to be, and to go past you, I suggest we must beat you.” Otonami then takes out his Kyuusoku and his Raigia. “Very well, I’ll accept.” Otonami says quietly.

Merlina, who hid behind another tree, began to see that Otonami was outmatched. “Run…you fool, you’re not going to be able to beat him…” Merlina says out loud. “Just shut up!” was the forced reply that Merlina heard from Otonami.

“You said that to me when I versed Marissa, and I beated her, with a crippled wound. And now, with that paralysis gone, I’m going to kick his ass.” Otonami points out. And with that, Otonami crosses both of his swords together, while Merlina was silent.

“We’ll see about that. Brace yourself…Speedy knave.” Lance says as he swipes his thin sword.

Lance vs. Otonami

“How should we start off?” Lance asks as he starts playing around with his sword. “If you can’t last up to this sword, then this should be easy.” Lance then charges.

“Don’t play stupid jokes with me. I just wasn’t ready from your thrown sword, and now, I’ll just have to force to challenge you on!” Otonami exclaims and charges too. “If you’re going to use one sword, I might as well use one too.” Otonami sheathes his Raigia, and pulls out his Kyuusoku.

Suddenly, the two go into a deadlock, sparks flying out eccentrically. What the hell!? This thin sword is overpowering me? Otonami thought. Before he could react, his opponent suddenly blasted out red power from his sword and Otonami was blasted off onto a tree. “Come on…you’re not even worth my time. I’ll just kill you quickly.” Lance says, and with that, he charges at him once again.

“Crap…” Otonami quickly dodges the move. Immediately, just when Lance hits the tree, he immediately cuts through it like paper. After it was cut, it was immediately sliced into half. “What…the hell…” Otonami mutters.

“That’s right, whenever I hit you, I can immediately slice you up.” Lance says and he points his thin sword at Otonami. Otonami gets up, and starts to exchange blows with Lance. Otonami, finding an opening, hits Lance with his sword at his armor. To his surprise, Lance didn’t even flinch, and he puts out both of his arms. “Chaos Blast!” He shouts. Red aura suddenly came out from his body and it blew away Otonami. “You haven’t even pushed me one bit. This armor can take many of your hits and it won’t even get much of a dent. Toying you around for a bit can be fun for me not to waste time.” Lance says.

“Feh…fine…toy me around then…” Otonami says as he gets up. “If you can…” He unsheathes his other sword and puts them over his head. “I’ll just depend on my sword…” Otonami says. “200 Pounds: Phoenix Slash!” Otonami shouts and he suddenly swings his sword with enough force to make two air compressed projectiles.

“What!?” Lance immediately swings his sword on the first projectile and deflects it, but couldn’t react to dodge the second one and gets hit in the center. Impacted by it, he immediately gets blown off and hits the ground.

“How’s that?!” Otonami shouts. To his surprise, Lance came back up without even showing any signs of pain. “Thanks for the impact; unfortunately, you can’t even make a dent on this armor.” Lance says, punching his own armor. “This is tough steel armor that I’m wearing, in which no one can cut through.”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that…” Otonami immediately crosses his two swords together, pointing at lance. “Two Sword Style...” Otonami mutters as he looks down and closes his eyes. Lance, immediately unsheathing his main sword, defends. “Chaos Shield.” Lance mutters.

Needles Barrage!” Otonami shouts as he blasts right through Lance. Just as Otonami hit Lance, a shield in front of Lance suddenly appears as in the middle was where Otonami impacted the shield, and it immediately disappears. Then, the shield appeared once again as more multiple small hits suddenly came and started to reflect off the red, bright shield.

“What…I can’t hit him…” Otonami mutters as he was behind Lance. “You can’t just hit me with a simple move like that.” Lance turns around as he sheathes his main sword and pointing his thin sword at Otonami. “Something like that will take forever to break through.” Then, he jumps, his thin sword suddenly turning red.

“Grr…” Otonami immediately jumps and both of his swords suddenly glow. “Two Sword Style…” Otonami mutters. His swords started to even glow more than before.

“You won’t be able to hit me…now! Chaos Slice!” Lance shouts as he holds up his sword. Lance glances at Otonami. “One hit from this, and you’ll die like some feather.” He shouts. Otonami smirks, and suddenly, he disappears in a blue flash and suddenly appears in front of Lance. “PERFECT Sonic SLASH!” Otonami shouts, and with unimaginable force, Otonami does two slashes at Lancelot.

The results were spontaneous, the Two Sword Style: Sonic Slash would have a blue slash, but, instead, the slash was a huge red. Lance’s thin sword immediately breaks, and in the air, he was smashed down into the floor. Otonami, breathing wildly, lands on the ground, but tumbles, and falls. “That…was too much energy.” Otonami quietly said.

He turns around, and was surprised to see that Lance was still up and standing from the hole made at the ground. Blood was coming from his mouth; there were two long, faint dents to Lance’s armor. “That’s not enough…although, it did quite a blow at me.” Lance quietly says. With that, he pulls out his main sword. “Now…I’m going to use my sword, Chaos, against you.”

Suddenly, Chaos turned glowing red, but this time, it was all around the huge sword. Chaos had a hilt like Otonami’s Kyuusoku sword, except, it was like any other hilt. The sword was curved a little at the end, and it had jagged sides on the inward. But, in the outward, it was a blade. None of the sides are dull…darn it… Otonami thought. I can’t move…that move, it exhausted my energy…

Lance was rushing at Otonami, raising his sword. Otonami crawled at the tree, blocks it with his two swords. To Otonami’s surprise, his chest got cut deeply, and the tree behind him got cut. “Chaos…” Lance mutters, while Otonami was still at a deadlock. “Deadlock Blast.” Otonami was immediately blasted off from his position and went through three trees and stopped at the fourth one.

“OTONAMI!” Merlina shouts as she saw him. Come on…use your star crystals, they’re your only hope! Merlina thought.

Otonami, intensely bleeding, was lying down, stomach on the floor. “Gah! This wound…I can't use my star crystals...they've been completely worn out!” Otonami thought back of when he got hit by Marissa’s attack and he was directly hit in the stomach. Otonami coughed out blood immediately. Lance was walking towards him, and Otonami knew. I won’t show my back…I can’t…

Otonami turns around and sees that Lance was right in front of him, holding Chaos in the air with his right hand, glowing red. “You know…that’s an oak tree behind you…and I’m going to do a move that will devastate you.” Lance quietly says. Otonami, wide-eyed, was trembling. “Now…Chaos Destruction!” Lance shouts. With that, Lance takes a swipe at Otonami. In an instant, blood rained heavily out of Otonami.

Otonami, immediately hit, was taken back, and behind him, the oak tree immediately broke into multiple pieces and they were falling on him. Otonami closing his eyes, coughing out more blood, opens his eyes more widely as the oak trees began to fall on him.

“NOOOOOOO!” Merlina shouts. There’s no way that Otonami can survive all that! The impact that he took, a man like him cannot survive that...He should’ve ran…we’ve lost all hope. Merlina thought, and she looks down.

“With him gone…I’m now going to kill that witch.” Lance says as he walks away from the destruction of the tree oak. As all parts of the tree oak were in the ground, Lance immediately stops as he heard a crash behind him. Wait…how did he… Lance thought as he turns around.

From the pieces of the tree oak, and on the ground, standing sideways from Lance was Otonami (who pushed a huge piece to stand up), breathing wildly. On his flak jacket, blood was splattered everywhere. Otonami’s Konoha headband was now on his head. “Grr…what the hell are you?” Lance clenches his teeth. “I hit you with enough force to kill you, how are you still standing!?” Lance shouts.

“…’cause…I’m helping the kingdom by destroying your pathetic king…but…I know how to defeat you know…” Otonami raises his Kyuusoku sword at him. Lance, angry, tightens the grip on Chaos and Chaos even shone more red. “How dare you insult our king, I will now seriously kill you, and the move I’m going to do will do the job. Also, I don’t think that one sword can help you defend of what I’m going to bring to you.”

“Feh…that’s fine, I won’t need to defend.” Otonami mutters and he turns toward Lance. Immediately, he gets his scabbard out of his belt and immediately sheathes his sword. “Then you’re ready to die…now, Chaos Explosion!” Lance shouts. Chaos immediately glowed a lot redder until the sword itself wasn’t seen. Merlina, watching, was shocked. Please…don’t push yourself…you’re going to die… Merlina thought, pleading.

“Single Sword Style…” Otonami quietly says as he puts his scabbard over his left side and puts his left hand on the scabbard. I can hear it…the motion and breathing…I can hear it…I can see it…the weakness…I can see it…and now…I’m going to cut THROUGH his steel armor.Lion’s STRENGTH!” Lance now rushes at him with a yell. “DIIIEEEEEE!” He shouts.

It was if as nothing had happened, a sword slash was heard, Lance immediately stops, as Otonami was immediately behind him. What’s happening…I’ve stopped…I’m falling…Lance thought. Otonami was still standing and holding out his sword, and kneels Gah…he hit me somehow...but...I won either way... Otonami thought, and he coughed out blood once again.

Otonami then sheathes his sword, and blood immediately spurted out of Lance in a vertical way. Lance drops Chaos and puts both of his hands on his wound. I don’t believe it…he manages to cut through my steel armor… Lance thought as he started to fall. “What the hell? How did you…” Lance asks.

“I don’t know…but, I have to thank you for a good fight. You gave me one strong move.” Otonami says. “The move I just did…I payed attention to your direct motion, and your breathing, your position, and most of all, I found your weakness.” Lance, coughed out blood, started to faint. “I accept my defeat…but…you’ll still never be able to beat King John…” And with that, Lance drops to the floor and lays unconsciousness.

Otonami, after when Lance drops, lays unconsciousness too. Merlina, rushing towards him gaped at Otonami’s wounds. “They’re too severe…he’s going to die soon…” Merlina says quietly. “I have to heal them…” She says, and she starts to say some incantation.

A footstep was heard behind Merlina. Immediately, Merlina looks behind her and sees a girl who was a few years older than Merlina. “You…you’ve got to tell me of what’s going on.” The girl didn’t even answer, instead, she went to Otonami, and carried her. “First, let’s treat this kid.” She says, and she starts to walk on the direction in which Merlina and Otonami were supposed to walk on. Merlina, decisively, follows her.


Katelyn’s Place

“This boy definitely overexerted himself; he’s going to rest for a pretty long time.”

“Well, it’s not my fault that he overexerted himself, he did defeated one of the knights.”

“Feh, and he was going to die if it wasn’t for me.”

“Sigh…tell me about his wounds.”

“Well…he sure took a beating on his chest with internal bleeding, and he took a pounding on his stomach that caused internal bruising. I managed to fix all that, he’s patched up right now.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”

“By the way, you did watch the battle. Tell me about it, also, tell me about him.”

“Fine, in exchange, tell me about King John and the possession of the dark spirit from Tokiyume.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t think you guys are worth it…”

The voices then trailed off.

<Bold>24 Hours Later<Bold>

Inside a room, in which legendary swords was clustered everywhere, there was a white bed in which Otonami was sleeping on. Beside the bed was a table, in which there were scrolls and Otonami’s two swords. Otonami’s eyes suddenly shift open, and the first image he sees was a rock ceiling.

“Where am I?” Otonami wondered as he started to look around. He looks at himself and saw that he was patched up in which Lance hit him. He was wearing white, basic clothing, but still the same pants. Then, he looks to his stomach to see the hit in which Marissa had hit him, but, the injury was gone, and in place of it was a circled scar. “Great…now I have more scars on me.” Otonami mutters as he lies down.

Just as he lies down, he just noticed that an unfamiliar girl was right behind him. “What the!?” Surprised, Otonami immediately gets up and instantaneously felt pain. “Calm down…if you think me sneaking up behind you is just scary, well, you’re going to get used to it.” She says in a sweet tone as she stands up and walks to the table where Otonami’s swords were.

The girl wore original yellow shirt, blue gloves on both of her hands, and dark blue pants that were tight.

“Hey, don’t touch those, they’re mine.” Otonami says as she saw him go towards Otonami’s swords. “Oh, don’t worry; I’m going to break them.” She said in an acerbic tone. She picks up both of the swords and throws them to Otonami. “Well…chosen knight, you had a long way to get here.” She says.

“I don’t want to be a knight, that’s the first thing…second, where are my clothes?” Otonami asks as he looks around. “Let’s see, they were devastated, your flak jacket. I’m afraid you’re going to have wear another shirt.” She says. “And, what do you mean that you don’t want to be a knight?”

“I just want to be a swordsman; knight is just way too in the past.” Otonami says, as he puts the scabbard and his swords into his belt. Then, Otonami just remembered. “Hey, where’s Merlina?” Otonami asks.

“Her? She went out into the lake.” She replied as she sat on a chair and went up to a stool in which it held a white sword. Grabbing, she started to twirl around it. “Where am I? And who are you?” Otonami asks as he sees a window on his left.

“Oh, you’re at my place, the place that has been redeemed by many men and such. And me? My name’s Katelyn, and I’m the Wizard of the Lake, or, Swordplay Master. Of course, I’m a girl, and many people do underestimate me.” Katelyn said as she twirls it around.

“Wait…you’re the one?” Otonami said. He sighs and lies back down on the bed. “Tell me, what happened to King John. I heard you’re the one who gave the sword to him.” Otonami mutters.

“Yes…I did…” Katelyn says as she kept on playing around with the sword. “When I made Tokiyume, which is pretty big, it was supposed to fit for a king. Without me realizing, I remembered that a dark spirit crawled in and went into the sword. Then, when King John picked it up, the dark spirit was still inside and I never knew of it. He left with the sword, and, that’s when I realized that King John was being tyrannical, and I knew that the dark spirit had to do something with it.” Katelyn looks out the window.

She then sighs. “Because of it, nobody wanted my swords anymore, and nobody even bothered coming to my place. Everyone just hates me.” Katelyn closes her eyes. “Well…that dark spirit, I guess you would want to know of its history.”

Otonami warily looks at her. “Yeah…I guess…” Otonami mutters.

“This dark spirit has possessive abilities and can possess people with weak minds. I never knew that our king would have a weak mind, even though he’s a strong person. A person like you probably won’t get possessed, but, once the dark spirit goes into your body, he tries to take control first through your mind, then, he spreads out through your body and that’s when he can control your movements and uses his mind other than yours. While you’re possessed, you try to fight for your mind. Now, if you give up, you watch miserably of what the dark spirit will do with your body as you watch it through your mind. Katelyn explains.

“I remember the dark spirit tried to possess me, but, he didn’t go far. When he entered into my mind, I managed to cut him up and force him to escape. But, it’s kind of scary when you battle the dark spirit. The spirit itself has a sword that’s hard to get through. Through your mind, you can get your sword from the real world and battle him. These dark spirits can live to at least 1000 years, but, they may die easily, as that dark spirit is probably the last of his kind.” Katelyn says. “After the attempts that the bastard tried to do, he hid away, and I thought he was gone after giving up. But, after making Tokiyume, it seems like he went in.”

“Well, you got a refreshment of information. Unfortunately, I don’t want to say much to you ‘cause I can’t really trust you.” She says. “You may have defeated 2 of the 5 important knights to the king, but, you may betray any minute. So, to gain your trust, your either going to battle me or you do a test. If you’re going to battle me, which is going to be tomorrow because of your injury, and you lose, then you’ll have to do the test, in which I’ll fill in later.” Katelyn says as she walks away.

“I’ll hear your decision tomorrow.” She says, and with that, she opens the door and closes it. Otonami was going to say something, but, she keeps on saying something that interrupts him. Hopeless, Otonami lies down on his bed, and sleep took over.

The next day, Otonami opens his eyes once again to see bright sunlight in front of him. He also sees Merlina right in front of him. She was in different clothing; she had a black shirt, a purple jacket that was unzipped with a hood, and a purple bell-bottom that reached to her knee. “Good morning…” Merlina quietly says.

“Hi…I just met Katelyn…like, yesterday…I think.” Otonami said as he lies on his pillow. He didn’t feel any pain on his chest anymore, but, the patches were still there. Otonami looked at Merlina, she looked unsurprised. “You already know from Katelyn, that I have to fight her or take a test from her.” Otonami says.

“Yes…I already know.” Merlina quietly says. “What’s your answer?”

Otonami pauses and looks at the window. “Well, she’s a girl and I really don’t want to be disgraced, but then again, she’s pretty powerful…” Otonami mutters. He could see that Merlina was looking down. “I’m going to fight her…” Otonami declares.

“Well…you had better get ready, Katelyn’s already outside.” Merlina says. She gets up from her chair, but went up to her desk; she puts out her hand into the desk and she opens the door. “Good luck…” She quietly says, and she closes the door.

“What’s up with her…?” Otonami quietly says. He looks at the desk and saw a blue star. “Well, she got the water star crystal, now, the final one I need is the earth star crystal.” He says. Otonami immediately gets up, and sees on the table, a blue waistcoat. “Well, at least someone knows my color.” Otonami said. A long-sleeve black shirt was with the waistcoat and dark green pants.

Otonami, pleased of the clothing, decides to put it on. “This looks like from the ninja world…I wonder of how she got this…” A closer look at the blue waistcoat is that it had a Konoha ninja symbol on the right side of the vest. “Well…she probably saw my symbol, copied it and sewed it on…” Otonami looks at the table again and sees his own forehead protector with Konoha. But, it was a headband.

“Well, I can use this later…” Otonami mutters. He wraps the headband and ties it onto his arm. Otonami looks at himself on a mirror. “Heh…I think this looks better now.” Otonami says. Quickly grabbing his two swords, he goes outside.

Otonami vs. Katelyn

When Otonami got out of his room, he saw Katelyn’s house for the first time. There were a lot of tools, such as hammers, pliers, axes, and many swords. The floor was wooden. Where he was standing, there was a table of food and behind him was like a small kitchen. In front of him, there seem to be a drop for the floor of about 3 feet. To Otonami’s right, there was another door that connected to a door down on the floor. Otonami decides to jump off the floor and rush outside.

When Otonami immediately gets outside, he sees Merlina and Katelyn outside of the shore. From his surroundings, he sees a short bridge that’s over the water that leads to Katelyn’s house behind him. The lake itself, was clear and blue.

“So then…I guess I’ll verse you.” Otonami declares as he gets his two swords from his scabbard. “I think you would say that.” Katelyn replied as she unsheathed her golden yellow sword. “Let’s give it a shot, shall we?” She asks as she points at her.

“So…what sword is that?” Otonami asks as he was surprised to see a superlative sword like his. “It’s Sotto, that’s my sword name.” Katelyn replied. “Well…bring it all you can, don’t step just because I’m a girl.” Katelyn says as she takes a swipe of her sword.

“Alright, fine!” Otonami says as he brings his swords up and puts it in a stance. “While in my sleep, I’ve thought of a new move against you.” He says and he brings his two swords up above his head. “200 Pounds…”

“Heh, we’ll see how good it is.” Katelyn says. That move… She thought, she then puts her left hand on the blade and her right hand on her hilt. “Sotto…” She quietly says, and her sword glows.

Phoenix Slash!” Otonami shouts and slashes with his sword violently. “200 Pound Cannon!” Katelyn shouts as she does a huge slash as well. Two blue air compressed projectiles started to rush at Katelyn. But, Katelyn’s swipe also did an air compressed projectile that’s at least double the size of Otonami’s.

“What the!?” Otonami was surprised that Katelyn had the same move as him, and it was stronger to his surprise. Katelyn’s air compressed projectile easily went through Otonami’s, and it started to rush towards him. Oh crap… Otonami thought and immediately dodges.

“Behind you…” Katelyn’s sweet tone said behind Otonami, raising her sword for a swipe. Fast! Otonami thought and he puts his Raigia behind him and he immediately dodges the swipe in time.

Otonami then twists around with his other sword to challenge Katelyn’s Sotto and they were both in a deadlock. “You know an air compressed projectile move too?” Otonami asks as they were in the deadlock.

“You seemed surprised, heh, which means you barely versed any strong people.” Katelyn says as does a back flip and goes where Merlina is. Merlina, who wasn’t surprised, watched with her eyes closed. He’s going to lose… Merlina thought.

“Feh…fine…” Otonami mutters. Both of Otonami’s swords were suddenly crackling of lightning and were glowing at the same time. “Two Sword Style…” Katelyn, staring of what Otonami was going to do, immediately analyzes of what he’s going to do. At the same time, Katelyn starts to spin with her sword as it started to glow as well. “Sotto…Occlusion”

Sonic Slash!” Otonami shouts, and was immediately right in front of her and takes a quick slash. But, to Otonami’s surprise, his slash suddenly stopped and he was in another deadlock with Katelyn. No way…she blocked it without even reacting.

“Hopefully that wasn’t your new move…” She says as she was barely struggling with the deadlock. Suddenly, her sword even glowed more and suddenly, she was right behind Otonami. She slipped through my sword, and cuts me… Otonami thought as he kneels and felt some blood on his right side.

“That wasn’t my new move…but, you’re really starting to get me mad…” Otonami mutters and he sheathes both of his swords. He then stands up and turns around, at the same time, he does three hand seals.

Hand Seals…that move with those three specific hand seals… Katelyn thought. Her sword suddenly electrified of huge intensity that the sword itself couldn’t be seen.

Otonami then puts his left hand on his right wrist and his right hand down. “Lightning Blade!” Otonami shouts and a ball of condensed chakra came out of Otonami’s right hand. “I’m not going to be afraid of that…and I’ll defeat you!” Otonami shouts.

What…w-w-what is that? Merlina thought as she heard crackles of lightning and opened her eyes to see Otonami’s Lightning Blade. What kind of power is this?<Italic> Merlina thought. And where did he get that from?

Without warning, Otonami went in implausible speed and was right up in front of Katelyn in a matter of tenth-seconds. Then, he thrusts the Lightning Blade at Katelyn. A loud sword clash and more loud chirps was heard as Otonami thrusted it and a flash of light for a second.

Otonami, wide-opened, couldn’t believe of what he was seeing. His Lightning Blade was still active but was immediately halted and Otonami couldn’t move his hand to stop his own move. The Lightning Blade was stopped by Katelyn’s Sotto. And to add his worst own case, Katelyn spreaded small sparks from her sword through Otonami’s body. That’s why I can’t move? Damn it!

“That’s a nice move…although, it won’t stand up to me.” Katelyn quietly says. Immediately, Katelyn uses more sparks and blasts Otonami off, canceling his Lightning Blade.

“Well, I should expect that from her…” Merlina mutters. But…that move… Merlina thought. Katelyn points Sotto at Otonami. Wow…you actually know that move… She thought.

“Guh…fine…I’ll use my new move against you…” Otonami thought. He closes his eyes, chakra suddenly surging out of him, smoke was emitting out of him, and his body was red. “Revolution Second.” Otonami mutters. What…is he doing? Merlina thought. If he has that much power, then, there’s have to be more moves that are way above him…

He’s using one of the Eight Chakra Gates. But…smoke…> Katelyn thought. That shouldn’t worry me though. Katelyn then puts sheathes her sword and puts the scabbard behind her and opens it a little. “Sotto: Beam.” She whispers. The sword suddenly turns blue and really light.

Otonami points his two swords at Katelyn. “This move…it uses half of my energy, for of how much I have left, it may depend of how long this can last.” Otonami then puts both of his swords behind him. “Two Sword Style: Rocket Blast.”

“Sotto: Agony.” She whispers once again. The sword itself was still a beam, but, it suddenly turns red. Katelyn then closes her eyes, as she hears steam emitting out of Otonami. extremus poena of ireful effor. Ut vos perdo quispiam, vos sentio agon. Is permoveo mos perago off agonizing populus of quisnam EGO visio , quod ut quisnam I’m usura obviam iam She thought in a humming tone.

Otonami suddenly appears right in front of him using his swiftness, but it was much faster than usual, and Katelyn has already apprehended it. I’ve got you… Katelyn thought. She then unsheathes quickly, while Otonami takes two huge swipes.

After a split second, Katelyn was right behind Otonami while two huge explosions blast of where Otonami swipes. Katelyn, looking down, turns around and waits for the smoke to clear. As the smoke clears, Otonami was down, flat on the floor, and blood was splattered on his arm. What the hell happened? She hit my arm…but, she did something else. It’s as if…it’s as if that my own agonizing pain was suddenly relinquished into my body and I just fell down in distress. Otonami was still trembling as memories of his father came back and started to agonize even more. Just as he felt his emotions, he groaned even more in pain. Otonami then started to feel that his Revolution Second was fading.

Otonami could hear Katelyn walking up to him. “So…you have been defeated, Otonami.” Katelyn quietly says. “But, your bleeding like hell because of your usage of Revolution Second.” She goes up to him and carries him. “You may have put up a good fight, but, I’m sorry for saying this, you’re too weak…so, I’m going to have to give you that test.” Katelyn says as they go in the house.

Merlina was still outside, not surprised that Otonami lost. There’s a reason of why it’s so rare that Katelyn can be beaten. She has an I.Q. of over 175, and can test people’s ability. Now, she can immediately know of her opponent’s emotions by either taunting, or simply talking. Then, she can change her own weapon into any type of weapon of what she wishes. Then, she uses the emotion that his opponent is currently having, and, immediately cuts them with it. But, first, she must mutter some incantation to talk to her Sotto. That Sotto is a type of sword that spreads the emotion with pain, freezing, it depends on what it is. It seems like Otonami was in agony at the time, so, he must’ve felt a lot of pain. The fight was clear from the start, Katelyn really is a master swordsman. Merlina thought. She then sighs. I felt nervous, I knew that Otonami was going to lose. Of course, if he used his star crystals, it would’ve been different. But, I know he can’t rely that all the time.

Muttering a spell, Merlina puts down her staff and it starts to glow. On the ground in which Merlina placed her staff, it started to shine light blue and there were symbols on it of the five elements. Four of them were slotted in, while the fifth one still was blank and it was the earth. Putting out both of her hands, she started to say an incantation. “erra Deus, addo mihi orbis terrarum astrum crystal.”

Just as she said it, the earth star crystal suddenly came from the blue slot that was from the staff and it shined in the air. Merlina then holds it with her hand. The fifth slot was placed in and the elements shined on their own color on the ground and the blue light immediately disappears. “Now…all the star crystals are here. I wonder of what they’ll do…” Merlina says as she walks into Katelyn’s house.

Titanic Plains


Just as Otonami was patched up in his right leg and arm, he was looking out the window. “The world is really big…” Otonami muttered to himself. “Ha. Right you are.” Katelyn replied as she was patching up Otonami’s right arm, and tugs at it. Otonami winced at the pain. “So, how did you get this clothing?” Otonami asks as he points at his waistcoat.

“I obviously sewed it and made it.” Katelyn replies as she started to add medicine on his right leg. Although, there was a little uncertainty on her voice, but, Otonami didn’t seem to detect it. “So…what kind of test are you going to give me?”

“You’ll find out when I get this right leg done.” Katelyn says as she adds more ointment, and then gets the patching from a box on her right. “So…your sword tampers on feelings…” Otonami mutters. “That’s right. I can sense people’s feelings, and the feelings that they conjure up kills themselves.” She says and starts to roll around Otonami’s right leg. “Of course, the agony that you had faced would kill you if it wasn’t for your Revolution Second and your high stamina, although, you lose more blood.” She mutters and tugs at Otonami’s right leg for his patch.

Otonami winces at the pain again. “So…what’s the test?” Otonami asks. Katelyn stands up and goes out the room. “Well…that’s a nice way to ignore…” Otonami mutters as he looks up again. After 15 minutes, Katelyn comes back in with a scroll, and a brown star crystal. “Hey…that scroll…and that’s mine.” Otonami mutters as he starts to reach for the crystal. Katelyn lets him have it, while she gives the scroll to him as well.

Otonami opens it and sees encrypted words. “What…um…translation?” Otonami asks as he looks at the strange letter patterns. “Well, I’m an architect, a sword-type master, and a medical doctor. You’re…well, a ninja, medical, and swordsman.” She says. Otonami heard a little glint that she was going to say “assassin”, but ignores it, as many people call him yet by his power, especially Kie .

Katelyn snatches the scroll from Otonami, and opens it. “Ok…well, I’ll tell the scroll later, but, first, you’re going to have to defeat 2 more knights of the five. Since you have defeated two of them, much harder people will come. Second, you have to free the citizens that are trapped within the dragon’s cave. I don’t know of how, but, you’re going to have to do it without disrupting the dragon. Then, when it’s clear, then you kill the dragon that’s within the cave. Here’s the scroll in which I translated all of them. Since it’s very descriptive, I might as well make it from long to short. See, you’ll have to draw the contract of blood from them of their elements because the last three people of the knights use elements. Getting their blood and drawing them on the scroll will make a seal of something. Then, you use something, I don’t care what, of the dragon and write the kanji for “dragon”, which is “龙”. Get it?” She explains.

“I guess…” Otonami says. Great, this test will take longer than usual. Otonami thought. “So, we’ll go now?” Otonami asks as he grabs his three swords.

“Well, of course, but, the scroll has a limit. Once you inscribe your name in blood, in which you have to do it now, you have 120 hours to complete. Until you get the dragon’s mark, the scroll itself will be sealed and you pass the test. Now, you’re wondering of the secrets of this scroll, well, it seems like you don’t need it since I need the new weapon for my Sotto.” Katelyn replies as she gives Otonami the scroll again. “When you are ready, come outside.” With that, Katelyn opens the door and leaves the room.

Otonami sighs deeply. She obviously already told Merlina about this… Otonami thought. 5 days…I can do it in four. Of course, I have to defeat the knights first. This…in fact can give me time to help the council plan its attack. Then, I have to slay this stupid dragon. I can finally pass this stupid test and she’ll give me the key to destroy the spirit. Otonami sighs again, and gets up from his bed. When he stretches out, he looks to his right and sees the box.

“Hmm…it seems that she gets all her stuff from that box…” Otonami mumbles to himself. I wonder… Otonami stands up and goes to the box and opens it. He wasn’t surprise, it was full of medicines and ointments. Where did she get all this stuff? Otonami then saw something out of the ordinary. He saw blue and yellow ninja clothing. What the… Otonami drives through the medical stuff and sees original ninja clothing that were fit for a girl. To add to his startling discovery, he found two headband protectors, the sound and the leaf.

“Oh boy…” Otonami mutters. What the hell is going on? She’s younger than me…yet, she has this? Otonami closes the box, carefully putting the medical stuff back in to where they were supposed to be. She couldn’t be the girl that disappeared in Konoha when she was 13…well, she was Jonin at the time. Otonami just shook his head and couldn’t believe it. There’s going to be a lot of questions when I come back here. Otonami was still in thinking as he opens the door to out of the room. Still, in deep-minded, he was still bothered by the fact that the girl came from their own village…or was it the other way around? I’m going to have to hold this when I get back.

Just as he was outside, Katelyn and Merlina were talking quietly on a rock. Just as they saw Otonami, they immediately stopped. “So, you ready?” Merlina asks as she stands up. Katelyn remained sitting on the rock. “Yes…” Otonami quietly says as he gets his pack, tools, and his swords. Katelyn looks down and mutters something that Otonami couldn’t hear.

“We should get going; I’ve already inscribed my name in this scroll.” Otonami holds it up and then puts it back in his pocket. Merlina nods and Katelyn finally gets up and was ready to go to the bridge. Just when she walks past Otonami, he whispers into her ear, “I have a lot of questions for you when I come back either failed, or succeeding.”

Katelyn hears of what Otonami said loud and clear, and she continued walking. “Great…you know me now…” She mutters and she goes inside the house. You had better pass, fool. She thought just as she closes the door.

== Grant vs. Otonami ==

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