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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Current | Child
Xiu Prof
Kanji 秀美
Romaji Xiù-Měi
Title(s) The Immovable Object (不動の物体, Fudō no Buttai)
Sixth Kazekage (六代目風影, Rokudaime Kazekage)
Birthday Astrological Sign Aries April 1st
Age 38
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Voice Actor
Professional Status
Affiliation Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure
Profession Kazekage Symbol Kazekage
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Rank Kage
Classification Sensor-nin
Ninja Registration SHO-401
Academy Graduation 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
First Appearance
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Magnet Magnet Release
Nature Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Jutsu Atomic Metal
Atomic Metal: Conversion Factor - Dōkan Dust
Atomic Metal: Conversion Factor - Galvorn Particles
Body Flicker Technique
Dōkan Dust: Successive Shots Drizzle
Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Earth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Golem Technique
Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Lode Pillar Spears
Earth Release: Lodestone Effect
Earth Release: Lodestone Armor
Earth Release: Lodestone Fissure
Earth Release: Lodestone Floor
Earth Release: Lodestone Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Earth Release: Lodestone Wall
Earth Release: Lode-Style Rampart
Earth Release: Lode-Style Wall
Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
Earth Release: Multiple Lode-Style Wall
Earth Release: Tearing Lode Turning Palm
Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique
Enclosing Technique
Flight Technique
Flying Swallow
Galvorn Particles: Binding Sarcophagus
Galvorn Particles: Giant Senbon
Galvorn Particles: Hail
Galvorn Particles: Modulator Rods
Galvorn Particles: Needle-Head Senbon
Galvorn Particles: Quicksand Waterfall Flow
Galvorn Particles: Wire
Hiding in the Iron Sand
Iron Sand: Armor
Iron Sand: Binding Coffin
Iron Sand: Clone
Iron Sand: Clone Explosion
Iron Sand: Drizzle
Iron Sand: Electromagnetic Arena
Iron Sand: Electromagnetic Suspension
Iron Sand: Gathering Assault
Iron Sand: Senbon
Iron Sand: Shuriken
Iron Sand: Wall
Iron Sand: Waterfall Funeral
Iron Sand: World Method
Lightning Boundary Field
Lightning Boundary Field: Three-Point Pyramid
Lightning Boundary Field: Four-Point Pyramid
Lightning Flash Sand Creation: Devouring Sand Wave
Lightning Release: Charged Staff
Lightning Release: Genjutsu Dissipation
Lightning Release: Lightning Strike Armor
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Shield of Itami
Shield of Itami: Absolute Defense
Shield of Itami: Armor of Galvorn
Shield of Itami: Canopy Bunker
Shield of Itami: Ultimately Hard
Silent Killing
Stone-Style Shurikenjutsu
Stone-Style Shurikenjutsu: Dodo Sage Flower Nail Viridian
Stone-Style Shurikenjutsu: Weight Conduction
Stone-Style Shurikenjutsu: Weight Control
Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Summoning Seal: Lightning Flash Sand Creation
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Ultimately Hard Absolute Defense: Shield of Itami
Unsealing Technique
Weighted Bojutsu
Weighted Bojutsu: Jab
Weighted Bojutsu: Twirl
Wind Release: Cast Net
Wind Release: Grand Sickle Dodo Technique
Wind Release: Great Cast Net
Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon
Wind Release: Sickle Dodo Technique
Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique
Weapons Bladed Tessen
Bronze Staff
Dōkan Dust
Galvorn Particles
Giant Tessen
Fūma Shuriken
Iron Sand

"Power? I did not take this position for power. I took this position because this title means more than being the strongest in a village. It means protecting those weaker than you. I means inspiring those below you to be better than their best and it means striking fear into the heart of your enemies so that they will never, ever think of attacking you. I became Kazekage, not for the power or to show that I am better than everyone else. I became Kazekage because I care. Because I wanted to help."
— Xiù-Měi on being Kazekage.

Xiù-Měi (秀美, Xiù-Měi) is a powerful kunoichi hailing from the Village Hidden in the Sand. She is the daughter of two civilian members of the village, but grew into power despite this fact. She is a rather formidable woman, having ascended to the rank of Jōnin at the ripe age of fourteen, being one of the youngest in her village to obtain said position. After a long tenure of sixteen years as a Jōnin, she was elected as the Sixth Kazekage (六代目風影, Rokudaime Kazekage) once the previous Kazekage passed away, and has held the position for eight years now. Due to Xiù-Měi's mastery over her Earth Release and it's highly defensive capabilities, as well as her various armors of different forms and shapes, she has been hailed as the Immovable Object (不動の物体, Fudō no Buttai). She also has a grand mastery over Earth Release's penchant for being able to increase or decrease one's weight, solidifying this title even more.


Xiu Full

Xiù-Měi, the Immovable Object.

The Sixth Kazekage, Xiù-Měi, is a rather elegant woman in her mid to late thirties with a stunning visage that serves not only to bring to mind royalty when one looks upon her, but also inspires awe and respect as well. She is a smidge taller than average for a woman of her age. Her beauty is one that can be described as unearthly, generating a bright light onto the world around her that one would normally attribute to the holiest of beings: angels. She has a willowy build, granting her a look of delicacy that should never be mistaken as weakness on part of her being of the "fairer" sex. She is as strong as any man, truthfully surpassing many of them in her skill alone. She has been called many names because of her looks and temperament, with Angel (天使, Tenshi) being among the most used of them all. Xiù-Měi's skin is a light shade, often times described as pure porcelain by others. At a glance, it appears as if her flesh is free of any imperfections or marks that may mar the human body over the course of a lifetime, but this is untrue. She possesses a number of thin, silvery scars upon her arms from training with various bladed weapons before finding that they were not to her liking. However, her flesh is completely free of any pimples or stretch-marks that tend to haunt women, and some men, as they age and for that she is grateful. Xiù-Měi can only be described as what anyone would want in an attractive partner, despite the motherly aura she exudes. She possesses a moderate bust and backside, though her features are always schooled into a look of calm elegance, hardly ever being marred by more malicious emotions such as anger or disgust. Her eyes are a radiant shade of olive green, however a ring of gold surrounds her pupil, the origin of which is unknown. Her gaze is never judgmental and always encouraging, much like a mother looking upon her children and cheering them on in all of their endeavors. Her features are always in a state of calm serenity, with her eyes casting about unconsciously as if looking for the joy in her immediate area, looking to cultivate that emotion and help it to grow. When Xiù-Měi smiles, it is always with her full heart, no matter if the smile is a small one of encouragement, a wide grin to display her excitement, or a wicked smirk for deeds that best not be done. However, these are smiles that most people show, and is not her true smile despite her sincerity. When a true smile is pulled from her lips, often when she sees someone she cares deeply for, it begins slow, like the sunrise, before cresting to reveal the light of day onto a world formerly bathed in darkness. A true smile from Xiù-Měi is something that is sure to stop time for its recipient, no matter who they are. In all honesty, Xiù-Měi's beauty is one that can hardly be described as something that could exist outside of fairy tales, with a radiance and purity that makes it appear as though she should not belong in this world, or at least that she shouldn't be walking around as a human. Her hair is a deep raven color, but with the way it flows and shines in the light such a description does not do it justice. It is more like liquid obsidian, glittering like such a gem and yet flowing like silk. It falls around her shoulders to the lower-most part of her shoulder-blades as an onyx wave. She possesses bangs, with two long fringes falling down to her collarbone whilst framing her face whilst the rest lays just above her eyebrows. Her hair is always picturesque, with never a lock falling out of place even when she is moving about animatedly.

Xiù-Měi's choice of attire can be described as one thing only: regal. Her style is a flattering and tasteful combination of traditional clothing as well as modern dress with an imperial flair, forming outfits that give the impression of her being...well royalty. She wears a simple black dress, designed with a high lace neck and a small opening at her back and just above her cleavage, with a black corset and a simple underbust corset. Atop this, she dons a rather elegant robe. The robe folds over her skirt, however it opens up in a square shape in order to expose the front of her legs only, with the rest of the robe falling about her legs much like a normal dress would. The robe itself has two sets of sleeves, one extending to the backs of Xiù-Měi's hands and the other stopping at her elbows, with the second set bearing black fur. An obi-like sash ties the robe in the front. She also wears fishnet stockings under thigh-high heeled boots that zip up the front, and bear flower-shaped embroidery upon the top of her feet. The entire outfit is mostly black, with accents of gold, silver and some white. Xiù-Měi will often times don a shawl around her arms as well, with the shawl being pure white with golden fringe at either end, and golden pins where it rests about her biceps. All of this pulled together paints the picture of a queen or empress, a monarch that inspires love within her people and awe within her adversaries. This outfit was designed for Xiù-Měi in order to not only exemplify her beauty, much to her chagrin, but to also make her appear as royalty to be respected. It was also designed with battle in mind, and as such she has a wide range of movement that would not be expected from such a garment. The clothing is also loose enough for her Iron Sand to filter in, should she need to form a skin-tight layer of armor upon herself. The clothe itself is chakra conductive, enabling her to form her various armors atop her outfit as well.


"I have found that most shinobi focus so much on increasing their power and ascending into the realm of godhood that they forget what it is like to be human. They forget what it is like to feel, to be happy, to be sad. I find it humorous that it is one of the rules: "A shinobi must never show their tears" and "A shinobi must never show any weakness". Some tie weakness and emotion in with each other, they believe that they are one in the same and they push them to the background, losing touch. I believe that emotion is the key to becoming strong. Feeling happiness makes you want to fight to keep what makes you happy, feeling sadness makes you want to fight in order to ensure that no others feel the same. Pain...pain drives you to become stronger to make sure no one can hurt you or the ones you love ever again, so long as you live. Our emotions are what make us human, and if we push them away, we become nothing but tools."
— Xiù-Měi on the concept of "humanity".

Xiù-Měi has always been a person that was confident in her abilities. She trained hard in order to hone them, surpassing others by leaps and bounds despite many age differences and ascending to become the strongest in her village. Despite her confidence, she has only truly wandered into the realm of arrogance once, which resulted in the death of three of the people she loved most in the world. Needless to say, XiuMei learned the value of humility and thinks herself above no one, treating everyone with the same respect and never underestimating the abilities of those around her. These qualities, amongst others, are those that she has come to believe make a good leader, and thus she pushes them whenever she makes a stop by the academy to observe her newest batch of fresh students.

Xiù-Měi is a rather peaceful visage. Looking upon her brings to mind the light of the sun, or the peace of a day off from the rigors of work and responsibility. She always bears a serene expression when neutral, making her fairly easy to approach. She is quick to smile, shining heart warming radiance upon those around her, and even quicker to make others smile. She knows the touch of hardship well, and therefore she is more acutely aware of the emotions of those around her, always being the peacekeeper within any group. Sadness fades, grudges are seldom held, and all live in a sort of harmony when Xiù-Měi is around, as if her very presence were soothing the primal beasts within all humans calling for confrontation. She loves laughter as much as she loves sunlight and happiness. In fact, she is a jokester herself, possessing a tongue like quicksilver that is capable of sending out scathing remarks or humorous quips, but more inclined towards the latter. Should she see anyone in distress, words of assurance are never far from her lips. Her caring and compassion spreads far and wide, even to those outside of her village. She believes all life is worth preserving, even if someone is threatening her village, and thus when she is forced to kill she does so with a heavy heart.

Xiù-Měi possesses not only an angelic presence, but an angelic temperament as well. She has never truly possessed a taste for killing, outside of one occasion where she was consumed with a powerful and dark want for revenge that scared her and resulted in heavy casualties on both sides of the fight, of which only she survived. No, she much prefers to not kill at all, incapacitating her target quickly by any means she can think of in order to end the fight. In situations where she does kill, Xiù-Měi has made it a rule not to make it a drawn out affair. Quick and painless is her usual form, wanting no suffering from them as they pass from this world into the next. She is also very slow to anger, jokes and jibes doing little more than causing slight agitation or annoyance. Same goes for flat out insults, simply deflecting off of her like she was coated in one of her most powerful armors. While it is difficult to anger her in mundane ways, there is a way to earn her ire that can be arguably referred to as easy. One need simply threaten the lives of those within her village to send Xiù-Měi into a cold fury. While threats of harm to her very extended family will not incite the bloodlust she had felt all those years ago, it will set her resolve to kill the offender as quickly as possible for their own benefit as well as the wellbeing of those under her charge. Annoyance is something she rarely feels, and the anger at the antics of another person normal to those around her is absent. Rather, disappointment shows on her features, often striking those she aims the Look at deeply in order to instill a feeling of shame in them.

All of Xiù-Měi's traits paint the picture of the perfect mother, compassionate, understanding, joyful, patient and willing to defend those within her family to her last breath. This is even further solidified by her love for her village and her position within it. She became Kazekage, not for the power or the fame, but for the ability to lead her people and defend them in all areas, both on the battle field and in the political arena. She will always put the needs of her village before her own needs, throwing most of her energy into her work and her people and little into true happiness for herself. While she is a bit lacking when it comes to a personal or love life, she is more than content with it. As long as those under her care as Kazekage are safe and unthreatened, she is fine. She is happy.


A happy young girl was born to an excited Kurosuna Waraigoe (黒砂笑い声, Waraigoe Kurosuna) a minor diplomat of the Village Hidden in the Sand, as well as her husband, a civilian merchant known as Shurui Waraigoe (種類笑い声, Waraigoe Shurui). The girl cried only for a few moments, and once she was placed into her mother's arms the woman knew her name instantly. Xiù-Měi, for the beauty that she held in her eyes as she smiled an innocent smile. Xiù-Měi's young life was both eventful and not. Her mother spent as much time with the young girl as she could, though her duties as a lesser diplomat often drew her away from home more often than she liked. Her father more than made up for that, however, taking the young girl with him on trips to neighboring villages in order to sell his wears and pick up pretty little trinkets for the princess he held. The light of his life. They spoiled they daughter as much they could, whilst also instilling values that would shape her into a good person. A good leader. Xiù-Měi's life was happy and full of joy and light for many years, though the light could not always last.

Xiù-Měi knew her first loss at the age of seven. Her father's caravan had been ambushed by a company of missing nin looking to make easy money off of the wares he had, as well as looking to take everything else. She had been told later that her father had died painlessly, but all she could remember from then was the pain she felt. The emptiness that came after losing someone who was integral to her life. Someone she had never thought to live without...and not he was gone. Some would expect the loss to take a toll on her mother, as she had known and loved the man for many years. Withdrawal from the world was to be expected, but Kurosuna had a knack for exceeding expectations. While one could not say she didn't grieve for her husband, she was more worried about being there for her daughter. She found time to slip away from her duties as a voice of the village to spend time with her, and Xiù-Měi saw her mother more and more. Little by little, the pain of losing faded to something small. Something she would live with all of her life, but something she could live with. For a long time, even without her father, Xiù-Měi was happy.

Xiù-Měi entered the academy at the age of nine and graduated a few months before her tenth birthday. She was a full fledged Genin, already training to increase her strengths and lower her weaknesses so that they would be non-existent. She wanted so much to be strong like her mother, and she knew she would get there. She was assigned to a team, like all Genin. She was placed on a team with a young boy who had a rather impressive skill with yo-yos, being capable of using them proficiently in combat. His name was Chikan, and he seemed to be rather...inclined towards the fairer sex, though he had an intense fear of other males and contact with them that would result in an intense explosion of his primary element: lightning. His other teammate was, ironically, a male that was very touchy-feely. His name was Itami, and he was a prodigy with Taijutsu, being a far descendant of the Hyūga Clan. As such, while he didn't possess the Byakugan, his ability to sense chakra was so acute that it allowed him to sense the tenketsu on his target. Using this, he performed his family's modified version of the Hyūga Clan's Gentle Fist, which manifested as a purple or pitch black chakra rather than the normal blue. Their sensei was a kind woman by the name of Karen. Her hair was stark white and her eyes a terrifying shade of red that sent shivers down the spines of her students. She was a fearsome shinobi, being one of the best kunoichi Suna had to offer due to her mixed Uchiha-Kaguya heritage. They were a motely crew, though they found that they were capable of coordinating their techniques well. Soon they became a powerful team, and friends above all else. They were all nigh-on inseparable, and Xiù-Měi was happier than she had been in a long time.

A few years passed, and Karen felt as if her team was as prepared as they would ever be for their Chūnin exams. Though, in order to make completely sure, she wanted them to take on a mission. It was a simple B-Rank mission, escorting a caravan to a village not too far from their own. However, they were not expecting to be ambushed by a group of missing ninja. They held their own for a long while against the troupe, however Xiù-Měi found that these had been the same men that had killed her father all those years ago. A patch of one of their uniforms had been left, a patch with a mark. They bore the exact same mark. Something that Xiù-Měi had never experienced before that day came bubbling to the surface like a monster rearing its head for a kill. Vengeance. Anger. She wanted to kill these men. She wanted to make them pay for what they did, and she decided she was going to do just that. She hadn't counted on her anger blinding her. On one of the murderers sneaking up behind her to land a surprise blow, aimed directly for her heart. She did not plan on Itami stepping in front of the blow, or him dying in the process. She was distraught, and she hardly heard her sensei speaking orders to her. She responded, but too slow. They caught Chikan in the arm, and another pierced him through the stomach from behind. Karen managed to kill the two, and fought the other's with Xiù-Měi's sluggish assistance. They killed them all, but at great cost. Her sensei was soaked in blood, and that which stained her front was her own, a large wound opening up her side. The white haired woman gave her a reassuring smile as she brought Chikan's body to lay next to Itami's, the latter's life fading slowly. Karen knew they were going to die, but she whispered something in Itami's ear. Xiù-Měi couldn't make it out, still distraught, but the boy nodded. Karen pulled a bone from her arm and Itami manifested something that Xiù-Měi had only heard tales of: a Truth-Seeking Ball. Karen placed her hand on Itami's chest and then pulled, a wispy light in the rough silhouette of the boy coming from his chest as the light faded from his eyes. She placed her hand to the orb and the light entered it, making the thing glow with a bright light. She then formed a seal on her own flesh, before placing the orb and the bone she had pulled free within. She smiled at Xiù-Měi one last time before unsealing that which she had drawn, unknown particles surrounding the girl. She stooped over the bodies, tears falling. She knew loss once more...

She withdrew from most, despite all of her mother's comforting and kind words. She threw herself into training and mastering those strange particles her sensei had made out of the sacrifice of Itami's life and her own. She found that the particles were...alive in a way. They defended her on their own, and could follow verbal commands. They sometimes sent messages to her in the form of electromagnetic waves that only she was able to pick up. That is how she learned of Itami's sacrifice, how he allowed their sensei to place his soul into his Truth-Seeking Ball, sealing it in with her own blood soaked bone before using a special formula that enabled the fusion of two materials into one to make the sentient defense she now held. She named the particles Galvorn, and quickly learned to manipulate them with great efficiency. She passed her Chūnin Exams without any trouble, simply being able to drain the chakra out of anyone she was pit against. She trained more and more as she became a Jōnin, and said training was what made her as strong as she was. The training allowed her to take her place as the leader of her village in order to ensure that no one knew the loss she had experienced in her life...


As the Sixth Kazekage, Xiù-Měi is a woman of immense strength and is considered, even by those who have not met her, to be the most powerful shinobi in her village. Being born of the blood of many past Kazekage, Xiù-Měi's is a legacy of greatness that she lives up to with her sheer prowess in Ninjutsu. She is capable of manipulating not only the standard Iron Sand, but she is also able to change its chemical composition in order to transmute it into different metals within the middle of combat. Alongside her Iron Sand manipulation is her much more dangerous Galvorn Particles, which are capable of draining the chakra from that which they touch, making them the perfect defense as well as the perfect weapon against shinobi who rely too much upon their chakra. Her ability to manipulate different metals, as well as her mastery of Earth Release, have allowed her to make several powerful defensive techniques that are fully capable of taking hits from techniques that the elements are weak to without so much as a scratch to her defense. This has brought about the belief within her village that Xiù-Měi is untouchable during battle, due to the nature of her "ultimate defense". While her skill with her Ninjutsu and her defensive capabilities are known throughout the villages, Xiù-Měi also possesses a great amount of strength and physical stamina, fueling her skill with Shurikenjutsu as well as her prowess with Bojutsu, making her a danger in both ranged and melee combat. Even before she ascended to the title of Kage, Xiù-Měi was a force to be reckoned with. After taking her place upon the seat, however, she honed her skills all the more in order to become a powerful force to protect her village and the people within.


Xiù-Měi is a strategic woman, as one must be when they are the leader of a large military force as well as a powerful village. When she was younger, she was noted to have a rather high level of intelligence, despite her unwillingness to take tests or do any actual work other than that with her Ninjutsu in the academy. She has learned to examine all things with a critical eye, taking in all actions of both her allies and enemies, no matter how insignificant or bizarre, and using them to construct her strategy for movement or attack. She is capable of examining her targets for a time in order to determine their strategies and reactions to any given thing at any time, learning how best to move against them. She is capable of thinking of a number of different strategies at once before picking that which would be the most effective for her situation. Her ability to thinks several moves ahead of her opponent and set traps for them in order to lead to their own downfall is one of the things that has made her a renowned leader.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Xiù-Měi, for reasons unknown, was born with a rather low amount of chakra at her disposal. She found that she could not perform the same feats that other children within the academy could, due to her lacking reserves causing her to tire out more quickly than those around her. She quickly found a way to circumvent this, however, figuring that she could conserve her chakra and her stamina by simply focus on manipulating rather than creating, as others did. This birthed her skill with her Magnet Release and her Iron Sand, soon the girl becoming the most feared Genin within the village, due to her ability to incapacitate foes before they even got a chance to get close. Despite her rather abysmal reserves, Xiù-Měi found that she was indeed chakra sensitive, being capable of sensing the chakra of those around her with relative ease. She found that this enhanced sensing ability did not only extend to chakra, but seismic activity as well. Even though she cannot see every place around her at once, as long as Xiù-Měi is in contact with the ground she is capable of sensing the vibrations upon and within the earth's crust, from earthquakes kilometers away from her position to the footsteps of those following. This has given her the ability to sense the approach of anyone, even those who are using advanced stealth techniques, as long as they are walking across the ground. By projecting her chakra outwards in a field around her, she is capable of doing the same, even when she isn't touching the ground, with the added benefit of sensing not only vibrations, but also the displacement of wind within her area. This makes her a very difficult person to sneak up on, for the sheer scope of her innate sensory prowess.

After going through the harrowing experience of her team's deaths and receiving the gift that is her Galvorn Particles, through Itami, Xiù-Měi's chakra reserves gained an unprecedented boost. As she is now, she is capable of performing various high level Ninjutsu or other techniques without tiring herself out whatsoever, and this is even further expanded with Itami's ability to transfer any chakra it drains directly to Xiù-Měi, making her reserves very nigh on inexhaustible. As if the two were tied, upon gaining the chakra boost Xiù-Měi found that she was capable of performing greater feats of physical excellence without tiring. In order to capitalize on this, she trained in order to increase her physical strength, her speed and her endurance, placing her upon the level of an above average shinobi in those areas. While only above average, her physical prowess has leant a tremendous amount of help towards her mastery of Bojutsu and Shurikenjutsu, removing her need to overcompensate the skill she did not possess in short-range combat with her skill in long-range combat. She has also learned to move rather stealthily, being capable of making no sound that is audible to even advanced hearing, even when she is not concealed. She has also learned to distribute her weight in such a way that when she moves, she makes no vibrations as she touches the ground. This allows her to detect the vibrations from others without being confused by her own, while also concealing herself from others who are also capable of sensing vibrations.


Xiù-Měi's strong suit is, by far, her prowess with Ninjutsu. Due to lacking the physical prowess and chakra pool of average people her age, Xiù-Měi had to compensate for what she lacked with skill, a thing that she meticulously crafted and nurtured over her nearly four decades of life. Xiù-Měi's main skillset when it came to combat relied on a broad range and an overwhelming assault with techniques that required miniscule amounts of chakra due to their nature in order to win, a strategy which has only failed her once. While not a complete master, Xiù-Měi is a very knowledgeable expert in all things Ninjutsu, possessing skill with Barrier Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu, and most of all her Nature Transformations. Outside of these things, however, she possesses a great amount of skill with the basic techniques taught within the academy. She has also taken her mastery above and beyond, modifying said techniques with her usage of Iron Sand and her elemental natures in order to make them more subtle and all the more dangerous. For instance, she has formed a modification upon the Transformation Technique, using Iron Sand, that allows her to coat her body in a thing layer of the aforementioned metal before channeling her chakra into it. The chakra molds the metal into an entirely new appearance, while boosting the capabilities of any of the defensive techniques currently upon her person. An added benefit of this modification is that it is incapable of being sensed through chakra vision, as only those who are capable of detecting the build up of electromagnetic energy around her body are capable of telling that her visage is indeed fake. She has also made modifications on the Body Replacement and Body Flicker techniques, enabling her to switch places with her Iron Sand or Galvorn Particles, or leave Iron Sand or Galvorn Particles in her place when she moves. This enables her to make elaborate setups, capitalizing on her ability to spread her Iron Sand over vast distances in order to make an entire battle field her playground. Also, due to using Iron Sand or Galvorn exclusively, these techniques no longer require hand seals and are therefore much harder to detect normally. Outside of the basics, Xiù-Měi also has a more than firm grasp upon the more powerful Ninjutsu techniques, being able to grant herself flight through chakra control alone. She also possesses the ability to paralyze her foe simply by glancing into their eyes.

Nature Transformation

Xiù-Měi's strong suit, as well as what placed her in the running for Kazekage. She possesses mastery over three of the five basic chakra natures, a feat which can be seen as commonplace or even a requirement for Jōnin or higher level shinobi, though Xiù-Měi takes this a step further in that she is capable of using said elements with a sort of versatility that is hard to achieve. She also possesses a single kekkei genkai element, that being what has allowed her to manipulate her sand and Galvorn on such an advanced level: Magnet. Xiù-Měi specializes in the usage of Earth Release techniques, despite the element not being her affinity. Her ability with Lightning Release is on par with her prowess with Earth Release, though her versatility with the former far outstrips that of her Lightning Release. Wind Release, despite being her affinity, is the element she is least proficient in, though she still possesses enough skill to dominate enemies on the battle field with it.

Being her favorite element, Xiù-Měi's skill with Earth Release boasts versatility that few of her other elements possess. Earth Release is a sturdy element, a trait which has spread to even those elements with Earth as one of their components. It is only natural for one to tap into the defensive capabilities of the release in order to turn themselves into someone that is immensely difficult to damage, despite one's best efforts. However, Xiù-Měi has not only learned to tap into Earth Release's defensive capabilities, but she has learned to exemplify them. She has forged a unique modification that has eliminated that which renders all other Earth Release users ineffective: it's weakness to Lightning. By turning her Earth Release into a material that is capable of attracting metallic objects as well as Lightning based techniques, Xiù-Měi has removed all weaknesses of her release in order to turn it into an impenetrable defense. Thanks to this she has made multiple variations of powerful defensive Earth Release techniques. Those who utilize Earth Release in order to create walls of protective Earth have mastered the art of molding their chakra with such precision that little is wasted, however Xiù-Měi has learned to place excess chakra within her techniques in order to make them all the more powerful. The chakra works to not only strengthen the defense of her walls, but also repair anywhere that the walls may be damaged at a moments notice. Using even more chakra, she is capable of manipulating the size and grandeur of her walls in order to make them capable of defending miles upon miles of land, stretching high up into the air to form an awe-inspiring barricade. She has also mastered a technique in which she is capable of trapping enemies within a dome of lodestone, slowly draining the chakra of those within. She has modified this technique in order to allow her to make it much, much larger. In fact her perfected version of this technique is fully capable of encapsulating and restraining a Tailed Beast, draining it's chakra like any other. She has also modified the technique in order to make it a defensive one, forging the dome around herself and her allies with the chakra draining properties on the outside of the dome, draining the chakra out of any techniques that dare to come in contact with it in an instant. Outside of those techniques that enable her to defend a great magnitude of people, Xiù-Měi has also mastered the techniques that allow her to increase or decrease the weight of that which she touches, to the point where she is capable of lifting mountainous objects or increasing the weight of an item to such levels that it crushes all that is beneath it. She has used these techniques to modify and revolutionize her own fighting style, lending an air of danger to even the most mundane strikes coming from her. Her mastery of these techniques have completely eliminated the requirement for hand seals, while granting her the ability to apply their effects through objects connected to her chakra, for instance her Iron Sand. She has also shown the ability to generate a lodestone golem in order to fight alongside her and draw attention from her form. She is capable of using her modified transformation technique on her golems in order to make them appear to be clones of herself, often hiding them within clones comprised of her Iron Sand. She has also shown great capability with a certain technique that enables her to travel beneath the ground's surface in order to drag her foes underground. However, Xiù-Měi is capable of using this in a rather unique way. By simply turning the ground within an area around her into a soft form of lodestone, much like quicksand, she is capable of then coating her victim in iron sand before releasing her influence over it, causing them to quickly sink into the ground due to the magnetic pull of the lodestone. Finally, she has brought out the power of her Earth Release's defensive properties when used on herself to its maximum capacity. She is extremely proficient in the usage of two different armor types using Earth Release, being capable of enacting both reflexively at the cost of a negligible amount of chakra. Both armors have lost their weaknesses to Lightning Release, and thus possess unparalleled defensive capabilities when it comes to techniques geared specifically towards piercing through defenses. Alone these two armors are formidable, being capable of handling powerful piercing techniques on their own without so much as chipping away, however together they fuse due to the opposing magnetic charges in order to make a compact layer of defense upon Xiù-Měi's flesh, being fully capable of taking techniques determined to be the pinnacle of piercing techniques with ease, requiring much more powerful techniques in order to simply break away a single layer of the armor, let alone both.

Her second most used element, Lightning Release makes up a sizable portion of Xiù-Měi's defensive combat capabilities. Lightning Release is a very dangerous element, with most users often focusing on the damage it can do rather than the damage it can prevent with the appropriate techniques. XiuMei has looked into that extensively, her Lightning Release becoming an integral part of her powerful defense. By mixing her chakra nature with Barrier Ninjutsu, she was capable of creating her own line of unique barriers. These barriers are capable of sustaining themselves for long periods of time without Xiù-Měi needed to maintain a connection with them through her chakra or other methods. These barriers are also capable of being rather large in size, with Xiù-Měi being able to manipulate their size simply by adding more chakra to them. Using this method of empowering her barriers, she was able to make barriers fully capable of blanketing the entirety of her village in a field of protection. She also mastered the ability to decrease the size of her barriers, making her completely capable of forming small shields in front of herself, while keeping the potency of the defense even in such a compact size. After perfecting her ability to manipulate the sizes of her barriers, Xiù-Měi searched for a way to amplify their power in order to make them useful for defending against a wider range of things. Through this experimentation, Xiù-Měi developed a method of making her barriers completely immune to the effects of Lightning Release, channeling the effects of any and all Lightning Release jutsu through the barrier in order to strengthen it. This also has the added effect of being able to send the effect of the Lightning Release jutsu absorbed back at a foe as they impact the barrier, sending them rocketing backwards whilst also possibly damaging them. Keeping with the defensive theme of her Lightning Release, Xiù-Měi has also developed a potent defensive technique that enables her to expel a vast amount of lightning in an area around her in order to disrupt any attacks coming towards her with the added effect of sending enemies and objects within the range of this outburst flying away from her. This defensive technique may seem a bit insignificant on it's own, hardly being capable of defending against techniques of great power, it has laid down the ground work for some of Xiù-Měi's more impressive defensive techniques. XiuMei has found a way to use Lightning Release in order to effect something rather basic: the Genjutsu Kai. Using her modified version, she courses chakra through her brain in order to disrupt and expel the chakra of the illusionist who attempted to trap her within the Genjutsu, freeing her from the effect. It also incites an extra effect, causing the brain to send out pulses of bioelectricity imbued with miniscule amounts of chakra, automatically disrupting any Genjutsu attempting to be placed on her after her original usage of Kai. This form of the technique has a set time limit for how long the automatic disruption lasts, though she can increase this time limit by supplying a bit more chakra, extending it to a whole twenty four hours. XiuMei has seldom ventured into the truly offensive side of her first two basic elements, though she has dabbled in the usage of some of the Lightning Release's more dangerous effects. By using a rather simple chakra flow technique alongside another modified chakra flow technique she is capable of imbuing her bo-staff with electrical power at the cost of little to no chakra, making her skill with it all the more dangerous.

Her affinity, despite being rather neglected, Wind Release is the one element that drains the least from her reserves when in use, and as such Xiù-Měi mostly uses it in order to keep her opponents at bay. Wind Release is another element used for it's offensive properties, though Xiù-Měi decided to stick with the norm when it came to her affinity. Rather than wasting her time using hand seals, however, she mastered the usage of chakra flow in order to channel her Wind Release techniques through mediums allowing her to manipulate wind on a grander scale, giving birth to her mastery of the usage of her two bladed tessen as well as her giant tessen. The larger version of the folding fan is heavy, and thus would usually require a grand amount of strength in order to simply lift let alone use. However, XiuMei is fully capable of manipulating the weight of her fan without decreasing its efficiency. Through the usage of her folding fans, she is capable of summoning gales of slicing winds in order to cut her enemies to pieces with little chance of evading them. Using her ability to manipulate her chakra with the utmost efficiency, XiuMei is capable of having each individual gale act separately of the others, enabling her to aim attacks at multiple opponents, or aim a group of slicing winds at a limb in order to slice it clean off. She also has mastery over techniques that enable her to great gusts of wind with a single movement of her fan, though she is capable of manipulating the gust in order to increase it's strength and therefore knockback potential, or its cutting ability at the cost of sacrificing the one not enhanced. She is also able to use other tessen-based techniques, however with no modifications due to XiuMei thinking that their power is sufficient enough with her ability to increase the damage of them with only a little bit of chakra. She has learned to augment her close-combat capability should she not have her staff on hand by using an advanced chakra flow technique, enabling a slash of her tessen to cut through rock with ease. An added benefit of her mastery of her affinity, even if it is not the most used of her techniques, is that she is capable of using any of the techniques within her arsenal with her handheld bladed tessen without lessening the power due to the smaller size.

That which allows her to control her Iron Sand and Galvorn Particles with unparalleled mastery, Magnet Release is arguably the core of her strength. Xiù-Měi's skill with this Kekkei Genkai is extremely unique, though rather typical at the same time. She is capable of manipulating Iron Sand with her Magnet Release into various shapes, big and small. She is capable of using it for movement and to manipulate her battlefield to her advantage. She has even created one of her most powerful defensive techniques from the usage of Iron Sand, contributing to her well-earned title. However, there are to things that make her ability to manipulate this chakra nature especially dangerous. The first is her ability to manipulate a unique metal known as Galvorn. The metal is capable of being manipulated like the iron sand, with the added ability to being capable of absorbing chakra, as well as possessing a level of sentience in order to defend Xiù-Měi, even from herself. She is capable of interchanging her iron sand for her Galvorn within techniques that utilize the former, granting them an even greater danger level. The most frightening aspect of this release, however, is Xiù-Měi's capability to use it without needing to expend chakra. She was born with a unique mutation, once thought to simply be her natural aptitude for the release expressing itself. She is capable of exerting a powerful electromagnetic field around herself much like what is created when she uses her Magnet Release. With this field, she is capable of manipulating any and all metals within, repelling them or attracting them at a whim. This allows her to manipulate all metals at her command without the need to expel a bit of chakra. Using this field, she is capable of sensing the bioelectrical impulses of the bodies of those within the field, bypassing stealth-based techniques even further than before. Xiù-Měi is capable of amplifying this field with the usage of chakra, giving her the ability to turn any earth within the field, even that from other techniques, into lodestone at her leisure, without having to form a single hand seal. With her chakra supplementing the field, her manipulation of metals is also increased, enabling her to move them faster than even advanced eyes can track. By combining this combined field with her "ultimate defense", her Shield of Itami, she is capable of manipulating her metals at a level that makes it completely impossible to touch her without the usage of techniques that can freeze time on a large scale in order to slip in between her and her particles. Thanks to her capability with her release, Xiù-Měi's defenses has been hailed as the best in all of the five hidden villages, a feat in and of itself. Outside of it's obvious application of manipulation, Xiù-Měi is capable of using her electromagnetic field in another subtle and unique way. She is capable of expending her chakra in order to manifest her Lightning Release techniques within it by increasing the concentration of electricity, removing any requirement for hand seals or for her to make contact with a target in order to course lightning through her body. This adds yet another layer of danger to the woman, building up both her defense and her offense at once.

After encountering a group of specialized Shinobi from the Inazuma clan of Kumogakure, Xiù-Měi has encountered a material that is capable of conducting and storing electricity and lightning, both natural and that made from Ninja. Xiù-Měi, being ever the resourceful person, examined the material and learning it's atomic make up in order to form her newest weapon: Dōkan Dust. With this, she has gained a powerful defense against those who are capable of the Lightning Release Chakra nature, as her Dōkan Dust is fully capable of completely negating the power of any technique that utilizes lightning. This also grants her own power with the release a powerful boost, as her lightning is fully capable of conducting through the Dust in order to electrocute her foes. Much like with her Galvorn Particles, Xiù-Měi is capable of interchanging her Iron Sand or Galvorn with Dōkan Dust in jutsu, adding versatility to her arsenal that would otherwise not be possible. By mixing her Dōkan Dust and Galvorn togther, Xiù-Měi is capable of using a style that improves the defensive and offensive aspects of her techniques, boosting the power of her absolute defense and offense exponentially.


Xiù-Měi's still in Fūinjutsu was one born out of utility, rather than necessity. She originally learned it to accentuate her skill with Shurikenjutsu, sealing projectile weapons within others in order to release a volley of weaponry in a mass onslaught rather than having to do it all manually. However, she discovered the Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation technique, and began to think of it's many usages in battle as well as for convenient storage. Thus she began working on a method to seal her various forms of metal and unleash them within battle. Using her own specialized sealing method she is capable of sealing her Iron Sand, Galvorn Particles and Dōkan Dust within any number of seals on her person or within the number of sand gourds she keeps on her person. Using this sealing method, as well as a massive volume of sand, particles or dust, she is capable of performing the a powerful technique that is capable of sweeping enemies away, changing the terrain of the battle field, and supplying her with a large amount of materials to work with, all in one quick stroke.


Xiù-Měi learned Shurikenjutsu at first as a way to supplement her mid- and long-range combat prowess when she was younger, however the art quickly became one of her strongest skills as she grew in age and diversified her skill set. Using her Earth Release and her ability to fluctuate the weight of objects with said release, Xiù-Měi created a unique throwing style that allowed her to decrease the weight of her projectiles to increase their movement speed, before increasing their weight at a moment's notice to amplify their damage several times over. She can even do so while expending the a very minute amount of chakra by using a simple technique that enables her to pour her chakra into shuriken and simply have them touch to manipulate their weight in any way she sees fit. This ability, combined projectile weapons formed of her different metals, she is able to manipulate them with a mastery that not even a master of the art of shurikenjutsu can manipulate, as she is able to manipulate the speed and power of her projectiles seemingly at will, with little lag between either.


Xiù-Měi picked up her first bo-staff in order to cover her lack of close-range proficiency, utilizing her nature transformation to her advantage, with her capability with bojutsu increasing exponentially as her skill with Earth and Magnet Release increased. With her ability to increase and decrease the weight of her weapons on a whim, Xiù-Měi created a fighting style that focuses on that ability as well as surprise tactics to get the drop on foes. Using the style, she is capable of decreasing the weight of her bo-staff in order to speed up her strikes, or increase it in order to increase the damage she is capable of dealing, fluctuating back and forth between the two in order to go from speedy strikes to crushing blows at a moments notice. Through simple maneuvers such as spinning or striking, Xiù-Měi is capable of deflecting projectiles and intercepting strikes from foes whilst also knocking them back from her. Her skill with this fighting style as well as her nature transformation allows her to utilize the weight shifting techniques within her arsenal without any drain on her chakra, as long as she keeps a hold of her weapon, acting as a form of advanced chakra flow. Due to the flow, she is capable of decreasing or increasing the weight of whatever she strikes, enabling her to slow down opponents or deflect hard hitting attacks with ease.


  • Xiù-Měi's appearance is based on Gentiana from the Final Fantasy Franchise.
  • Xiù-Měi was made with the abilities of Gaara in mind, though the author wanted to exemplify the defensive properties of the Kazekage more profoundly than they had already been in the canon series.
  • Xiù-Měi also specializes in the usage of Earth Release due to Gaara never using it, despite it being one of the components of his Kekkei Genkai. She also possesses some competence with Wind Release for that very same reason.
  • Due to the author not wanting to make Xiù-Měi the One Tail's Jinchūriki, he had to find a way to simulate the effect of Gaara's "absolute defense", and thus the story of Xiù-Měi and Itami and the creation of Galvorn Particles was born.
  • The author also made Xiù-Měi in order to bring out and display the true power of Earth Release: it's defensive capabilities. This is in part because Earth Release is his second favorite Chakra Nature Transformation, with the first being Wind Release.
  • Xiù-Měi's few Wind Release techniques are also those used by the author's favorite kunoichi, though that is a surprise to no one. However, the names of the techniques were altered in the infobox, because the author felt that the Dodo bird was more accurate for Xiù-Měi than a weasel.
  • Xiù-Měi has undergone a series of changes since the author first developed the idea for her:
  • Her original face claim was Toph Beifong from the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise.
  • Much like Toph, Xiù-Měi was blind and used her Earth Release capabilities in order to sense seismic activity, as well as minute vibrations upon the earth's crust.
  • Xiù-Měi was originally a Tsuchikage, though changes were made as she seemed to fit Suna more.
  • She was more based on the Second and Third Tsuchikages, as she possessed Fire Release and the Dust Release Kekkei Tōta.
  • Xiù-Měi's original name was Nyen Kurosuna, but the author could not remember or find the translation for her first name, so it was changed. Coincidentally, the name change has allowed Xiù-Měi to follow the trend of Tsuchikage with only a single name.
  • Xiù-Měi, interestingly enough, was meant to be a sage who used Natural Energy alongside her Earth Release in order to not only increase an opponent's weight, but petrify them as well. Her summoning contract were Dodo birds, and she was to be the Dodo Sage. The author will admit that this idea is still valid, and may in fact be used with Xiù-Měi later.
  • Xiù-Měi was never meant to have Magnet Release. In fact, the author had a more powerful version of the release planned, named Pulse Release. Pulse Release would have had Earth and Lightning Release as it's components, being stronger than Magnet due to actually having the electro (Lightning) in electromagnetism. This idea was scrapped however, due to the simplicity of just using Magnet Release, though the author kept Xiù-Měi's Lightning affinity, due to it's role in her future techniques.
  • Xiù-Měi originally was Itami's sister, rather than just his teammate. This was because the author had planned to have both be the child of someone who had unlocked the Rinnegan. Though rather than unlocking the eye themselves, they would each gain a piece of the eye's power as an anomaly: with Xiù-Měi possessing the ability to use the Asura Path and Itami having mastery over all of the five basic nature transformations, as well as Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang, alongside being able to manifest a single Truth-Seeking Ball.