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This article, Yamagakure Anbu, is an article only to be used by Ten Tailed Fox.

Yamagakure ANBU
Yamagakure ANBU Symbol
Yamagakure ANBU (山間暗部, Yamagakure ANBU, Literally meaning: Hidden Mountains ANBU)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Team Info
  • Saizō Kirigakure
Team Jutsu

The Yamagakure ANBU is a covert, special forces division of the Yamagakure Militia, which answers directly to the Yamakage. The ANBU protect the village from exceptional threats, conduct high-risk missions into enemy countries, and deal with extremely powerful and deranged shinobi. They are also responsible for carrying out assassinations and missions requiring specially trained ninja.

The organization is primarily headed by Saizō Kirigakure, as he was appointed by the village elders and the Yamakage, though the Yamakage ultimately holds all final decisions regarding the group. D, however, as one of the village elders, and the leader of "Summit", also holds tremendous sway over the operations of the ANBU.


Main article: Summit



  • It is common for members of the Tsurugi Clan to become part of the ANBU.

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