Basic Information

Name: Yamigakure

Other Names: Village Hidden in Darkness

Information: This is a minor shinobi nation that fueded with the village of Sunagakure. While no one knows the exact reason for their fued it may have been due to obtaining the Shukkaku demon. The current Yamikage seems to have some knowledge about the ancient village of Kagegakure. Yamigakure had planned to be in the Chunin Exams when Naruto first took it but due to a civil war all shinobi were needed.


The Yamikage.


Ninjas of this village excell in genjutsu and fire element jutsu. One of the most noteable jutsu of the village is the kinjutsu only used by the Yamikage called Fire Release: Unrelenting Inferno Jutsu. What is even odder is that Zukia Tojiro (The Last Akatsuki) knows this technique.




None Currently

Notable People


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Caetgory:Good Article

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