Yata no Kagami
Kanji 八咫鏡
Rōmaji Yata no Kagami
Literal English Eight Hand Mirror
English TV Eight Handed Mirror
Appears in Manga

The Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡, Yata no Kagami; Literally "Eight Hand Mirror") is a sacred tool once used and crafted by the Sage of Six Path. It is a tool of legend, believed to not even exist within the mortal world. The Yata no Kagami mirror utilized by those who wield the Mangekyō Sharingan is the spiritual essence of this mirror. Legend says that combining both the spiritual essence and the mirror itself, they can attain a higher state of being, but it has never been proven.

Sōjōbō is currently seeking this mythological tool for his own nefarious purposes.

Shiro Uchiha's Susanoo manifested the Yato no Kagami as a ethereal shield alongside the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi and the Sword of Totsuka during the Tenma War in the Land of Apple.