This will be a page which will host the Rp tournament to choose the replacement for Seireitou and Haizo in the position for Yonkou. We need to start now -_-'

Important: Please Read


  • Only one character from each user is allowed
  • No new jutsus may be added during the time period from which the match starts to its end
  • All use of jutsu must be reasonable within that character's abilities
  • If you wish to give up, meerly say "I surrender" on your next reply
  • You are allowed only one reply during each person's turn (To keep it fair)
  • All use of weapons and jutsus are allowed
  • Leaving the area (in the RP fight) will result in a complete disqualification
  • Matches last up to a maximum of one week, otherwise, the two characters will enter a "sudden-death" showdown, where each is allowed the use of only one jutsu and must take out the opponent as quick as possible (You will be warned when this happens)
  • This is meant to be fun and to bring the wiki members together as a group through ninja fighting so in the ideals of sportsmanship, keep insults as small as possible (trash talk is still allowed, just keep it low.)

New Rules

  • Current Yonkou are not allowed to participate
  • No out of bounds or time-limits but if it takes WAAAAAY tooooo long, then i will administar this rule.


If you agree to the following terms, please place your character's name in the list below and sign the discussion page saying you agree to the rules of joining the tournamnet


  • The Winner will be the new Yonkou

List of Entrees


First Round

NOTE:Matches will end on May 4th.

1. First Match: Ryuka Uchiha vs. Otonami Sokudo

2. Second Match: Makan Shunkan vs. Monk

3. Third Match: Akira Kaname vs. Evan Herane

  • Winner:

4. Fourth Match: Eugene Ward vs. Takumi Hyuga

Free Bye: Suzaku Hyuga

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