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Yoshitsune Ōtsutsuki
Name Yoshitsune Ōtsutsuki
Kanji 大筒木義経
Rōmaji Ōtsutsuki Yoshitsune
Titles First Genkage (初代元影, Shodai Genkage)
Thousand Cherry Blossoms (千本桜, Senbonzakura)
Sage of the Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio November 2
Age 28
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 184 cm
Weight 80 kg
Blood Type O
Classification Jinchūriki
Tailed Beast Inari (Forms)
Affiliation Gingagakure Symbol Gingagakure
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Occupation Genkage
Partner Katsumi Hyūga
Previous Partner Ninigi Senju
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Family Katsumi Hyūga (Wife)
Rank Kage
Ninja Registration 329972
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Kekkei Genkai Rinnegan Rinnegan
Nature Type Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lava Lava Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin–Yang Release
Jutsu Absorption Soul Technique
Animal Path
Asura Attack
Asura Path
Banshō Ten'in
Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
Chakra Receiver Manifestation
Chibaku Tensei
Clone Great Explosion
Continuous Tailed Beast Balls
Creation of All Things
Demonic Statue Chains
Deva Path
Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability
Flower–Fruit Mountain
Genjutsu: Rinnegan
Human Path
Lava Release Chakra Mode
Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique
Lightning Beast Running Technique
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Limbo: Border Jail
Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
Naraka Path
Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
Outer Path
Preta Path
Sage Art: Fire Release Magatama Great Eruption
Sage Art: Lava Release August Star of Heaven
Sage Art: Twin Spears Mare Nostrum Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Shinra Tensei
Six Paths Flight
Six Paths Sage Mode
Six Paths Sage Technique
Six Paths Technique
Summoning Rinnegan
Tailed Beast Ball
Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
Tailed Beast Shockwave
Truth-Seeking Ball
Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Whip
Will Materialisation
Tools Sword

Yoshitsune Ōtsutsuki (大筒木義経, Ōtsutsuki Yoshitsune) is a strange being created from Indra's and Asura's chakra melded into a human body by Yorinori Uchiha using the Creation of All Things ability, who had survived the Uchiha Clan Massacre because he was in a small cluster of Uchiha that left the village at the defeat of Madara Uchiha led by Madara's son to a southern portion of the Land of Fire. He was later taken to Konohagakure by Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki after they confronted Yorinori and Sasuke killed him. Naruto decided to bring the boy to Konoha for protection and was raised by Kazesō, though when he got older he fled the village due to learning the true darkeness that lived in the village. Later in life, Yoshitsune has been labeled as an S-rank ninja. Yoshitsune later had created Inari, his village's tailed beast, and had it sealed into him to stabilize the powerful beast. This made him become a jinchūriki, as well as Inari's first jinchūriki. Later, Yoshitsune gained the status as a sage when he mastered, on accident, the Six Paths Sage Technique in the form of the Six Paths Sage Mode, melding his Six Paths chakra, Inari's chakra, and natural energy into one, powerful, potent senjutsu chakra.

He later formed the Land of Origin and Gingagakure with the help of Sakin and the locals of the area. With that he became the "First Genkage" (初代元影, Shodai Genkage), and would maintain the position until handing it down to Ninigi Senju. Due to his fame in the shinobi world, Yoshitsune has been given various titles and monikers. Some have joked that Yoshitsune has as many talents as the number of petals of the blossoms on a cherry tree, earning him the moniker of "Thousand Cherry Blossoms" (千本桜, Senbonzakura). This title is said to be Yoshitsune's personal favorite. After mastering the Six Paths and reading the history of the tablet hidden in the Naka Shrine, Yoshitsune would seek to fulfill Hagoromo's dreams. For his origins of being made to emulate Hagoromo mixed with his obtaining of all the powers Hagoromo had, Yoshitsune was given the title "Sage of the Six Paths" (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin) by Hagoromo himself within his mindscape as the Sage handed down his blessing to continue his mission of spreading peace. Through this, Yoshitsune encountered Katsumi Hyūga, a thief who would steal part of Inari's chakra from him and attack the Six Paths Sage Mode due to her own Six Paths chakra and presence of Hamura Ōtsutsuki's conscious in her body. Though they conflicted often at first, they would over time form alliances until Katsumi adopted Yoshitsune's mission as her own, forming a partnership that would lead to the two eventually marrying each other.


A world remade with knowledge of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. A world remade with wonder of the past. Yorinori Uchiha, member of a splinter group of the famous Uchiha clan. The splinter group differed from the main family in one way though, it had remained loyal to Madara Uchiha and his ways. Yorinori had become one of few Uchiha able to activate the Mangekyō Sharingan, and desired the knowledge of the tablet hidden within the Naka Shrine. Using his eyes, he was able to breakdown the shrine's code enough to pick out a few key terms, such as Creation of All Things, Indra, Asura, and reincarnation. While leaving, he was attacked by Konoha-nin in large numbers. Yorinori knew escape would not happen, even with use of his Susanoo. As such, Yorinori activated the power of Izanagi to control the outcome, his outcome, and escaped at the loss of an eye. Angered by his eye loss, the man joined Otogakure, known for its darker medical tactics and knowledge. Here he would understand how it is said Izanagi is based on a superior power, Creation of All Things, and trained under the principles it was known for. Yorinori would also learn the need of the power of the Senju and the power of the Uchiha being needed for the Rinnegan, but Yorinori would discover the real truth behind it. From the tablet Yorinori knew Asura and Indra reincarnated into new beings, and deciphered it was the need of their chakra, rather than the clans themselves. Yorinori would use this to try and discover the indentities of the reincarnations, and the answer became clear. Sasuke Uchiha, one with the Rinnegan, was Indra, and Naruto, user of the Six Paths Sage Mode was Asura, basing it off the legends of the two in the tablet and the modern two's real accomplishments, as well as learning about their encounters with Hagoromo during the war through accounts of the war they has written. Yorinori would attack them, and with his own unique powers, would absorb the chakra of Sasuke and Naruto to gain plenty of their chakra. Yorinori would flee from them and activate his Creation of All Things variant. He would force Sasuke's and Naruto's, Indra's and Asura's chakra to flow out of him in their purest state. He would use the Creation of All Things to meld the two chakra together and into the form of baby, using his medical knowledge to create the child's bones and organs. Yorinori smirked evilly, knowing he would later use forbidden tactics to take control of the body once it grew older. He would first raise the child to become powerful and to awaken the many skills he could. The chakra of Asura crafted the perfect body and amazing life force, and the chakra of Indra created a powerful chakra network and eyes. It was done, the child had been created. Yorinori walked towards the child but in his focus on the child, failed to see Sasuke and Naruto had arrived, and Sasuke had used the Chidori Sharp Spear to stab the crazed man through the heart and down, killing him effectively. Naruto picked up the child, and both he and Sasuke noted with their sensory abilities that the chakra of the created child was nearly identical to Hagoromo's when they had the Sage greet them in their bodies. Sasuke was unsure of allowing the child to live, but Naruto held the child and, as Hokage, brought the child to Konoha. Naruto left the child in the care of a Kazesō, a well-known monk, knowing the man was lacking of hatred and who had also learned the ways of the shinobi, and had explained his story. From that point on it was Kazesō who raised the young child who quickly began getting stronger during his development into an individual. Kazesō would named the child Yoshitsune, after his own father, and gave him the surname of Ōtsutsuki, after the Sage of the Six Paths himself. Graduating from the academy, he was placed on a genin team with Kazesō as the jōnin instructor, with Ninigi Senju and an unknown female, some believe she was a Hyūga, as his teammates. This group was called the strongest of the genin teams. When the chūnin exams rolled around, the team entered and were promoted to the rank of chūnin. During the exam Oto-nin who knew of Yorinori began to taunt Yoshitsune, calling the boy a mere created vessel and his only purpose was to be a weapon. The group placed Yoshitsune under a genjutsu that showed what Yoshitsune's life may have been like with Yorinori, a boy trained from morning to midnight to become Yorinori's new body before trying to kill him. Ninigi threw a kunai at Yoshitsune in a non-vital area, the pain from it waking Yoshitsune up from the genjutsu. Yoshitsune activated the Rinnegan after this, the pain of knowing the truth, he was not a normal child, he was a creature created for destruction made the eye manifest. They tried to place Yoshitsune in another genjutsu, but Yoshitsune was able to break it as it was set. Yoshitsune and Ninigi then quickly defeated the three Oto-nin. Some time later, Yoshitsune still sat in the revelation and began to hate himself until Kazesō and Ninigi came to him. Kazesō said despite the terms of his life, Yoshitsune was still human, and above all, he was Kazesō's beloved son and student. Ninigi called Yoshitsune his brother, and joked how as Yoshitsune was made from Asura, they were related by chakra. Yoshitsune embraced the two, and accepted his past is not of his control, but his future is.

Years later on one of his last team missions with his sensei and father-figure Kazesō, the two were ambushed by Kumo-nin. Kazesō knew that in their state they were both doomed and demanded Yoshitsune to flee while he held the group off. Kazesō proceeded to use his skill to fight them off as best he could, but ultimately died as a result. Yoshitsune would return after hearing the howls of his father-figure's pain and seeing the dead body of his teacher made his Rinnegan reactivate for the first time since the exams. He then used the techniques it granted to avenge his fallen master. Years would pass and Yoshitsune became a jōnin and even served as an Anbu member. While serving as an Anbu, Yoshitsune would locate files on many attacks and events done by Konoha. While many were justified, many were also dark and served nothing but to defend the government of Konoha. Yoshitsune would learn of dark events like the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Root, and the true reasons of why Tobirama Senju moved the UChiha clan, not for protection, but for fear of them. Yoshitsune grew to distrust his village, and finally would read his own story for being brought to Konoha. He would discover how he was nearly killed by Sasuke, and how Sasuke and Naruto brought him to the village for safe keeping. Yoshitsune would flee his home that night, leaving no trace of himself for the corrupt village to follow. After this he formed a partnership with a man named Sakin, who would travel with his new found friend after Yoshitsune treated the wounds Sakin recieved in battle with Yoshitsune who has offered to train with him. Slowly, Yoshitsune's attitude change. He desired village, one free of previous wars that could be a safe haven. Finding an island and with the help of his team and the locals, he created Land of Origin. Here, with the help of the locals once more, formed the new village Gingagakure. He became the first Genkage of the village. Ginga would eventually decide it needed a tailed beast in case of the Five Great Shinobi Countries decided to attack it. They sent Yoshitsune to solve this issue. Having used his abilitiy with the Rinnegan to summon forth spirits of the Pure Land, Yoshitsune called upon the spirits of every deceased jinchūriki, such as Kushina Uzumaki, Obito Uchiha and Bunpuku, and from their spirits Yoshitsune would draw out all traces of remaining chakra of all the tailed beasts still lingering inside them to form a new tailed beast in the form of a kitsune, that he would name Inari, using a weak form of Creation of All Things. After it was restrained by Yoshitsune, Ninigi, Sakin, Dendō Kangoku, and Shidakō Aburame, it was sealed into Yoshitsune due to Yoshitsune's strong chakra and lifeforce, making Yoshitsune become a jinchūriki. Inari at first was insane due to a lack of its lack of its own mind as it was balancing the tailed beasts powers, but after being allowed to consume Yoshitsune's chakra it balanced out and grew its own personality, as well as seal of within itself the chakra of the tailed beasts who were not Kurama to help clear the multiple voices it heard at first. Yoshitsune and Inari work together well, as Yoshitsune became what is considered a "perfect jinchūriki" with training. Some time after this, Ginga would enter an alliance with the Five Great Shinobi Countries, who recognised the potential of Ginga more and more as a valuable ally due to Inari. Eventually, as the world began to become corrupt more and more, Yamaren decided to teach Yoshitsune Sage Mode. The two trained upon the Golden Mountain, an area with high amounts of natural energy to make it easier. The training proved to be difficult, as Yoshitsune often relied on eye powers during training and Inari's chakra preventing proper bonds for awhile, such as in a balancing exercise in one of the tallest trees at the peak Yoshitsune fell and rather than use aspects of the environment to save himself, he used the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode to latch himself to the side of the mountain. Yamaren berated Yoshitsune, telling him if he kept relying on his eyes the training would not work as he he is using powers in him rather than feeling the elements and energy in the natural world. Yamaren further said if Yoshitsune kept using his eyes he would petrify into a statue, die, and be forgotten by the world eventually. Taking these words to heart, Yoshitsune stopped using his dōjutsu and tailed beast all together during this practice, and finally after many days of this harsh training mastered the art of absorbing natural energy, but he did not activate Sage Mode. Instead, his chakra, which was that of the Sage's, and Inari's, made of all nine original tailed beasts, balanced with the natural energy and he activated the Six Paths Sage Technique in the form of the Six Paths Sage Mode instead, a more powerful variant of Sage Mode. With his eyes, body, and chakra now that of the Sage of the Six Paths, he ventured out and was able to access the Naka Shrine. Here he learned of the Sage's true name, the Sage's mother Kaguya, the Shinju, the Ten-Tails, the Tailed Beasts' origins, and the rest of the secrets held in the tablet. Soon after this though, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths, appeared to Yoshitsune in his mindscape. The great Sage retold the history, and fixed all changes created by Black Zetsu, as well as new additional information he learned through Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha during their battle with Kaguya, the Sage's own mother. Yoshitsune began to share this information with the world, by setting out from Ginga from time to time. Hagoromo, to help Yoshitsune on his mission against those who seek to conceal the truth, granted him the full power of his chakra. In this process Yoshitsune's chakra levels inscreased to an even greater level. Despite this, Yoshitsune did not gain the Six Paths Yin Power and the Six Paths Yang Power of Hagoromo, as Hagoromo stated these seals are only given out for a true purpose, and that Yoshitsune has no need for them currently. After this, Yoshitsune's regular eyes changed into their Rinnegan form permanently. Yoshitsune was bestowed with the title of the "Sage of the Six Paths" (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin), by Hagoromo himself when Hagaromo finally granted Yoshitsune's body full access to his powers. Yoshitsune would use the Creation of All Things ability he finally mastered in this event to activate and release the chakra that was not of Kurama in Inari to allow the tailed beast, and himself through Inari in the process, far more power as the chakras became truly one. As Yoshitsune fulfilled his role as the new Sage of the Six Paths, he would grow unable to preform his role Genkage as he was more often than not away, as such, with Sakin's agreement, Yoshitsune handed the role down to Ninigi. Yoshitsune still keeps affiliation with his village though, and told the villagers should any problem so large the entire village could not handle it, he would return to them in their time of need as quickly as he could. After this, Yoshitsune exited the village to wander the world, helping people as best as he could just as Hagoromo asked of him.

During his travels through the world to help bring peace, Yoshitsune would eventually encounter Katsumi Hyūga. While thinking nothing of the woman's challenge to spar, Yoshitsune would eventually have to use Inari's chakra to continue the battle as his tenketsu would be blocked by the Hyūga's Gentle Fist. Katsumi would steal a large amount of Inari's chakra once this happened and sealed it within herself before fleeing. Yoshitsune would encounter her many times after this, leading to conflict for the first few times they met, with Yoshitsune even calling her the "Thief of the Six Paths" (六道劫賊, Rikudō Kōzoku) once he learned of her possession of the chakra of Hamura Ōtsutsuki but still going about the world for her own desires. Despite their conflicts, the two would begin to work together once in awhile in different areas as KAtsumi slwoly began to understand what Hamura wanted of her through seeing Yoshitsune's actions. The two would eventually form a partnership, becoming a powerful duo that through their close interactions fell in love and eventually married each other in Gingagakure. Despite this, the two still travel the land together, still trying to bring peace to the world as best they can.



Yoshitsune's prior appearance.

Yoshitsune, much like other 'archaic' members of the Uchiha and Senju clans, bears the appearance of their noble birth coursing through his veins strongly. His formerly detached and cold persona immediately translates to the stance he takes in daily life: upright, but with a slight slouch to represent his detached state of mind. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is relatively tall, but holds a lean and trim figure, which, combined with the various experiences he has been through, is highly muscular. This is combined with his spiky black hair that faces towards his right, obscuring a portion of his angular, handsome, face and strikingly cold black eyes, morphing into the image that can only be called Yoshitsune. His eyes are also commonly found in their Rinnegan form, being purple in color that colors both the irides and the sclerae completely with rippled-rings, though this was not permenant and could be turned on and off at some point.

The main attire that Yoshitsune wears is rather simple. He began to wear a simple long-sleeved, black, v-necked shirt. He also wears a pair of black pants nearly of a fairly average style and appearance, with white bandages on the shins some what like the style of Madara Uchiha's. He also retains the same style of black sandals. He also wears his hair in a nice look, as it is fairly long and straight with a wild touch to it.

Yoshitsune's primary appearance would change one more time. After recieving Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's, the Sage of the Six Paths, power from the man himself, Yoshitsune's Rinnegan would become permanently active Yoshitsune would hide himself away in a temple, away from Gingagakure after giving Ninigi Senju the position as Genkage, and would change his appearance in isolation. His hair would grow out longer, past his nick, becoming upper back length. He would have two fringes framing his face, with the right fringe being tied in a fashion similar to Hagoromo's. Yoshitsune would also grow a beard, one he keeps stylised in a fashion somewhat like Asuma Sarutobi's. Yoshitsune also changes his shirt to a red and white short kimono that he keeps tied with a red sash, alongside black pants that he is usually known to wear.


Yoshitsune in his childhood was known to be a kind-hearted child and sympathetic with those around him. When one of his friends was hurt he would always visit them in the hospital or at their home to make sure they are okay and to cheer them up. This made him rather popular as it showed how he truly cared for others. He was also rather cocky when it came to fighting, even going as far as to challenge jōnin despite their superior training and discipline, often leaving Yoshitsune being beaten embarrassingly fast.

Once he defected from the village his personality changed, as he became more serious and less juvenile. He became less cocky when fighting and kept his Rinnegan active to deter his foes from fighting him, as many would fear the eyes. Now in battles he shows respect to his foes, generally allowing them to speak if they desire to without interruption. Though he is generally kind, Yoshitsune is more than willing to kill if he has to. In battles if he gets taunted by the foe with insults towards what he cherishes, Yoshitsune lets his anger show through, seemingly becoming somewhat sadistic in the process. These moments often arise from insults directed at his village and his villagers.

Despite these changes though, Yoshitsune retains his kindness and loving nature. At times he is even called jovial. He extends this care and friendship to his friends and team. He even claims to go as far as allowing his total annihilation to defend his village Gingagakure. Yoshitsune retains his ability to forgive most people, such as forgiving Sakin of his ambush attack on him when they first met. He loves all the villagers of Gingagakure. He can become relaxed around his long time friends Ninigi Senju and Sakin, and even jokes around with them further acting like his youthful self. He even remained good friends with Ninigi after leaving Konoha and prior to Ninigi joining Ginga, often meeting with him to catch up. Yoshitsune recognizes Ninigi as his true best friend, often trying to convince the Senju to join his village. Yoshitsune though did not get angry when Ninigi denied it, knowing that the Senju loves Konoha despite its faults, though was notably very happy when Ninigi eventually joined him. Yoshitsune is also close with Inari, the tailed beast he had created and had sealed inside of him. While Inari was wild at first, as the tailed beast stabiliesed, the two would become friends and partners, causing Yoshitsune to be called a "perfect jinchūriki". In battle, while retaining respect, is also known to compliment his foes, which some interpret as him mocking them. Despite his kindness, Yoshitsune is also known to have random bouts of egotism and can become arrogant, due to Yoshitsune still having a prideful nature. Yoshitsune is also noted to strongly like things he deems cute.

Yoshitsune would eventually encounter Katsumi Hyūga. Though at first he disliked the woman for her theft of part of Inari's chakra and her selfish actions despite holding chakra of Hamura Ōtsutsuki much like he held of Hagoromo, Yoshitsune would often team up with her in different missions that villages asked of him as they encountered each other often, with Katsumi usually involved in the mission for some reason relating to gaining something. Yoshitsune would at times drop his gaurd around her during longer missions and speak of his life and history, with Katsumi, over time, giving Yoshitsune the same service. Yoshitsune's personality would spark a change in Katsumi, who eventually gave up her life of selfishness and theft, and would embrace the will of Hamura, the very will of Yoshitsune who had inherited it from Hagoromo. The two would form a partnership and eventually, confess their love of one another and would be wedded in Gingagakure.


Due to the circumstanses of his birth, Yoshitsune has a large amount of powerful and potent chakra, said to be comparable to that of a Tailed Beast easily. His high levels of chakra also made it suitable for him to learn senjutsu, albeit in the form of the Six Paths Sage Mode. He is a master of many techniques, many of which are feared nationally and has expert precision with all of them. Though he isn't highly muscular, he is quite strong. Kazesō even says that Tsunade would have been mildly impressed by the physical strength of the Uchiha. As he was created using Asura's chakra in him, he gained the powerful physical energy and life force of the Senju, while Indra's chakra gave him the Uchiha-like monstrous levels of potent and powerful chakra. His already great stamina was increased as he grew older and activated more of the power in his body.



The first time his Rinnegan would activate would be during his own chūnin exams. During the exams, Yoshitsune would encounter ninja from Otogakure, the Village Hidden in the Sound. These ninja knew of Yorinori Uchiha and his agenda to create the perfect vessel. One of the ninja was a sensor, and could tell Yoshitsune had chakra from Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki in his body, and figured out Yoshitsune's identity as the created child, born to Yorinori's vessel. The Otogakure ninja would attack Yoshitsune, and reveal these dark secrets. They would trap Yoshitsune inside of a genjutsu to show Yoshitsune the life he was made for. It showed Yoshitsune creation as best it could, and him being trained from morning to midnight under painful conditions, fashioned to bring out his power as greatly and quickly as possible. The genjutsu showed Yorinori taking over Yoshitsune's body before looping back to his birth and training. Ninigi Senju would attack Yoshitsune in this state, throwing a kunai to stab him in a non-vital area to awaken him from the genjutsu. Yoshitsune's pain from the stab mixed with the mental effects from the revelations on his birth made the Rinnegan activate. He would blow the Oto-nin away with one of the powers of the eye before he and Ninigi would finish them off. Yoshitsune's Rinnegan deactivated and became dormant again until he was older. On a mission with Kazesō, the two were ambused by ninja from Kumogakure, the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Kazesō knew the two of them were outnumbered and outmatches by the Kumo-nin and demanded Yoshitsune to flee as he held them off. Yoshitsune begrudgingly obeys and ran as fast as he could as Kasesō prevented the Kumogakure ninja from giving chase. Yoshitsune would hear the screams and howls of pains from his sensei and would begin to return. Finding Kazesō dead, Yoshitsune's rage made the Rinnegan reawaken in him, and made use of its powers to annihilate the Kumo-nin. This time, the Rinnegan remained in his arsenal, and Yoshitsne could turn it on and off at will. With time, chakra consumption from the eye being activated became minimal, and as such Yoshitsune can keep it activated for long periods of time without any ill effect, from days to weeks, and likely could keep it active without ever needing to deactivate it again.

The eye grants Yoshitsune the ability to use the Six Paths Technique. He has unlocked the Deva Path, which gives him power over gravity. This is the path Yoshitsune uses most often in combat. The techniques used by the though often force a recharge before the path is usable again. As such he gained its technique known as Shinra Tensei, which allows him to create a repulsive force that can block projectiles and easily shatter many hard materials. He can also use a large-scale version that can damage the terrain greatly. Yoshitsune also makes use of shadow clones to preform a multiple blast variation, and while the waves themselves weaken, the number can leave a more controlled area of devastation. With this style, Yoshitsune can use to clones to surround a foe and have the multiple waves slam into the foe on all sides, crushing them easily. He also gains the Banshō Ten'in, which allows him to create an attractive force, allowing him to pull objects or people towards him at high speeds. He often uses this technique in combination with another path to absorb their chakra to render them too weak to fight. Yoshitsune can also use clones to preform a multiple pull effect, such as one pull on each side of a foe to tear the foe apart. Yoshitsune also can use the technique known as Chibaku Tensei, which creates a powerful singularity which will be fired into the sky and pulls objects towards it making them compress with each other causing a large sphere to form. Yoshitsune can also preform the Sage Art: Lava Release August Star of Heaven, in which Yoshitsune creates a regular Chibaku Tensei gravity center, but infuses lava chakra into it, causing the sphere to gain a molten appearance. Yoshitsune will then throw the sphere into the air, and it will act normally until the earth of the terrain makes contact with the sphere, which causes it to turn to lava, making a large lava satellite that will destroy nearly all it consumes, and cool into obsidian once it is finished growing. Yoshitsune can also disperse the gravity center and make the gathered lava rain down on the destroyed terrain. After using a technique from the Deva Path, Yoshitsune requires a cooldown period until he can use it again. Yoshitsune is also able to use the Preta Path, which allows him to absorb chakra, making most ninjutsu unusable on him. While in Sage Mode he can also absorb senjutsu chakra. Yoshitsune has also unlocked the ability of the Asura Path. This ability allows him to modify his body and make himself a living weapon by tranformings part into weapons. The Asura Attack allows him to change a limb into a blaster that fires blasts of chakra that also have an explosive effect. Yoshitsune can further use the Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability to fire part of his arm as a projectile. The hand of the arm gains a propulsive power from the burst of chakra that separates the limb from the body and flies in a straight line with high levels of force. The hand can easily shatter bedrock and is protected by a layer of chakra, allowing it to resist being damaged. The detached limb can easily reattach itself to Yoshitsune through the chakra of the arm, which acts like a magnet. Yoshitsune can also use the Naraka Path for interrogation and use of the King of Hell, as when he catches hold of somebody he can make the King of Hell appear and hold them in place by seemingly paralyzing him. Yoshitsune has access to the Outer Path, being able to use it to form chakra rods that can transmit and recieve chakra, and use them as weapons. He seems to use these rods in a fashion similar to the Shikotsumyaku. Yoshitsune can also use the rods to exert his will over those pierced by them. He can also form powerful chains of chakra with the Outer Path. Yoshitsune is able to use the Animal Path, which allows him to summon animals connected to the Rinnegan, such as a strange, golden phoenix-dragon hybrid and an eight-legged horse. While used in combat some times, Yoshitsune uses these beasts for travel more often than not. Yoshitsune also is able to use the Human Path, which allows him to read the mind of somebody but also tear their soul out in the process. Yoshitsune doesn't use the Animal or Human Paths in combat often so his talent with them is unknown.

Yoshitsune can also use his Rinnegan to use the Limbo: Border Jail to project a clone or clones of himself in the "Limbo" (輪墓, Wheel Grave) realm. These clones are extremely powerful, and can tackle down large foes such as Susanoo and tailed beasts. The shadows of this strange technique can only operate for five minutes before returning to Yoshitsune for a cool down time. The clone shadow can also be harmed by techniques made of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's chakra, and any harm put on the clone is transferred to Yoshitsune when the shadow returns to him. With mastery over the technique, Yoshitsune seems to not gain the wounds of his Limbo shadows when they return to him anymore, and just feels a surge of pain along the area where the wound was recieved for a moment, and through training and pain endurance, Yoshitsune overcame even this lesser weakness. Yoshitsune can use the Rinnegan to cast power genjutsu, similar to that of the Sharingan's genjutsu ability, but on a much grander scale, and potent enough to fool even the Mangekyō Sharingan. With his mastry of the technique, Yoshitsune can also make time in the illusion seem to get much slower than time in the real world, in a similar vein to that of Itachi Uchiha. Yoshitsune can shift his location with his Rinnegan as well by using the technique known as Amenotejikara, allowing him to instantly move from one area to another. The range of this technique can also be increased if he trades places with an object, which Yoshitsune often employs with his Limbo clones. This technique does have a cooldown period, but due to Yoshitsune possessing two, and later three Rinnegan, his cooldown time is significantly shorter than Sasuke Uchiha's, and Yoshitsune can use the technique five times before having to recharge it. Yoshitsune also gained the ability to use all of the basic chakra nature transformations, and has, over time, mastered them all.


Truly, ninjutsu is where Yoshitsune shines in battle. As previously stated, Yoshitsune has very high levels of extremely potent chakra due to his creation being a result of the merge of Indra and Asura's chakra to create Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's powerful chakra, being compared to a Tailed Beast on numerous occasions, which allows him to use many high level techniques in succession. Yoshitsune also has the stamina to keep up with this usage of ninjutsu.

Nature Transformation

Yoshitsune's affinity is the Fire Release and wields it with great skill. He was able to burn down a medium size base with his Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, a technique that creates a large ball of fire that can break through harder substances as well. This seems to be his most used and favorite fire technique. He also mastered powerful fire techniques such as the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation, which creates a powerful wall of fire that damages a wide area that takes multiple water users to extinquish. This fire technique is rightly feared for these reasons. One of his other major techniques allows Yoshitsune to create a spiraling flaming attack that moves forward extremly fast, all while it expands greatly, making it very difficult technique to avoid. Yoshitsune can combine his Six Paths Sage Mode and fire chakra to create the Sage Art: Fire Release Magatama Great Eruption, which allows him to fire magatama-shaped balls of fire that explode into massive columns of fire that spread out, making it highly destructive and deadly, as well as difficult to avoid.

While fire is Yoshitsune's main element and affinity, he also uses two other basic natures in combat more often than the other basic ones excluding fire. He possesses knowledge on Lightning Release, and has been shown to use a few techniques with it. With the Lightning Beast Running Technique being his favorite lightning technique, he skillfully creates the wolf-like being of lightning to control it into attack many foes and can manipulate it so long as he does not stop flowing chakra to his hand. He can also use the beast to run and wrap around foes to create an electrical barrier around them to imprison them before the wolf attacks. This prevents them from being able to escape as easily. Yoshitsune also can create a wave of electricity capable of destroying stone, and often uses this technique with a water technique. Yoshitsune can control the surge of electricity's size by control the chakra, allowing him from using it in a simple, taser-like form to make a large wave of lightning.

The other nature Yoshitsune uses frequently is Water Release, and as such uses techniques that create such constructs as a sphere of water that has whips coming off it to cause great damage. Yoshitsune first creates a sphere of water and then manipulate it to make it form whips. Yoshitsune can then use these whips to attack many foes, by slamming or stabbing them with the whips that can follow foes and change direction with ease. Yoshitsune developed the Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique, his most powerful water technique due to its piercing and cutting strength by acting as a water jet cutter and how it causes massive torrents of water upon contact. He often enhances his water techniques with lightning chakra, giving it stronger cutting abilities and a painful, evn deadly, shock. While using senjutsu, Yoshitsune can also create a more powerful, double spear variant of the Mare Nostrum.

Thanks to his Rinnegan, Yoshitsune can also use Earth Release, Wind Release, Yin Release, Yang Release, and Yin–Yang Release. He does not usually use these transformations in combat as he is not as skilled in their use as opposed to his other natures. Yoshitsune is known to use simple chakra flow to put wind-chakra into weapons, namely his chakra rods, to increase their cutting ability. Yoshitsune's use of wind also includes flowing it into his fire-based technique to increase their power. Yoshitsune does make usage of yin chakra when he uses his Genjutsu: Rinnegan ability, and is noted to proficent in its usage. Yoshitsune can use the Creation of All Things technique, a highly powerful yin–yang technique, and used it to activate the chakra of all the tailed beasts within Inari, merging it with the fox to give the beast a more ferocious chakra, as well as an advanced nature of the second most abundant chakra in the fox, that being Son Gokū's chakra. Yoshitsune also uses the power to heal wounds he recieves in battle.

Yoshitsune also possesses an advanced nature, being the Lava Release. Yoshitsune gains Lava Release, born of earth and fire chakra, from Inari, who gained the power from the portion of Son Gokū's chakra in its body. Using the tailed beast's chakra, Yoshitsune can armour himself in lava using the power of the Lava Release Chakra Mode, giving him a superheated defense, as well as increasing his offense as the heat of the lava makes it so his punches or kicks don't even need to make contact to harm the opponent. Yoshitsune can spew molten boulders that are fired with strong force that can melt through most things, as well as be fired rapidly. Yoshitsune also cause a massive geyser of lava to form that can easily tower over buildings and is multiple yards in width, destroying a large range easily. When using the Six Paths Sage Mode, Yoshitsune can preform the Sage Art: Lava Release August Star of Heaven, in which Yoshitsune creates a regular Chibaku Tensei gravity center, but infuses lava chakra into it, causing the sphere to gain a molten appearance. Yoshitsune will then throw the sphere into the air, and it will act like a normal Chibaku Tensei at first, ripping the terrain apart and pulling it in, until the earth of the terrain makes contact with the sphere, which causes it to turn to lava, making a large lava satellite that will destroy nearly all it consumes, and cool into obsidian once it is finished growing, sealing within anything that survived the heat of the lava. Yoshitsune can also disperse the gravity center and make the gathered lava rain down on the destroyed terrain. With his mastry of lava, Yoshitsune is able to manipulate lava around him, making it as though lava can't harm him, even being able to swim in it.

Yoshitsune is able to use the Truth-Seeking Ball ability while he is using the Six Paths Sage Technique in the form of the Six Paths Sage Mode, which are composed of all the basic chakra natures of earth, fire, lightning, water, and wind, as well as Yin–Yang Release, senjutsu chakra, and tailed beast chakra. With it, he can nullify all forms of ninjutsu thanks to the yin–yang chakra in it, though it is weak to senjutsu. These balls of malleable chakra can shaped into various objects, such as a staff, a sword, or a capsule to inclose him to shield himself from attacks. Yoshitsune can also use them to heal his wounds. Normally Yoshitsune forms ten at a time, but can form more in an instant due to his mastery of the ability.


Even in the academy as a child, Yoshitsune showed skill with clone techniques. Quickly discarding the Clone Technique, Yoshitsune learned the technique that is mostly forbidden, the Shadow Clone Technique. This technique actually forms tangible clones by dividing the users that can experience things another clone or caster may not. When the clone bursts, the chakra disperses and returns to the caster which gives him all the knowledge the clone gained. Yoshitsune further uses this to create a few hundred clones to form an army of himself and so he can hide among them if needed to get ready for a technique or rest. Another tactic Yoshitsune uses is sending a shadow clone that will detonate, as the clone appears normal allowing Yoshitsune to send him as a suicide bomb or even fool foes into engaging him in battle. Yoshitsune also enhanced many of these clones with senjutsu chakra to make them more durable, being able to stand far stronger hits than the average shadow clone.


Yoshitsune is known to not use taijutsu very often as it is not his perferred style. Despite this, he is relatively skilled and strong in the use of taijutsu, due to his great strength and stamina. While still not his preferred, he has grown to use it more often after learning a bit from Ninigi Senju and Sakin. Using his great speed, he has shown a wide range of physical assaults with barrages of strong punches and powerful kicks. He also uses more unorthodox methods, such as slamming his head into foes as a powerful headbutt, despite this proving to hurt him as well. Along with sheer strength, his stamina allows him to maintain powerful stikes, punches, and hits with little to now weakening even after a long period of time. Yoshitsune seems to focus on hitting joints to disable foes, and is not above breaking a foe's bone in an area to defeat them. With his chakra rods, Yoshitsune also mimics some of the dance-like movements of the Shikotsumyaku ability. Yoshitsune can also use an armour of lava to enhance his taijutsu as the attacks become heated by the lava, enough to were the attacks do not even need to make physical contact to hurt the opponent as the heat burns them.

Jinchūriki Transformations

Main articles: Yoshitsune Ōtsutsuki's Jinchūriki Forms and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

Yoshitsune Chakra Mode

Yoshitsune in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Yoshitsune serves as the host for the tailed beast that he had named Inari, who is essentially a clone of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox of Konohagakure, with chakra of the other eight tailed beasts merged in it. Inari was sealed into Yoshitsune by Dendō Kangoku using a seal which acts some what like the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, allowing the chakra of Inari to more easily be used by Yoshitsune. With Yoshitsune already possessing tailed beast level chakra reserves, the addition of Inari proved to upgrade his reserves monstrously. Inari can also disrupt genjutsu-based attacks on Yoshitsune, making most attempts useless on him. This gives Yoshitsune near-immunity to illusions. Yoshitsune is considered by many to be a "perfect jinchūriki". When Yoshitsune begins tapping into its chakra reserves, it greatly supplements his own chakra and increases his strength and speed in the process. This further increases his previous healing abilities as well. Yoshitsune can request chakra from Inari, and due to their friendly terms, Inari grants it. Most times, Yoshitsune doesn't have to ask for it, as Inari will supply it when Yoshitsune needs it. With it Yoshitsune can enter an intial form in which his hair becomes spikier and his eyes change from black to red with slitted, fox-like pupils. His canine teeth and nails also lengthen and sharpen. Depending on the amount of chakra, he can get red chakra surrounding him that moves in a wave-like motion. In this form, Yoshitsune can make chakra-enhanced roars capable fo great damage, that further increases in stronger forms. Version 1 also increase his strength, speed, and stamina for each tail he grows. He becomes more animalistic and aggresive in this form, but later becomes friends with Inari and is able to use this form harmlessly. Yoshitsune can also use Version 2, which is the tailed beast's chakra being converted into a humanoid shape, granting the jinchūriki an edge in battle without completely releasing the beast itself. This form makes Yoshitsune seem like a miniature Inari, completed by, normally, sproating nine tails in this form. In this form Yoshitsune can also form a skeleton to act as armour or to increase the power of his attacks. The regenerative abilities granted to him as Inari's jinchūriki constantly heals the damage dealt, but in the long run it shortens his lifespan through the constant destruction and creation of cells. As such, Yoshitsune rarely uses the form. Yoshitsune can also partially manifest Inari, such as sprouting his tails or make his arm become Inari's for defense or to increase his close combat abilities.


Yoshitsune's cloak in his Tailed Beast Mode.


Yoshitsune in his Tailed Beast Mode.

The main usage of being a jinchūriki Yoshitsune uses is his ability to use the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Unlike the other forms, Yoshitsune is shrouded in white chakra that moves in a flame-like motion and his seal becomes visible. His eyes also change from black to red. This form also does not physically alter him. His speed in this form is so drastic that many have issues in determining if it was a use of the Body Flicker Technique in a highly advanced form. His strength allows him to easily shatter stones and barriers. This is the primary form Yoshitsune uses. Yoshitsune is also able to use the Tailed Beast Mode formed by Yoshitsune and Inari fully melding their chakra. This also happened rather quickly due to them becoming friends. The shroud changes its appearance in which the shroud splits and forms a cloak of chakra. The shroud reveals a black undergarment that has the same design as the previous from but in reversed coloring. A magatama forms on each side of the cloak's high collar. Yoshitsune's eyes also mirror Inari's, retaining the red color from the restrained form while gaining slitted fox-like pupils. Once again, his speed, strength, and stamina are all augmented higher. This further makes Yoshitsune deadly, as he becomes one of the fastest shinobi in existance with the strength of a tailed beast. Yoshitsune can also create a full-scale, chakra replica of Inari in this form that holds all the power of the true Inari. With this form, unlike truly transforming into the flesh-and-blood Inari, Yoshitsune can use his other abilities. Yoshitsune can also use this form to create the powerful Tailed Beast Ball in its full form, which can be used to make a powerful explosion or destructive wave, and its rapid fire variant. With Inari, Yoshitsune also gains access to Lava Release.

Six Paths Sage Mode

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Yoshitsune's Six Paths Sage Mode markings.

Years after joining the village, and as the world grew more and more chaotic, Yamaren Seija began fearing for the safety of the village and decided the best course of action would be teaching Yoshitsune the art of Sage Mode. Upon the peak of the Golden Mountain, an area in the Land of Origin that is rich with natural energy, Yamaren would begin the process of teaching Yoshitsune. After a period of training, Yoshitsune was finally able to complete the form and absorb natural energy into his body. However, due to his possessing chakra nearly identical to Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki's and Inari's chakra, Yoshitsune instead activated the Six Paths Sage Mode, a form of the Six Paths Sage Technique, instead. This was possible due to his large reserve of the unique chakra and Inari's presense. Yoshitsune later notes that regardless of Yamaren's teachings, that he would have gained this power as it was natural to Hagoromo and would be for him once Hagoromo's presence took stronger hold in his body. After activating it, he gains a cloak similar to his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode but replacing the seals on the back is a design featuring the purple Rinnegan with nine magatama beneath it in three rows of three. In this form his perception skills, reflexes, strength, speed, and stamina all increase greatly, as well as his ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu becomes stronger too. His healing factor is also increased form. This form seems to pull all needed natural energy in after the intial gathering, making it so Yoshitsune neither has to worry about gathering more natural energy or exiting the form by running out of natural energy. As he needs to be still for the intial gathering of natural energy, which can be very dangerous in the midst of combat, Yoshitsune often gathers natural energy by using shadow clones. Over time though, with more training, Yoshitsune became able to gather needed natural energy on his own in mere seconds. In this form, Yoshitsune can also still form the chakra body of Inari, and power it to a stronger form which has three faces and six arms while standing upright like a human. He can also seperate Inari from himself, allowing the two to fight side by side, though it is only in a temporary fashion, as Inari can immediately be pulled pack into Yoshitsune's body. Even when the core of Inari is outside of himself, Yoshitsune can maintain this form as well as still form parts of Inari's body with his chakra arms, as Inari is not truly unsealed from him. As Inari's chakra is so intertwined with Yoshitsune's at this point, Yoshitsune doesn't need to communicate with Inari to get the appropriate amount of chakra from the fox for this form, and it is implied that even if Yoshitsune had Inari removed from its seal, that if Yoshitsune were to survive he would still be able to access this form regardless.

In this form he can create Truth-Seeking Balls, which are composed of his mighty tailed beast and senjutsu chakra, as well as well as the chakra natures of earth, fire, lightning, water, wind, and yin–yang. With these spheres, he can take them and reshape them into new tools. He can make them physical or tangible at will, and can fire the spheres as projectiles. Yoshitsune can use them to heal his wounds as well, and the Truth-Seeking Balls tend to heal wounds incredibly fast. Due to the yin–yang nature Yoshitsune applies to them, they can nullify ninjutsu, and also due to their senjutsu nature the spheres can only be disrupted by other senjutsu techniques. The Truth-Seeking Balls can not be deactivated unless he leaves this form, though this does not prevent him from using other techniques. He normally forms ten spheres when he first enters the form, though Yoshitsune can will more to form. Yoshitsune can also use the Truth-Seeking Balls to form a Tailed Beast Ball or multiple Tailed Beast Balls in mere seconds. Yoshitsune also gained the ability to fly in this form. Yoshitsune is able to apply senjutsu to use other techniques, and has made some unique techniques he can only use while using the Six Paths Sage Mode. An example of this is how Yoshitsune uses Sage Mode to enhance his own invented technique, the Water Release: Mare Nostrum Technique, into the Sage Art: Twin Spears Mare Nostrum Technique, which simply makes two senjutsu-enhanced water spears that explode into a stronger torrent that due to speed can, in itself, damage flesh of those hit by it with great ease. Yoshitsune can also use his senjutsu chakra to increase the strength of his Fire Release, being able to create what is known to be on of his most destructive techniques named the Sage Art: Fire Release Magatama Great Eruption. This technique has the use of making his of his mastery of Fire Release to fire tailed beast senjutsu-enhanced magatama-shaped balls of fire that move at extremely fast speeds, and upon landing erupts into large bursts and columns of fire. Due to the rapid fire, it causes large scale damage to the area and is very difficult to avoid. This technique causes a high amount of destruction because of the fire bursting in wide explosions. Yoshitsune says he will only use this technique in a last-ditch effort to survive. Yoshitsune can preform the Sage Art: Lava Release August Star of Heaven, in which Yoshitsune creates a regular Chibaku Tensei gravity center with his Rinnegan, but infuses lava chakra from Inari into it, causing the sphere to gain a molten appearance. Yoshitsune will then throw the sphere into the air, and it will act like a normal Chibaku Tensei at first, ripping the terrain apart and pulling it in, until the earth of the terrain makes contact with the sphere, which causes it to turn to lava, making a large lava satellite that will destroy nearly all it consumes, and cool into obsidian once it is finished growing, sealing within anything that survived the heat of the lava. Yoshitsune can also disperse the gravity center and make the gathered lava rain down on the destroyed terrain. Yoshitsune can also use the power of Tenpenchii in this form, as with Inari's chakra, his Six Paths chakra, and senjutsu, his chakra becomes like that of the Ten-Tails. This technique causes a large mushroom cloud to appear in the center of the great storm. The intense rains cause floods, hail can beat down on the land, tornadoes run wildly everywhere, earthquakes shatter and shake the land, lightning fires off, volcanoes erupt violently, and tsunamis form from the flooding waters and earthquakes.


Like many shinobi, Yoshitsune has been trained in the usage of various weapons. From a young age, he was taught the handling of many weapons, such as the very basic shuriken and kunai handling. He excelled in the marksmanship, as was able to pierce the many targets dead-on or close to it. Yoshitsune also knows how to counter many tools and reverse them against their wielder. Using one of his abilities, Yoshitsune can create makeshift weapons on the spot, and as such does not carry any weapons on him on a regular basis. He often uses this to make a sword or a staff.


Yoshitsune eventually obtained a sword which he uses with great skill. He imbues his fire and lightning chakra into the sword to increase its effectiveness. With it he was able to fight against powerful swordsman such as Tokugawa and defeat him He has also defeated many members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and claims to have bested each sword of the group. After manifesting the Rinnegan, Yoshitsune stopped carrying his sword with him. He used the ability it granted of manifesting chakra rods to form a blade more durable than most ninja tools, easily slicing through kunai and shuriken while leaving damage on regular swords. He also flows his wind-based chakra through the rods to increase there cutting power, and mostly throws them like javelins. Yoshitsune seems to start most fights with his blade to gauge his foes' style before using his stronger abilities. His main style seems to be high-speed slashes mixed with motions meant to disarm his foe if they are armed, and attempt to disable them.


Yoshitsune displays keen sense and great awareness, and has had such skills sense childhood. Such skills are deemed simple, but can truly keep their user alive. Yoshitsune is also quick to discern the nature of a person, if they are friendly or hostile, if they mean to help of do nothing. As Yoshitsune doesn't care for violence, he also possesses great reasoning skill to try and evade unneeded conflict. Yoshitsune is also perceptive, being able to analyze and break down a technique quickly. Yoshitsune can also decieve others well, as well as see through deception. Yoshitsune can quickly plan for a battle too, by analyzing his foe he quickly formulate a plan suited for them. Yoshitsune is also a skilled and adept learner. This is shown by his ability to quickly learn the concepts of Sage Mode and accidently gaining the Six Paths Sage Mode, a form of the Six Paths Sage Technique, instead. This is also seen through his breaking down of the power of advanced natures such as Ninigi Senju's Wood Release or Sakin's Dust Release, and learn all the elements granted to him by the Rinnegan, for a few examples. Yoshitsune also knows information on many bloodlines, such as the blind spot of the Byakugan. He was also able to quickly master use of Inari's chakra, being able to use the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode as a result.

Yoshitsune's knowledge of history is also expanive. Yoshitsune has studied the history of the great nations like Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure, as well as lesser villages like Otogakure, Takigakure, and Amegakure. He also holds strong knowledge of the great Land of Iron. He applies this history when fighting foes of these different places to try and predict what their fighting style may be. Yoshitsune also possesses knowledge of the Akatsuki and the Shinobi World Wars. With the activation of his Rinnegan, Yoshitsune went on to read the tablet hidden in the Naka Shrine and gained the knowledged it possessed of the Shinju, the theft made by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, better known as the "Sage of the Six Paths", and of how he defeated the Ten-Tails, made the tailed beasts from his chakra, imprisoned the body in a rock formation made by his Chibaku Tensei that would become the moon, and gave the human race chakra. He also learned the story of the elder son and younger son of the Sage and how the younger was chosen, causing the elder to be fueled by hatred, and how from the elder came the Uchiha clan and from the younger the Senju clan. Thanks to Inari having knowledge from Kurama, Yoshitsune also knows the names of all the tailed beasts, and he is one of the few to refer to them by name. Later, due to his possessing of his chakra, Hagoromo himself appeared to Yoshitsune and explained the truth once more, fixing the errors on the Naka Shrine tablet created by Black Zetsu, and added in details he himself did not know until he learned it through Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha during their battle with his mother Kaguya, as he was still residing in their bodies at that point.


  • Yoshitsune enjoys relaxing, music, swimming, reading, and training.
  • Yoshitsune's favorite foods are beef, seafood, and potatoes, and dislikes vegetarian and vegan dishes. Yoshitsune also enjoys drinking tea with fresh honey and coffee, and tends to not drink alcohol.
  • Yoshitsune fears geckos and frogs.
  • Yoshitsune has done 219 missions: 105 D-rank, 51 C-rank, 46 B-rank, 10 A-rank, and 7 S-rank.
  • Yoshitsune wishes to fight Madara Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Nagato, and Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Yoshitsune was originally an Uchiha clan member who, alongside Inari, the Rinnegan, and the Six Paths Sage Mode had the Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, which gave him Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo, Blaze Release, and Wood Release. Yoshitsune's author later got annoyed by this stacking of powers with similar effects, and would change Yoshitsune into what he is now, along with the use of Lava Release.
  • Yoshitsune and his moniker, "Thousand Cherry Blossoms", are both references to Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura, one of the first stories from Japan his author learned about that was not an anime or manga.
  • Yoshitsune shares his birthday with his author.
  • Yoshitsune is meant to be a reimagination of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, as in the canon very little is known about him.
  • It is believed that due to Yoshitsune possessing the "body" of the Sage and his life force in its highest form that Yoshitsune could survive the extraction of Inari if this event was to occur.


  • "Fate only gets one so far, once you get there you must make the rest yourself."
  • "When you try to master something you will either succeed or fail, but in the attempt you will find your true value."
  • "Immortality is a pathetic dream that the weak cling to in hopes of gaining respect and fear. The Sage of the Six Paths, Madara Uchiha, and Hashirama Senju are all examples of this, death comes to even the most powerful of beings. Many supposed "immortals" have died time and time again. As shinobi we fight, and we die to finally rest. In that rest we watch our friends and family persevere and continue in life until they, like us, die and join us in rest. We continue watching their children, their children's children, and so on until a time finally comes were all this senseless violence stops on its own."
  • (To Ninigi) "What is blood? The Uchiha and Senju are hailed as the greatest clans, but why? Surely Ninigi, you come from a strong family, but why is the attention always on your clan or the Uchiha's? We are all human, we breath the same air, eat the same food, fight for something, and live for something. And is this proof of us as human? We are also in conflict. Like all humans in the world, we are constantly pitting against one another. Perhaps it is our attempt to think that we are superior that has caused us to fight so heavily, instead of with others. Humans are a cunning creature, we all adapt to the same situations but in our own ways."
  • "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"

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