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Kanji 鷹隼
Rōmaji Youshun
Literal English Hawk and Falcon
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short-range
Hand seals Monkey → Boar → Dog
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Youshun (鷹隼, Hawk and Falcon) is an original technique developed my Kazeyo after he witnesses Chidori and as such appears to be quite similar in nature. Like Chidori, Youshun is a concentrated strike of lightning delivered at melee range. Unlike Chidori, which is used as an assassination technique and strikes a single point with an lightning enhanced jab, Youshun rather shreds material it comes in contact with making it more suited towards damaging the target critically regardless of where the technique strikes. Youshun appears as a surging concentration of lightning in the user's hand rather than around it with Chidori and is used to rip through a target. Like all of Kazeyo's lightning based moves they oddly appear purple. Shiro's use of this technique appears either bright white or black. When Warmarshal Ganza mistakes the technique for Chidori, Kazeyo explains that he found Chidori insufficient and that a thousand birds still flee from a hawks and falcons. Specifically, Kazeyo explains that the concentration of chakra is greater in this technique and that it would theoretically be able to cut through Chidori. This statement has never been confirmed nor denied, and is at the time considered to be pure speculation. Despite this the incredible concentration of chakra in this technique has shown to have incredible destructive potential.

It would seem that this technique requires a significant amount of chakra, but a specific limit has never been specifically announced. Due to amount and concentration of chakra being employed in this technique the users risk damaging themselves if they aren't in perfect control of the technique. This damage can range anywhere between burns from the lightning to the shredding effect this technique. It is because of this risk that Kazeyo has greatly limited who he teaches this technique, with his son Shirokaze being the only verified occurrence. Ryu Uchiha appears to have copied this technique from Shirokaze at some point with the use of his Sharingan. As this technique served as the basis of Kazeyo's lightning development, many of his techniques have been named similarly. This technique would eventually be passed onto Shirokaze's daughter, Yokōkaze, and also Hitsuyō no Mikoto.


  • Just like the technique Chidori is name show because of the noise it makes, Youshun and techniques derived from it sound similar to a hawk screeching. The noise seems to be the result of the incredible frequency of the lightning chakra used for the technique.