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Yuki Chisel

Age Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Affinity Unknown
Affiliation The Watchers
Village of Origin Unknown
Rank Study and Research
Occupation Watcher
Sensei Previous research expert
Watcher Breast Size Ranking #7

Yuki Chisel (Chisel Yuki) is the research expert of The Watchers.


Due to the traditional memory wiping, Yuki does not remember her life before becoming a Watcher.


Yuki is prone toward melancholy and depression. She often broods and sulks for little to no reason, and tends to find depression in everything. I suppose one could say she is "emo".

Likewise, Yuki seems to have trouble opening up to people, and socializing in general. She feels pain from loneliness, but when she tries to get close to people, she is only reminded of how little she knows about interacting with other people. She longs to be relieved of the pain of loneliness but only feels more pain when she tries to get close to people.

However, Yuki appears to have a perverted side, as evident in that she obsessively reads Hade Hade Paradise.


So far, all that has been revealed of Yuki are white stone hands.


Aside from the brown cloak uniform of The Watchers, Yuki wears lacy black shoes, and is usually seen reading a copy of Hade Hade Paradise.


Due to being made of stone, most attacks are useless. Wind-based blades can easily cut through her stone body, but most regular blades will only make a scratch. This stone body also gives Yuki incredible strength, as evident by the large club she wields, but she is also rather slow. She also weighs quite a bit due to being made of stone.

Yuki's real strength lies in her ability to summon griphon-like demons from a Summoning Realm.



  • "Hang on. This is a good part." (referring to Hade Hade Paradise)
  • "You never let me do what I like..."
  • "Sometimes it seems like Hade Hade-kun is all I have that makes me even close to happy..."
  • "You didn't have to say it like that!"
  • "Stop picking on me!"
  • (sobbing)
  • "Despair. Sorrow. It's all normal for me."
  • "If killing you will help fill my dark, dreary world with light, I will do it."
  • "Tell me... Are you... happy?"
  • "I have never known happiness... What is it like?"
  • "Please, I ask your advice. I have a problematic situation. I feel pain from loneliness. But the closer I get to other people, the more pain I feel. Is it better to feel pain from loneliness? Or to feel even more pain from being close to people?"
  • "Please. Show me what it is like to be... happy."

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