"Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding.

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Rare Child (由希子, Yukiko)
Appears in Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Human/Yūgure Hybrid
  • Part I: 10
  • Part II: 25
Classification Yūgure
Clan Soga Symbol Soga Clan
Nature Type




Yukiko is a laid-back, cheerful sort of a person, yet at times can be a brutal realist. She does not hold grudges, and aside from a wilful stubborn streak she doesn't seem to be a very combative person. However, she has an easygoing tendency for violence in spades. She is cunning rather than intelligent. Yukiko works with cause and effect – plain facts bore her, while she regards things with no clear answer as pointless. She has an almost instinctual understanding of human nature, which occasionally helps her seem preternaturally wise. She prefers action to thinking, and is good at improvisation.


Yukiko is known to her team as an extremely powerful and potent combatant to contend with, not to be taken lightly. She holds abnormally strong chakra, putting her on even grounds with that of a Jinchuriki. She is also an intelligent and perceptive woman; using clues given to her in order to deduce and analyze her targets, objectives, and/or opponents. Due to her experience as hunter-nin, she is proficient in the use of stealth, forensics, and infiltration, preferring to perform operations "behind enemy lines" instead of large-scale assaults.

Yūgure Heritage

Due to existence as a half human, half Yūgure Yukiko chakra is divided into two different systems, the chakra pathway system found in shinobi and the separate one found in Yūgure. This allows her access her chakra as a whole at a greater rate than most individuals allowing her to use multiple jutsu easily.


~In works~


~In works~

Nature Transformations



Illusion Sword Style

Chakra Control

Yukiko immense power comes not only from herself, but from the energies surrounding her. Her most fearsome and commonly displayed trait is excellent chakra control. Her jutsu, as such, rarely required hand seals, but the manipulation of her own chakra and the remnants of it surrounding her. This ability allows her to become flexible to most situations; from shielding herself to using his chakra in offensive bursts and bolts. This unique control of chakra allows her to withstand and even break high-level genjutsu techniques. She is also able to use it in order to enhance the speed of her actions and reactions.