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Naruto fanon character
Yukiko Kiyomi
Birth Date July 7
Age 19
Height 5' 8"
Blood type AB
Chakra Nature Fire and Wind
Gender Female
Team none
Family Takeo Kagami(Cousin)Teru Kagami(cousin)
Name Meaning rare child of pure beauty


Come back later


She has light brown skin and long dark blue hair.She also has blue eyes and wears dark clothing.She carries a demon wind shuriken and a flame sword.


Unlike her two cousins Yukiko is not bored,quiet nor shy instead she talkative,outgoing and a bit of a flirt. She is as talented as her cousins and specializes in fire and wind type jutsu like Takeo Kagami and Teru Kagami she too has lots of friends and would give up her life to save them.

Likes:Movies,making new friends,strawberry short cake,boys,fried rice with lots of soy sauce, and her village.

Dislikes:Not much.


Yukiko is a master at swordplay but unlike her cousins she isn't too good at hand to hand combat.She uses Fire and Wind style jutsu and even some of Teru's.Great at running but also silent as she runs too she uses this "silent running" to sneak up on her cousins.

*Fire Jutsu
*Wind Jutsu

She can also use Rasengan

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