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Fanon character
Yama Yumi
Full Name Yumi Yama
Age 14
Blood type AB
Gender Female
Village of Origin Yamagakure
Chakra Type Earth
Kekkai Genkai Tsuchi Seichuu (Earth Control)
Rank Genin
Affilitations: Village Hidden in the Mountains, Team 1, Nibi, the Nekomata

Fein Yama (father) Teisuchi Yama (mother)


A girl with short blond hair. She carries a long katana on her back.


Not long after she becomes a Genin, she becomes the Jinchuriki of the Two Tailed Nibi, the Nekomata. She is assigned to Team 1 with Kanji Mokuzai, and Haramaru, with their Jonin leader, Tora Uchiha. She is the most brutal of Team 1 and Tora, her master, usually has to stop her from killing her opponents.


  1. Earth Clone Technique
  2. Earth Release: Grave of Despair
  3. Earth Style: Earthquake Technique

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