Basic Info

  • Name: Yuriko Nanda

Yuriko(In Leaf Village)

*Age: 36
  • Rank: Jounin
  • Village: Rain, Mist, Leaf
  • Family: Rei (Daughter),Hiroku (Nephew)


Yuriko Nanda was born in the Village Hidden In The Rain, and had close ties with Konan during the 4th Ninja War. When the war started Konan told Yuriko she should escape because the villagers were going mad. At the time Yuriko had a young child named Rei, and a nephew named Hiroku. Her sister was killed by the village elders, and the village betrayed her and Konan and Yuriko left with her nephew and daughter. She fled to the Hidden Mist Village where she trained her nephew and daughter at the same time. She noted that Rei will eventually be able to defeat Hiroku in a battle. When Rei had told the Seven Ninja Swordsmen's plan, Yuriko decided it was best to flee to the Leaf Village because she had ties with a village member. When she arrived there Naruto quickly had remembered who she was stating she helped out in the Fourth Ninja War along with Rei's father. Yuriko asks Naruto to train Rei and asks Neji Hyuga to train Heva while they're training Naruto asks Yuriko to help him find Sasuke she agrees. After Rei is done with her training Yuriko finds out she leaves to find Sasuke on her own, Heva told Yuriko it was so Rei can become stronger. Yuriko, Rei, Naruto, Kakashi, and Neji are on the mission to find Rei and Sasuke Uchiha.


Yuriko's chakra nature is water:

Water Jutsu:

  • Water Style: Great Waterfall Technique
  • Water Clone Technique
  • Water Release: Water Pistol
  • Water Senbon Jutsu
  • Water Release:Water Fang Bullet
  • Water Prison Jutsu
  • Hidden Mist Jutsu
  • Water Style: Water Wall
  • Water Style: Hardened Water Drill


  • Multi Water Clone Jutsu
  • Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
  • Soulbane

Lightning Jutsu:

  • Lightning Dragon Tornado
  • Rage Of Lightning
  • Lightning Ball

Facts And Quotes

  • Hates all music
  • Once was called Princess of The Rain, due to her attitude
  • Her red eye color is contacts
  • Blind in one eye
  • Believes she's cupid
  • Really loud even stated by Naruto


  • "You to should get married!"
  • "Ahhhhh!, my contacts are dirty!!!"
  • "Why does God hate you?"
  • "Money is the key to happiness"
  • "Train hard and you can beat the money out of your husband."

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