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Yusei is a missing ninja from Kumogakure.

Yusei Homa


He has long white hair that rests just below his shoulders. He has deep brown eyes. Over his most of his face are deep scars from the many battles he has faced. He wares a short black vest that he leaves open exposing his tan chest and his tortured body. He wares pants that go down to his mid-thigh and on the right leg is his headband. He wares black leather shoes.


He was a ninja of Kumogakure for most of his life till the recent kage of the village came into place. He didn’t feel that he was a rightful leader for the village and took several others who felt like he did and fled the village. He has been working to become strong enough to take down the kage of kumogakure everyday since then. He reached jonin level by the time he was 18 and left the village when he was 22. It has been five years since then. He is a b-ranked criminal in the bingo book.


Cold and uncaring. He is often seen using his own men as shields or weapons in situations that they will most certainly die in.

Fighting style and Jutsu

He fights by any means possible and is willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in his sights.

He predominately uses earth style jutsu.

Earth style: Flowering Earth: By pouring chakra into the earth the user can create a flower looking object to come up and swallow the opponent. The more chakra used the more flowers that can be produced.

Earth Style: Erupting Boulders: By pouring chakra into a earth surface the user can create boulders that well fly like projectiles at the opponent. The more chakra used the more boulders that can be produced, or the more force behind the boulder can be placed.

Earth Style: Infinite Spires: Any surface can be used to force spikes to protrude from the user outward in any direction.

Earth Style: Spire Eruption: A jutsu made to combine with the Infinite Spires jutsu. It fires the spires off in any desired direction.

Ninja Art: Flesh Stitching: This jutsu allows the user to make pieces of flesh come together and then bring life to them. They have no souls but can use the jutsu that was inprinted in them before death.

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