Highest Rank Kodenbushi
Occupation Ronin
Age 31
Height 185 cm (6'0)
Weight 77.56 kg (171 lbs)
Gender Male
Race Human
Land of Origin Land of Volcanoes
Nature Affinity Fire
Affiliation Shichidaken
Family Unknown
Teachers Unknown

Zekagi Amagaki (ゼ鍵海部餓鬼; Amagaki Zekagi) is an S-Class ronin from the Land of Volcanoes, and is one of the seven Taiyō of Shichidaken, making him among the most feared ronin in the samurai world. Zekagi was said to have been a descendant of the Akumuno family, which largely accounts for his massive reserves of chakra and exceptional elemental abilities. True to his lineage, Zekagi carries himself as a true noble, appearing calm, sensible and prideful. However, beneath this mask lies a sadistic mass-murderer, which often emerges during elongated battle. Zekagi is nonetheless a deadly warrior, and is considered to have shamed himself in the eyes of the Land of Volcanoes to the extent that the utterance of his name has been forbidden.

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